onsdag den 28. december 2011

Ye old yule tide.

Christmas is over soon and a new year is just around the corner.
it's now that we have the time to look back at this year and really think of what we have done for ourselves and for others be it friends, foes, family, colleagues or acquaintances but it is also time to reflect upon good and bad things this year has brought with it and to convert it to somthing useful that will be used as a valuable lessons which we will use in the new year.
What does a new year bring? New opportinities, new experience new journeys and memories to be remebered, new conflicst that will teach us more about ourselves and a new an clean lookout in how to deal upcomming obstacles.
I myself have learned alot about me as a person this year and a lot has happend to me.
A dear friend of mine moved to Ireland to start a new life.
I've been together with my hubby for 7 years now.
I've made new friends.
I've tried working as a baker for a short period.
I've bencome more confident with myself and how I deal with my problems.
I've finally defeted my angts and fear of my own immortality.
And for the first time ever, since I moved out of the periode of being a teenager to becomming a young adult, do I feel grown up and mature.
Sure I may not own my own house, car, have children a job nor be married, but I feel mature and like I am an adult. I am not scared of it but I am happy for it.
I am looking foward to the new year and what it might bring and I will try my best to do what I can, as a mre human being, to become a better person, and to strive to reach my goals for this year.

My goals are:
Be a better friend.
Be a better sister.
Rethink a new way to make myself more attrative on the jobmarket.
Lose the last kilos of fat.
Become healthier.
Visit or at least talk more with my dad.
Start saving for a vacation with me and my hubby.
Keep practicing mathematics.
Do more for myself as a lolita.
Practice more on my drawing.
Try to learn how to sew.
Buy my christmas presents EARLY!
Do more for my blog.
Spend more time with my hubby (go for some walks, trips to the cinema, picnics ect)

I hope this year has brought you a loot of stuff to think about and a lot of joy, and I hope you will all have a happy new year and come through it with both eyes and fingers intact :)

Happy new Year guys, and take care of each other.

fredag den 16. december 2011

Dear readers!
The new Starlight Magazine has been posted and I urge you to take a look at it :D

torsdag den 8. december 2011

All around the globe.
Hope you'll have a magic Christmas and a wonderful New Year <3

torsdag den 1. december 2011

Birthday and Christmas!

Hi guys!
I've finally turned 25!
Okay so I did it on November 26th but wow did I get a surprise!
I had planned that my family was to turn op on the satureday I turned 25 since it's a day where most of my family members could show up and it was in the weekend.
So I send out the invitations to every family member and I started making the arrangement; Setting the table, buying what we needed for the party and baked some cupcakes.
I was planning on baking the last things on the day itself so it was freashly baked and still a slight bit warm, but my mom told me to wait, so I did.

later I got a phonecall from a really good friend of mine, who told me that a they were to attend to a party on the satureday I turned 25, and since they were comming to Aalborg (the town where I live) anyway that they would like to crash at our place and say hello.
I said that ofcourse they were welcom in our house, since we rarely see them and told my Hubby about it. I told him that Lene (my our friend) would take me out into town for a small bithday treat at a café of my choise, and that her BF would go home with him.

They day arrived (friday the 25th) and Daniel and I wen't down to the train station to pick up our friends. We did as planned and wen't our seperate ways. Toke and Daniel wen't home and Lene and I wen't down into the town to find a café.
As we walked around in the town, I told her about Aalborg and about the historic buildings and took her different places just to show her a small part of Aalborg. We talked alot together and had alot of fun and slowly the clock was reaching 17:00.

Lene told us that we should probably head home to me and my hubby's apartment since Toke and Daniel was making the dinner for tonight. I agreed and we wen't down to take a bus home. We arrived at the aparment and I put the key in the lock, and when the door opend I saw ALL my friends and my entire family out in the small hallway of our apartment screamin SURPRISE!

I got SO scared that I slammed the door SHUT again and just stood out there starring at Lene.
My Hubby opend the door again and everybody were smiling at me. I was so happy that I started crying and I really didn't know what to day, I was chocked and happy.
My Hubby told me that he had pallend this for months and it was because I, myself, had planned to throw a HUGE party for my friends and family, when I turned 25, but as we got closer to the actual date I could see that we just didn't have the budget for it, and Hubby was sad that we couldn't have the really BIG party, so he decided to gather everybody I knew for a surprise party t celebrate me.

After I had gathere myself I got alot of awesome presents.
I got the Kenwood I've been wanting since I was 16!
A candy adventcalender.
Alot of baking goods (candy melst, molds, ect)
4 boosk with desserts and parties (even two I really wanted!!)
A Jets Licensplate (I am a HUGE Jets fan!)
300kr ($55) and a couple of homeknitted socks from my Nana :D
Skyrim from my Hubby.
And the evening out in the town from Lene and Toke ^^

Best Night ever!
I was so happy and we had such great fun. everybody had pinched in with some food and drinks and there was enough for me and Hubby to live of leftovers for 4 days solid!
The night wen't by SO fast and the last guest (my friends) went home at about 3 at night. We talked and laughed alot and drank a couple of beers. I would lie if I told you that I wasn't really tired the next day and I just used the rest of the weekend on the couch, just chilling and having a blast of a weekend. Toke and Lene did sleep at our place and wen't for a different town the day after, where they were to attend ANOTHER birthday party.

So eventhough I was sort of sad about the whole ordeal with Penny Lane, I was indeed happy with all of this! So the next party we have planned is the New years party!
And it's christmas now.
And ind Denmark we have a tradition of showing a christmascalender show that starts on the 1st of December all the way to the 24th of December. and we have had many since the 60's. We do have a tendency to re-show some of the olds ones and some times they make new ones. This year they have one new and one old. And the old one is from when I was a kid :D
Oh yea, and I'm going to be a secret santa for another loli from the j-fashion forum. I won't tell what I've put the gift, since she might read my blog :)

For now, darlings.
Happy Holidays, and a Happy New year ;D

torsdag den 24. november 2011

Oh hey everybody!

Okay I guess it's tome for a minor update, just to let you all know what have been happening lately. Okay so I finished my job training yesterday, but they decided they didn't need me at all. it was something with the ability to talk to the others at work, and it was sort of hard to talk to one, who just didn't seem to like me at all. I tried to small talk to her, just to loosen up the tenxion between us, but she just kept replying with short sentences.

I also asked her if we could talk, since I thought both her and I were miss communication with eahc other and I wanted to get it out of the world and prehaps move towards a better co-worker realtionship with her. She just told me to remind her of it, since her memory wasn't that good. Okay I though and mentioned it after a while, so she would remember it. She just told me that she didn't have the time that day... okay, fair ebough, we are usually tired when we get home, and most of us sleep. But time wen't on and I started to really get the hang on things. How to knead the dough, how to measure and so on. So yesterday my boss told me to follow her, we had to talk to my job counselor, who was there to check up on me.

My boss told me that everything had been going well, but they thought, after two weeks, that I would never learn anything, but after three weeks, everything changed. I started catching up on stuff, but I didn't really communicate that good with one of the girls, the girl who had me under her wings, while my boss was off to the pastry school. She told me that THAT was the main reason ty why I couldn't get the "job" but I was indeed a sweet girl, whe was eager to learn and who was really motivated. I was sad to get told that I didn't get the "Job". But the worst part was that I started crying infrom of her and my
job counselor, and I don't know why?
I did get angry, however, when my boss told me (or at least that was how I heard it, so I can be horribly wrong) that the girl, who took are of me when she was away, had tried to AWAOID the conversation with me intentionally! I didn't get the "job" because I didn't really have any good communication with the other girls, and when I try to reach out to the one who didn't seem to like me, she avoided it? No WONDER I couldn't talk to her.

I was allowed to finish my jobtraining a week before time, and my boss told me if I wanted to go home now, after the convercation, or If I wanted to stay the week out. I told her straight out that I wanted to finish what I had started that day, and just gome home to collect myself and talk to my Hubby about this whole ordeal. She was impressed that I said that I wanted to finish what I ahd started, because that was a good
attitude to have in life.
She told me that she would gladely write a nice
recommendation for me to show to ther places I might try out, and that she would try and remember some of the places she knew I would fit in better. I was so happy, my boss has been SO sweet to me and she has really taught me alot. Penny Lane was a good place to be and I would LOVE to have stayed there, but if I can't communicate with the other girl, there is and never will be room for me.

I am not angry with any of this, not at all. I am happy and
relieved and now I am just looking forward to a little down time where I can collect my thoughts and find a new place where I might become a baking student.

I've been looking forward to friday and sautureday. Friday some friends of mine will be visiting us and then one of them will take me out on a small café, to celebrate my birthday, which is on satureday btw. And yes as mentioned befor I will be turning 25 this satureday. wow...25! I don't know it just seems like such a big deal! I can't wait for it.
I won't be having the huge birthday party as I first had planned, can't afford it, but I will be having a small and comfy birthday together with my family and my Hubby :)
And Also it's christmas soon! ZEOMG! I love Christmas!
I have some new decorations I can't wait to put up, and I will be a secret santa for a random lolita from J-fashion.dk ^^

onsdag den 2. november 2011

When you could just crawl down under a rock.

Hello all.
have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything you do just goes wrong?
Well I don't have those days, I seem to have those WEEKS!
I've been at Penny Lane for two weeks now (I am currently in the start of my 3rd week) and it just seems that no matter WHAT I do it seems to go wrong in one way or another, and I belive that it's only because I see the negative things I do instead of looking at the good things I create. Sure I put a little too much salt in one bacth of dough, but I made 4 that was perfect and! AND yet I see only the wrong doing!

Yesterday I came home sad, afte a rough day, and when my Hubby came home I started to cry. I was angry with my self and for not being able to remember anything I was told, or I ended up ruining a dough so I had to make a new one, and not only that I felt like the girl who is my menot didn't like me all that much. I fell like that every time I ask somthing that is related to what I'm making ("I was suppose to only make half of this recipe, right?" og "What is your verdict on this dough? Do I need to knead it more") just seems to annoy her.

I only ask when I am in doubt, I am new to all this Job Training and I haven't been baking since December last year. And I am NOT used to being at such a stressfull workplace. When we were baking at school it was very down to earth, sure we had to hurry every now and then, but mostley it was very casual. here I have to make ALOT of doughs and roughly befor 9 in the morning (lately I've been meeting at 6 in the morning) and I just can't, for now, keep up with their pace.
And it seems like my current mentor forgets that I am in fact NEW!
It's barely been three weeks and she can't expect me to just remember everything and so on. I try HARD to please her and show her that I friggin what this! This is my DREAM and yet she just seems to get annoyed with me all the time.

I know I am knew and that I still need to get a hang of their routine, but for christ sake woman, give me a chance here. I was angry, sad and everything because I saw myself as an utter idiot and retard for not being able to do anything right. I am SO scared of screwing everything up that I make mistakes and get really sad when I do a minor mistake such as... adding 30 grams of sugar instead of 15 til a recipe or some stupid little thing like that.
Again I AM new, and I have to remember myself of this very fact as well.
I can expect myself to know their WHOLE routine by heart after just three weeks and I CAN'T expect to do everything perfectly.
I keep forgetting that I need to realise that mistakes WILL be made when I am new and it's only trough my mistakes that I get the hang of it all. But wow is it hard to remember to say this to yourself. I try and I try and I WILL remember it... for now I just have to do the best I can.

After feeling like my mentor doesn't like for a little while now, I decided to write to her, telling her that I wanted to have a small meeting with her where we were to discuss my progress so far, and that I think there might be some miscommunication between her and I, and If that IS the case then I would like to get to the buttom of it all.

Wow that was alot of vile tasting bile there.
Okay Don't get me wrong I love working at Penny Lane, they do EVERYTHING from scratch. They make their own marmelades, their buttercream is REAL buttercream and not just some margerine with sugar and they use real chocolate you have to temperate first. You hardly see any bakeries or patisseries do this anymore. It's time consuming and very expoensive and yes... it is but the taste is... well Out of this world good!
And sometimes I get to to the really great stuff! All the pastry stuff such as piping
meringue onto the lemon meringue pies, filling the berry pies with almond creme or dipping the honey cakes in the chocolate. I know it seems boring to some, but to me this is what I want to make! Cakes, pastries, sweets and desserts. And these last couple of days I brown cakes (danish christmas cookie) and it's been nice just stadnig there for my self, just working in my own pace and still manage to get something done.
I'll have to go to work again at 6 tomorrow and I am a little afraid. I am afraid I will get scolded or somthing liek that because I feel like I made a mistake with one of the doughs, and I am not sure if it's just something I actually did or something I THINK I did... I'll see tomorrow, for now I don't wan't to be scared... I've told my mentor I need to talk and I just hope she'll actually sit down and talk with me.

On a side note.
I am turning 25 in 24 days! UUUH!
Can't wait for it to happen. sure I am one step closer to my grave, but hey! At 25 I can do whatever I wan't! Wmahahaha 8D
I am looking forward to seeing the whole family and to see what they have bought me. I know it sounds douchebag-ish to say that, but normally I don't really fancy the gifts I just like the company and that people thought of me that day. But I am tuning 25 man! In Denmark that is a huge thing, like turning 10-18-20-25-30 and so on. We have a tradition in Denmark taht when you turn 25 you have to be given cinnamon... It means that your friends take you outside, pours water over you and THEN a ass loade of cinnamon... I don't knwo WHY we do it, but it's just a tradition, also like you get a small bag of pepper when you turn 30 :)
I have kindly asked my friends not to do the cinnamon thing agains me, and that I would much rather have a small bag or cinnamon sticks, hahah :)

I can't wait to write an entry next time, hopefully It'll contain a little more "Happy Happy!" rather than "OH BOO HUU!!!!"
Be seeing you my sweets :D

onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

A late update.

Omg... is it really... you?
IT IS! OH WOW! I thought you would have left me because I haven't updated in a while.
Sorry guys I have been so bussy you wouldn't belive it.
I have finally started on my internship at Penny Lane, and let me just tell you that it's so great but really hard. I have to go to work a 3 in the night and I work till 11 in the morning, befor going home to sleep, and wake up when my Hubby comes home. So that is pretty much what my first week has been about; Sleeping, eating, workin... nothing more than that.

Okay I was so lucky that I was given a day off Satureday, so I didn't have to worry about me not arriving at the Halloween party which a friend of me and I had arraenged. I finally arrived at Ophelias house on Friday, after I godt home from work and had the time to take a little nap. A friend og her's called Bianca also had to sleep over, since she was also going to attend the party on Satureday. So I arrived and we had lost of fun! Ophelia had aleady baked alot of cupcakes and I had also bought with me MY stuff for baking. So we decided to make a little more cake for all the guests. I ended up baking some chocolate cupcakes with green vanilla frosting, bone sprinkles and some cute pumpkin vinyl pix, and besides that, we made a Tombstone cake!
It ended up looking pretty damn awesome!
The rest of the day just passed with us girls having alot of fun, drinking some tea and trying to help Bianca getting ready for the "Hetalia" meet-up in Århus.

Satureday Bianca had to go to the meet-up, so Ophelia and I had to get ready for the party. We started out by making the last things for the party, such as the sandwiches and so, and we had yo go out and buy some prizes for the winners, since we had arranged some party games for later on. Later Gabrielle and Dinja (two of Ophelia's friends) came and helped us decorate everything for the party, but then it all changed. After we had dcorated the livingroom and the garden path, a lot of people suddenly wrote that they weren't going to attend the party after all. two of them had become sick and the rest didn't really give a proper reason as to why.
It all ended up with Ophelia getting really sad and thought it was becasue no one wanted to join in on her party and be with her.
Both me, Gab and Dinya ended up getting really angry at the people who didn't attend the party, and were SO flippant to just tell us ON THE DAY that "oh sorry, I can't attend the party anyway, LULZ!"
Porr Ophelia. I didn't want to let all the food and candy go to waste, so I ended up telling veryone that we shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste.
We ended up bringing all the food up, putting on our Halloween playlist and having a party with 5 people. And you know what? It was SO much fun!
So to those who just didn't show up without a reason, to hell with you all.

My Hubby was suppose to join the party as well, but after I got the internship a whole WEEK befor I had expected it, they train tickets we had ordered could not be used, since they were cheap train tickets, which basically means that you can NOT change the time you wan't to travel, nor can you get your money refunded. So he didn't want to buy an extra ticket and he just ended up staying home for the whole weekend, sending me to Randers to the party. I missed him but when I got some Sunday, he greated me on the trainstation with hugs, kisses and alot of sweet words <3
I was just happy to be home again :D

Okay I will sign off now, and I will try to my very best to update L.S.O tomorrow, but I may not end up doing it until the weekend, where I have some spare time.
Until next time guys, have a great time :D

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Just got back!

I just got back from the interview at Penny Lane and I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a young woman who was the Master Baker in the shop. She's only 27 and besides being the Master Baker, she is also the shops only Pastry apprentice. The interview itself only took like 30 minutes, and it went very well, or so I believe it did, and I will get a phone call either today or tomorrow., where she will tell me when I'll be able to start and inform me about the minor details about how my time as an intern will be and w
hat I'll be doing, who I'll be helping and so on. The owner of the place was supposed to meet me just to get a quick look at who I was and what sort of person I was. I can't wait for her to call back and I am sitting here RIGHT NOW, jumping in my seat just waiting for the phone to ring, hahaha :)

Also the whole transportation problem has finally been solved. I get to burrow my aunties bike and my mother will buy me a helmet (safety first!) and I'll be able to burrow the bike until I get one of my own. If I get told I can start tomorrow already, I'll have
to call my mom and ask her to bring the bike out today, instead of Sunday as it was originally planned.

Oh yeah. I decided to make some last changes to my Halloween costume and I won't be going as the first doll concept I originally had planned, but I'll try and make the same Halloween costume (and make up) as I did last year. It took some time to make and it was a BITCH to get off the face again, hahah. The liquid eyeliner I used almost act like glue on the face and is actually pretty hard to get off again. It doesn't stain the skin or anything; it's just very waterproof i guess XD

Oh on a last note. Jobteam... why do I have to continue Jobt
eam when I have an internship? And not only that, they really do EVERYTHING to make sure that Jobteam is boring, and you want to do something else than sending god damn applications every day. They don't have flash installed on any of the computers! Laptops’ and stationeries’. So you can't watch anything on Youtube, you can't play games in Facebook and you CAN'T listen to any music! I didn't bring my own PC today, since I found it stupid to carry a laptop around while having a job interview, so it stayed home today, and by the Gods do I regret it!

And now for a picture. Just to show that Autmn doesn't have to be boring, cold, rainy and gloomy. Just look at the colors! I don't care if this is shopped or not, I LOVE the colors <3

lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

Minor update, just because I can.

I can't belive that I have a minor interview with Penny Lane on Monday where they have to find out what kind of person I am, befor they decide If they wan't to have me as an apprentice or not. I am VERY nervouse and not really sure of what I should take with me. I will, of course, take my application with me and my Portfolio but I am not sure what else I might need. I don't have any references or anything like that. Nut I REALLY hope they choose me. I've been busting my ass off for almost a year now in my quest to gain me an internship :C
So If I get it I'll be so happy that I could just scream! I've been wanting an apprentienchip at Penny Lane ever since I decided to become a pastry chef, simply becayse they making eveything from the bottom and with good quality ingredients.

Also I had to say goodbye to an RPG session I played every other satureday with my BF and some of our friends. It was Warhammer fanatsy and I have grown so found of that system, and I really like the dark, grim and gritty world it takes place in. I am sort of happy that the session has come to an end, since it has been going for some time now, over a year, and out characters were pretty highlevel, so it got harder and harder for our GM to keep throwing challenges after us. It was a great run, and I am happy to have spend many hours every other Satureday, playing with my friends :D

onsdag den 12. oktober 2011

SO much stuff to look forward to!

Hi all, so a very sweet friend of mine asked me to start updating my blog more and I will try my very best to do so. I will update with the Lolita Shout Out as usual but I will also try to write a little abut me and my life in here, so you guys can sort of get a better understading of who I am as a person.

first off let my link you to the Danish Lolita Magazine "Starlight Magazine"
I know it's in Danish but don't think about that, dudes and dudettes, look at the photoshoots man! They are so awesome and beautiful <3
All and of the girls shown in the different shoots are so talented. Hope you'll take a look at it and please do post a comment on my blogging telling what you think about it :D

Okay so what should I talk about this time? hmmm. I can't really think of anything special at the moment. OH I'm going to a Halloween party the 22nd this month and I'll be gone for the whole weekend. Normally we don't celebrate Halloween in Denmark, we do have a day which reminds of Halloween called All Hallows Eve but instead of pumpkins, to make Jack 'o' Laterns, we used beets to create the same concept as the pumpkin lanters, to scare away evil ghouls. But no one ever celebrate it in these modern times.
But since the American ways are starting to grown more and more into the Danish habits we have started celebrating Halloween and Valentines day.
I love Halloween and I loved it even befor it became populair amongst the rest of the Danish people. So I can't wait to go to the party, I'll be dressed up as a creepy doll, which is very easy when you have a lolita closet, hahahahaha.

Also I am thinking of ordering the Vampire Requiem Long JSK since I LOVE that dress and I was thinking of trying to get a complete set with it, bag, headress and shoes, I don't have any trouble finding the bag and the headpiece, but the shoes is a different matter. I don't wan't to spend a whole lot of cash on brand shoes, since I'll be scared of ending up with a pair of shoes that cost me a fortune but only kept for one week or so, so I am trying to find a cheaper blolita shoe in Navy as well, and is that hard to come by? Yes it is!
I've looked at several cheap lolita websites, Bodyline, Taobao, Qutieland, nothing! They all come in this cute baby blue or sky blue color so I just have to keep in searching .____ .

Oh and a small random thing I've fallen in love with: Peach tea, wow how did I not taste this any sooner? I friggin love Peach tea. When It's vinter I normally drink alot of tea, with sweetener no sugar, because I don't wan't the extra calories since I've started on a change of habits after I disvored I as more prone to get clots in the legs, due to a gene which both my mom, me, granmother and sister has so I had to talk to dietician to put together a meal plan, and to show every secound week to get weighed. I've forced myself to drink more water (Rather than juice, soda pop and kool-aid), eat several times a day (alot of veggies and fruites) and exercise more and on that noet I've lost 7 kilos already, so I am well on may way to reach my goal of 65 kg, which is the normal weight I should have. I am so happy that I've finally gotten to finally start loosing weight and become a lot more healthier :D

Okay I don't have more to talk about, for now so I'll just sign off.
I haven't checked for miss spelled words, but I still hope you guys know what I wanted to tell you, haha :)

fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Lolita Shout Out #25 and Steve Jobs

Victorian Maiden has a new dress out Henrietta Blouse dress which, for me, is a dress with a lot of combination opportunities. and also, again, I love the V.M colorscheme for being earthy and feminine. Also the dress can either stayed closed of you can unbuttom the lover buttoms and end up with a whole new dress so all in all a very versitil dress.

Metamorphose has a new series on the line soon called the Maguerite Wreath Series containing three dresses (one OP and two JSK) one skirt, one pair of socks, a bonnet a headbow and ribbon hair combs. The print choise is rather odd compared to what season we are currently in and I see it more as a sort of summery print rather than Autum/Winter. I would actually have thought that Meta would have come out with prints and designs maching the season.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright has a new JSK for sale right now called Veronica Ellise which comes in an unsual color I haven't seen befor in Lolita, emerald green. It's not an ugly color at all and it works really well with the dress, but the dress itself seems... boring and all the bows is a tad to much for me. The only color that seems to pull of
f all those bows is the black version of it, but remove the bows and you have a pretty decent dress.

Alice and the Pirates has this wonderful new pochette out called very simply the AP Coffin Porchette. I adore the design and I will love to have it in my closet. yes I am a sucker for the gohitc feel to lolita, but without it being OTT gothic.

Innocent World has a couple of things within the Delf Lotta series and one of them is this skirt. I don't really like the skirt and I guess it's because it seems really short on the picture, compared to what you normally see as satdart forthe leng
th of a dress and/or skirt. And also I know that I.W makes some very plaine and down to eart designs, but this design is so simple that it actually seems boring and meh like.

As a lot of you may know Steve Jobs recently died after a long term illness due to Pancreatic Cancer and it was a huge loss for a lot of people around the world. I don't give a hoot about Apple myself since I find most Apple Products to be mere brandwhoring and therefor don't care about it. But I will however say that it sadens me to know that Mr. Jobs has died. He was the founder of somthing I hold dear in my heart, Pixar Studios, and I amd indeed sad that such a great visionary, inventor and business genius has died. I will however say that I am more that happy that he died with his family and loved ones around him.
A thing I an greatly impressed about with Jobs is that he KNEW that it was his time, so he stepped back as the leader of Apple and gave the position of CEO to someone else befor he died, so that people didn't have to deal worth it later on after his death. The world has lost a great man, dad and husband but his legeacy will live on.

R.I.P Steve Jobs.


torsdag den 22. september 2011

Lolita Shout Out #24

Innocent World
has alot of stuff goin on right now, and even more on the reserve list. I won't be listing any of the items today, since there's SO many to show you. So instead I will put the link HERE so you can go watch yourself. I will, however, say that they have som really lovely autumn pieces for sale.

Angelic Pretty has a new print out called Petit Patissiere Menu.
Very adorable and I like this way better than their wonder cookie series.

Alice and the Pirates has a few new items. but the JSK caught my eye the moment I wen't into the online shop.

Qutieland (Although not a brand) is selling a few replicas like Vampire Requiem and Chained Berry Memoir. Iknow this will cause a huge scream from some lolitas, who thinks this is a horrible thing to do, and then there's a lolita like me, who doesn't really mind it. I think it's a good way for us, who can't fit these sizes to be able to have these lovely prints outself.

Bodyline is selling a new dress which sort of reminds me of the Holy Night Story JSK.

I wan't to look like this for winter, haha caroling lolita <3

onsdag den 14. september 2011

♠ Just a small update ♠

Hi guys!
So alot of stuff has happende over these last few month!
I've gotten 33 followers here on my blog, WOW! Thanks for following me guys, it means a so much for me to know some of you actually like my blog.

I've finally finally FINALLY gotten my internship as a baking student and even at the place where I wanted to be the most, Penny Lane! I got the phone call from the owner Monday last week and she asked me when I could start. I was so thrilled and said that I could, of course, start RIGHT away if they needed me. We talked a little and she said she would call me back later. I waited up til Tuursday to call her back but she wasn't present at the moment, so I had one of her co-workes write a small message from me. She didn't call back again and I was starting to get nervouse... wasn't I good enough? Did she just dump me and didn't borthered calling back? or was she prehaps to bussy?

I wated for some time and finally took a small talk with my job cunsultant about my situation. He told me he would call her, because he knew her very well, and I just waited for him to told me what he had found out. It turned out that the reason to why she didn't call me back was becasue she was bussy trying to find a new Chef baker, becasue the old one had stopped and was going to start as a baking teacher ad food college. But I finally got my date for when I can start down there and I was even told that there MIGHT be an apprenticeship in there for me as well!

But I don't have any way to get down there for now... My bike has either been stolen or thrown out since it was an old rusty and flat bike, haha. So now I have to buy a new one.
Me and Mr. Wonderful anniversary on the 10th of September!
We have been together for 7 years now and I can't imagin a life without him. He means more to me that anything else in this world. I gave him two PDF files with some RP books, which he wanted to badly, and he gave me 4 Disney Movies because I love them and I'm trying to start a Disney collection.

Other than that I've been to the Dragons RP con where I had to pose as a player and a GM for some young boys. I normally write scenarios which are level 2 (the levels indicate how tought or easy a scenario is. It's so that unexperienced players don't end up choosing a super hard scenario) and the kids normally have a great time playing on the, but this time the former Chairman of the RP club asked me to make some level 3 or 4 scenarios for the next con.
It's a HUGE honor for me to know that the experienced players what to try out my scenarios but I am so afraid that they will find the bland and boring. So for now I would much rather play on them, to get to know how they work and later on host my own.

So... this was just a minor update from me to tell you guys what's going on in my life.
Love you and take care!

fredag den 9. september 2011

Lolita Shout Out #23

Summer is slowely heading towards and end and winter and autumn is up next, with it's beautiful colors, cold weather and beautiful snow, a lolita must dress to match the cold months of the year.

Innocent World is now selling some really great new jackets and coats for lolitas and there is actually a jacket which can even fit a girl who doesn't have super thin waist. The jacket is called Night Bear Coat and can even be purchased in a large version which fits waist 91 cm, which makes it ideal for a lolita to wear a little thicker and wamer clothes.

Angelic Pretty has released it's cute new Wonder Story series with two kinds of jsk.

Baby the stars shine bright has nothing new on the wall besides some awesome new autumn boots which you can get i brown, red, black and even golden.

Metmorphose is also planning og releasing some awesome new coats for the upcomming winter season. 4 coats, a jacket and a hood cap will be released sooner and I can't wait to see the colors it will come in.

Vistorian maiden has a new dress and a matching jacket for it. The dress is not really my taste and the jacket could be okay without the tuds on it, but all in all it comes in some wonderful light colors.

torsdag den 25. august 2011

Lolita Shout out #22

Wow. As I said before the reason to why I choose to make these updates every other thrusday is simply because I haven't seen that much from the brnad sites. They haven't really been up to somthign lately, thus making it hard to update this site with new and exciting fashion updates.
So I decided to wait for one more week to see if just a few ripples would appear in the surface, and it did :D

Innocent World has this lovely new JSK with roseprint on it called Theresia Rose Jumperskirt. It comes Bordeaux, Chocolate and Blue. Not much to say about the dress other than it looks like every other I.W dresses.

Baby and AATP doesn't really ahve anything new on their program at the moment. Althoug they do have this cute Doll jsk called Flying Love From Juliet. I like the babydoll cut alot, but frankly I can't really wear it because I would look pregnant in it, haha :)

Metamorphose will be releasing a new dress in November based on the anime Hakuoki. I don't really like the dress and I find it really ugly to say it the least. It reminds me sort of somthing my granny would have found nice as a young woman.

Victorian Maiden has this dress for sale on their website and man do I love it! I wan't it so bad but can't fit it, oh the sorrow! The dress itself is called Jewel Ribbon Puff-sleeved set and comes it to varieties, JSK and OP and both comes in that wonderfull sort of dusty peachy color.

torsdag den 4. august 2011

Lolita Shout out #21

Okay guys. I guess I'll be going like this, I'll be updating L.S.O every secound Thursday simply becasue there haven't really been much to talk about, and it seems like there arn't many updates when it comes to the lolita fashion. But i belive that every other week might end up with more to talk about rather than every week.

Innocent World is actually selline alot of stuff right now in form of some few skirts, two dresses and shirts right now, and I want to show you the Acenthus Jsk and the Square Yoke A-line OP which are to lovely dresses. The jsk is very mature and is just a classic look for I.W with the simple OP design and their logo used in the brodery/print design. It's a lovely dress but not really anything speciel. It's design is simple and elegant like you see in most classic lolita dresses and to be frank, maybe a bit bland. The Jsk in the other hand is very cute in the form of that it reminds me of a little girls dress, but without it being sort of too childish, it still keeps the adult apperance to it and the colors also helps it staying more on the adult side rather than the child side. I like the loose A line dresses that, when seen in front, lookes like a loose dress but when you see it from the back you suddenly see the ribbons that can be tied into a bow, and suddenly the dress looks like an average lolita A line dress. Also the have a resevation up for some really great items. The Sailor Collar A-line OP caught my eye and I just adore it so much! In it's black version it reminds me of the classical anime interpretation of a lolita, I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but the dress looks amazing in all the colors you can choose from and again it's a loose A line.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright is out with a new set with a dress and a headbow. It's just a standart lolita look in either black or pink with the old School feel to it when you see it in black. The dress is tied behind the neck which sort of makes it great for summer,since you can wear the dress without anything under it and if it gets a little cold, you can always pull a cute bolero over your shoulders.

Alice and the Pirates also have a new dress on the line. The Operalia Bouquet Jsk in some wonderfull summer colors. And again I fell for the IvoryxBlack version of AATP's dress and I tend to do that but again the BlackxIvory versions of alot of their dresses is really beautiful. The dress have the classic AATP elements on it and I do like that it's still manages to keep a very adult and summery look to it. The print used for the JSK is amazing and I guess that is why I love their dresses. I have a flair for the more antique/mature prints and especially when ir comes to flora prints.

Angelic Pretty also has a new sweet print JSK and OP called Wonder Story Series and it is, as you can imagine, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. But then again Alice in Wonderland is a huge Linkinspirational source for lolitas all over the world, and their isn't a brand yet (of what I know) who hasn't been using Alice sooner or later in their prints. I don't really have much to say as I am not strong on the sweet lolita site, but the print is adorable.

Metmorphose has an amazing new print on the line which I would love to hav a skirt in and I hope I will! It's called the Night of Masquerade series. I especially love the short sleeved dress in navy. The dress is beautiful and it has an amazing design and not only that, the print and the color is just amazing as well. If I could fit it I would buy it along with the socks and the bonnet. I can't wait to see people post outfit wearing this print.

tirsdag den 2. august 2011

Vacation is over :C

I'm finally back from my 3 weeks summer vacation and I am still tired but this was greatly needed. I've been craving sleep for so long that I always ended up sleeping on the sofa when I got home every day at 15:00 because I was so tired.
But these last two weeks has been amazing!
During the first week my Hubby's childhood friend came and stayed at out place for about a weeks time, after he had just got home from a familiy vacation in Portugal, sp he was pretty jetlagged when he got here, haha, since he fell alseep on the sofa whilst watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? with me and Mr. Wonderful.

It was a great week where we had some time to show Mikkel (Mr. Wonderful's best friend) around in our little city, we even went to a place called "Universitariummet" which is sort of a small "trial "exhibition where kids could come in and learn all sorts of things. how does the human balance work, how can a ship saile on the water, what is gravity you know that sort of thing. I choose to call it a "Trial" exhibition since it's part of a showcase for what could be build and a newly cleared piece of land in our city, where our VERY small amusement park used to be. People have been thinking on what to place there and this "Universitarium" is one of the proposals from the university students here in Aalborg.

We later went on to showing him the "castle" in the middle of the city and the monastry which is build to keep sound out. You can walk straight from the chaotic city life into the monastry and all sound is silenced. It wass build as a sanctuary for sick and homeless children where they could learn latin, so if you go intothe "Schoolyeard" and look at the monastry walls you can actually see some latin words and names from back then.
We went home again and pretty much used most of the time gaming on the PSII, PSIII, Computer and Xbox 360 yes we are nerds into the bone hahahah!

He wen't home after a weeks time and me and Mr. Wonderful was left to ourselves and just spend the time enjoying each others company and just finally ahve some time to cuddle up (who doesn't love a good cuddle whilst snuggling with the man you love?) Wednesday we went to a town called Hals in Denmark with Mr. Wonderful and his mom where we ate at a Pancake house Called Rasmus Klumps Pandekagehus. Yes you heard correctly they only serve pancakes with all kinds of filling! You can choose from breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert pancakes and I will say that the Dinner/Lunch pancakes are HUUUGE! Befor you start wonderring who Rasmus is, he is a danish childrensbook character and he is a cute little bear who wears a blue beanie and red overalls with white polkadots and after we have eaten our lunch we just went on walking on the docks and around the town jutch watching people during whatever they now did, eat, talk, walk their dogs, enjoying the sun and so on. We decided to get an icecream and of course it had to be a good ol' Danish icecream, yum yum yum!! :D

Danish Icecream:
3 scoops of Icecream.
"Guf" gooy and sticky meringue with strawberry flavor.
Strawberry jam.
and a "flødebolle" dollop of italian meringue on a lit
tle round wafer covered in dark chocolate.

After that we went home and I spend most of my time with Mr. Wonderful befor I had to go back to jobteam again, started yesterday and let's just say that I don't really want to be here. We did, however, get send home yesterday, because an internet cable was tourn during a renovation somewhere in Aalborg, which ment that our net out here didn't work, and we have to use the net to find jobs and so on, so we were sent home early, YEAH!!!
Rasmus Klump^
Isn't he adorable

onsdag den 27. juli 2011

I hate myself sometimes.
Not as in I think I am fat and ugly, not at all. But because it's so easy to worry me, and I'm easy to scare and I guess oit comes with me knowing I am a person who can not do much about anything really... and I hate it I donøt know how many times I have worried myself so much I've ended up with an upset stomach instead and an angsty feeling and I hate it big time. Not only am I easy to scare I worry about stuff for a LONG time... I heard in the news for a long time now that a meteor MAY (just MAY) hit earth in 2012 and I got so scared. Would we all be killed? WIll it hurt? What about myt parents and my siblings... my friends? all those thoughts when trough my head and I kept them there for several mounths and I couldn't sleep...

I was actually scared of sleeping because to me it seems like eveything bad comes to live during night time and when it was sunny and nice during mornings, I wasn't scared at all... just at night. I ended up talkignt omy BF alot of times about this subject and I was so amazed over how calm he was and all "But sweetie... We can catually change the course of teh meteor, and not only that, NASA will know anout the meteor several YEARS in adavance so they can prepare so don't be scared" to me it was a mild conviction to my fear and I was calm for a few days and then the fear started gaining in on me again and I had to talk to him again.

It wen't on like that for some months and I wouldn't dare look out a window during night time because what IF i say something weird? Like an U.F.O or a weird light I couldn't explaine? and I would just end up becomming more scared than befor and it wasn't until we saw a news program in TV with a dude who knew about meteors that I finally killed my fear, it was nice to hear about all this from a guy who knew about all this and he said that it wouldn't hit becasue we had all the chances to change it's course, just like my BF had said and I could finally sleep again.

Yes I am a real scardycat and a worryvort and I don't like being since it removes my focus on what's going on NOW and not what will be. If I keep fearing fro everything about my life and my health I will never really live my life and I will just end up one day wondering "where did my life go?" The sad thing about all this is that all the talk about, meteors, volcanos and other things hitting the earth in 2012 mademe worry again. I KNOW all of this won't happy JUST because it's suddenly 2012 and the world is suppose to end then, but I can't help but being annoyed that some way the medias got to me with their "OH NO WE ARE GOING TO DIE! BUY OUR NEWSPAPER TO KNOW MORE " news and I and agry with that... I hope I will find a way for me to handle my constant fear of dying or anything like that because this is just... fustrating.

Is there something you are scared of? A Phobia maybe?
WHat do you do to handle it?

lørdag den 23. juli 2011

Even the Gods battle against stupidty.

To all those who have lost family and friends durings the terror event in Norway, i send you my best wishes and my thoughts, I know It won't help the least bit but I can't do more than this. I'm angry and sad over this horrible turn of event and I can't tell you how much I wish the guy who did it truely feel sorry for his act of stupidity.
For Norway and for those who was so brutaly murdered.

torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Lolita shout out #20

So what am I going to talk about today?
Innocent world is having a sale on selected item and they have a couple of new stuff up for reservtions and thqat was when My eye caught the Michelle Bustier and Short. It's suppose to give a girl sort of a Ouji fell but when I look at it it reminds me of cigarette girl. You know those old fashion girls with a strap tray around their neck, filled with cigarettes and cigars who sold them to people during shows or in show rooms. I guess it's the mix og the little barette like hat, the color and the overall design of the bustier.

Angelic Pretty are releasing some very adorable stuff! It contains both umbrellas, purses bags and other stuf that is truely ment for a sweet lolita. Now, normally I don't cake much for sweet lolita, I don't hate it I just don't really care for it but still I sort of fell in love with several of their accessorie. I guees it's the bitter-sweet variety i love, the black with the sweet mixed together in Linkwhat would make a lovely piece of filled chocolate, bitter yet sweet.

Alice and the Pirates has finally released their "Night Fairy Fantasia" print. As some of you may know this print is heavily inspired from the story about a boy who didn't want to grow up, that's right! Peter Pan. The print is amazing and I love the color spec in which you can choose you dress from. Their JSK I, for this print, is after my opinion not the best design I've seen from AATP since it looks sort of cheap and the design in itself is weird. The JSK II on the other hand is really beautiful and you can even get matching socks.

torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Lolita Shout Out #19

You can really feel that summer ins in the air now. Alot of the lolita brands as we know are starting to put out alot of floral prints, summer cuts in their clothig and sailor themed dresses.

Victorian maiden has two new dresses on the line right now that can both be used as a classic dress, and as cute sailor dresses. The classical marine puff-sleeve dress and classic marine tuck dress are both dresses that can be used fore MORE than just sailor. Bot have the trade of looking like any other sailor lolita dress, but if you coordinate them with the rigth type of accesories the you'll be able to really create many different types of outfits.

Bodyline is usually sort of a 50/50 chance to buy from. You never know if you'll get a really good looking piece of clothing with a fairly decent choise of fabric, or somthing that is horribly made and with fabrics that is mostly Ita lolta worthy. But you can at times be really lucky and prehaps get a dress like this one. The dress itself is really cute and I like that you are able to get it in a rather broad color selection. I will, however, say that the lacing in front looks weird. It almost looks like it has sort of a small bolero over it. Im not the least bit in doubt with that is you buy the dress and ad or remove some detailes from it you could actually end up with a decent sweet or gothic dress.

Alice and the Pirates have some really neta stuff on the website this time, or for me the always do haha. This time I will focus one a pair of shoes they are selling, the Sylphide shoes which Linkcomes in black, red, white brown and blue. I have a love for AATP's shoes since they are so Linkdiffenrent in the good kind of way than most lolita stores. I love how they are somewhat cure yet very grownup and regal.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright have this very different new dress called Ma Cherie jumper skirt which, compared to may other things seen at baby is in my eyes.... very simple. Almost too simple for baby's and by that I don't mean it's horrible og not worth the brand name (since brand it's norhing more than a name) but just that it seems weird to see a dress this simple comming from Baby.

mandag den 20. juni 2011

Original Vs Replica

Isn't it funny how you sometimes as a kid felt REALLY special if you got a new toy, clothing or bike that nobody else had, and suddenly everyone were gathered around you in a circle in admiration, awe and at some point jealousy. Yes, we have all experienced that feeling and it was a pretty darn good feeling as a kid. But when you are a kid you don't really have focus on anyone other than yourself and I find it sad that this feeling seems to apply to some lolitas. I must admit I felt angry and disgusted over some lolitas who only buy certain rare prints just to be unique, special, one of a kind and the centre of everyone’s jealousy.

What I am talking about is how some lolita feel but-hurt over that their special rare print suddenly isn't special anymore, because someone casual "dared" to make a replica of a brand print. I'm talking about a link to a thread on EGL where one was thinking of making a Vampire Requiem replica and some of the girls couldn't stand the thought of it. Not because it would take money from the brand companies (yeah as IF) but because their special super-awesome-rare print would lose its WOW effect in the rest of the community. Maybe it's just me but I find that VERY childish and egocentric to actually have such a thought.

The dress is not suppose to be your ego boost that feast upon others admiration and frankly the dress is NOT suppose to be a way for you to crawl up the invisible lolita hierarchy. The dress is supposed to be special to you and if it loses its special something because a replica is made, then I honestly don't think you deserve it. The dress is suppose to be something YOU like, a dress you think is special not giving a hoot of what other people think. Aren’t we suppose to choose the lolita clothing we like based on the fact that we like the print and design above the possible credit we get for its rareness?

Also, why is it okay for some GL's that DOM makes sweet prints but as soon as they turn their gaze upon a Gothic print the GL's suddenly starts screaming in terror of the possible replicas of their favourite genre? Come on girls! Get into the wonderful world of lolita and be a little more open-minded when it comes to replicas. For some of us, like me, a replica is a wonderful way to gain a print I love and a dress i can fit, and not just sit in front of my computer screen, sighing because I can’t fit the brand. Give it a chance and live with it, for some of us this MIGHT be the only way we'll ever be able to fit into some dresses and on a last note...
Shouldn't it be the design and not the name that mattered?
What's your view on Replicas vs. Original?

torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Lolita Shout out #18

Hi guys, wow as you can see I've been bussy trying to complete my "30 days of Lolita" which I did! WOO and I feel it like some sort of an acomplishmen. Also alot of stuff has happened in my life last month. I've moved from Gardening Service to Jobteam, which is a team that is going to give my some "tools" to be able to hopefully find an internship. I've finally pulled myself together and been to the doctor to get some blod samples taken and some cell tissue. It's a offer that "Kræftens Bekæmpelse" (an orginazation that tries to focus on collecting money for battle against cacer and sharing information about it) where you as a youn woman can come in an get a free chance to see if you got cervical. They take a small cel sample from you uterus and see if there's any change i the cells. Itøs really nice they offer it to youn women so that if there IS some changes they can start treatment, og keep an eye out for it, at a early stage. I was also suppose to get some blood samples taken, and let me just say that I have a terrible fear of needles. Not the whole idea of getting medici shot into y body or blood taken from it, but the whole thought of the needel inside my arm just freaks me out. And I've been afraid of needles ever since I was very small which is werid cindering I've been to hospitals and doctors almost every damn week. I've always been a very weak kid, not in the pshycological sense but in the physical sense. I am from natures side born with an incomplete immunesystem which makes me prone to getting sick faster and I have a harder time getting over it again. But being used to getting samples from every time I was at the doctors place just have done annything for my fear agains needles, it stills thrives this day... But today was a HUGE personal conquest for me. For the first time in 24 years I wasn't afraid of getting pricked by a needle. It was a lot less painful as I remember it and I didn't eve contord once. Some of you may think that this is just me being a whiny little girl, but for m this was truely somthing big. But I'm done with the test and the answers will soon be send to me so I can see what they said. The blood samples was to see if I had less D-vitamin in my blood, to see if I were more prone to get thrombosis and to see if I had some Cholesterol in my blood. And to those of you who remeber me talking about my mom, she is felling way better now that ever. It seems like this operation actually helped her but she is still a little sceptical about the whole ordeal. I just hope that everything will turn out better this time. And today I will be updatig L.S.O, the reason to why I haven't be doing it lately is mostley because of the challenge, but also because I haven't really been able to find anything new in the lolita fashion world. But do not frown little ones, for I have found some nice new stuff for you all!

Metamorphose has released a new cute print! Yes I know this is sort of old news, but I still felt like sharring this with you. It's called fairy Tale Series. I've grown a certain fancy to the Fairy LinkLinkTale Lace-up pinafore dress and actually both in balck AND white. The collection comes in three colors only. Lavender, off-white and black and the Lavender is sort of a darker lavender that what I usually see in lolita fashion.

Baby The Star Shine Bright is starting their cute summer collection with a lot of cute and very simple dresses. It's a good design they carry during the summer months since most lolita dresses are way to hot to wear. They seem to make their dresses less "flashy" and with fabrics that are ment to be worn during summer moths, without feeling you are wearing a lacy sauna. Amongst the dresses I would say that the Gingham Rumine JSK is a wonderfull summer dress and it can even be used for coutry lolita as well.

Innocent World hasen't been good at updatig their collection lately, and as I've said befor it's almost like they are in a sort of hiatus periode. They don't produce as much prints or designs as they used to and theyr dresses haven't really had the WOW-factor as their previous collections. I will draw my focus to one dress, the angel tired onpiece. Again this is old news or the dresses just get sold really quick because a lot of the things I see on their website tend to get sold withing a flash. But this dress is rather cute. It's subtle an yet it has a print that isn't overwhealming for the dress in general. The print is nice but prehaps a little boring compared to what we KNOW I.W is able to produce. Also I.W is selling some really great Lucky Packs. I love I.W's lucky packs since you tend to get a lot of stuff for your money. Alone their lucy pack B (which is the cheapest) contains way more than any other brand would fill their cheapest L.P's with. Take a look at them and If any of you order any of the pack please contact me I'm dying to know what they contain.

mandag den 13. juni 2011

30 days of Lolita.

day 30 - a photo take of yourself today and 3 good things that's happend over the last 30 days.

I can't post a picture of myself, which Ive told several times now, but I can tell you three good things that have happend ove rthese last 30 days.

1) I was finally able to get enugh cash for both mt new bento stuff AND some storage place for me and my hubby's office room.

2) I've grown a certain detemination that I SHALL go to France with my Hubby and some very dear friends of me, just us in an awesome apartment (prehaps) enjoying the culture, the food and the lolita stores, MWAHAHAH!

3) I will finally move from the gardening service to the jobteam, which is a place where I'll be learning how to write a god job application and hopefully GET me that damn internship, haha :)

søndag den 12. juni 2011

30 days of Lolita.

day 29 - A picture of a Lolita you would like to meet for real.

!Her Curiouse Elegance, Raegan!
Picture taken by her farther and borrowed from her blog.