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mandag den 31. maj 2010


Okay, so i managed to write my complaint down and i'll be delivering it personally to the head master her the 2 of June! And now we play the waiting game, harh harh harh! (*≧▽≦)

Another thing! Soon the summer vacation is actually upon me (what I have now is just my study vacation where I have to study for my exams) so I'll be heading towards Praha for a week with my BF, his mother, aunt anf uncle! can't wait!
But there is just oen tiny thing borthering me, and I know its silly... I have a terrible fear of flying!!! (,,#゚Д゚)

Yeah I know its stupid.
Ive been flying befor and I didn't have a problem with it there, but after all those flight crashes you've been hearing about for the last couple of years, I've been so scared of flying... Thrust me it doesn't work to tell I have a better chance of winning in lotto, getting storke by lightning or getting kicked in the head by a donkey than chraching in a plaine. That may be but I still think that I'm that 1% wherethe plaine will chrash If I sit in it... And to make it all wores my mother in law really did a cut down on the tickets to make it as CHEAP as possible, which means that we have a good % of NOT ending up sitting next to one and another... how great is that when you are SO damn scared of flying? I need someone I know to sit next to so I can feel safe a secure... but noooooooooo... ( ̄へ ̄)

Don't get me wrong, I love that I get the chance to get outside of the danish boardes for the first time in 4 YEARS, but Im just so scared... I keep thinking of the trip down there and I can't ease myself... I would much rather take the train, a ferry or even drive in a car than take a god damn flight!!! \(>o<)/

Oh what should I do? I don't want to ruin it for everybody else (._.)

Soon its all over.

torsdag den 27. maj 2010

So I’ve been to my first three exams this month (still need 4 to go) and I must say I’m feeling rather good about my grades... all except one! My Oral English exam. In Denmark we usually do the Oral exams like this: First we get a date for when we are suppose to go to the oral exam, we wait our turn and come into a classroom where sensor (a co-examinator) and the teacher sits. Then you take a small strip of paper (facing front down) which reveals your theme, and what material you’ll be using. Then you are shown into a another room where you have a whole hour to perpetrate for the exam, when the hour is up you are again show into the room with the teacher and sensor and then you have 20 minutes to tell about the theme you’ve gotten (make a line between the unknown text to a know text you already had), the teacher and sensor have 10 minutes to ask questions and to give you a grade… And I wasn’t pleased with mine. I got a 4 (Danish grade system: -03, 00, 02, 4, 7, 10, 12 with 12 being the highest) which is the same a s a D in England and USA! I’m not happy because I’m used to getting 10 (B) in oral English and been doing that for my entire school period! So why am I so upset about getting a D? Because teacher gave me the wrong material for the preparation!!! Now in Denmark you are allowed to re-take your exam if you can prove a why it’s a good point… In my case I got the wrong text to work with and was first told about it when I was suppose to talk about it! So today I was down trying to explain that I wanted to re-take my Oral English exam due to the little mistake that my teacher did (Don’t get me wrong she is a great teacher and so nice) but I just don’t feel like they based my grade on the fact I got the wrong material. I was told by a secretary down in the administration (the school office) that I might not be able to re-take my exam, and I told her WHY I wanted to re-take it and I was told to talk to the Headmaster of the school. I went down there two times to talk to him, but he was out getting his car (which apparently had been out for a repairing). So I ended with a deal about the headmaster giving me a call on my phone and talk things over. I may or may not be able to re-take the exam but at least I’ll know I did something to change it. And if he doesn’t want to let me re-take it ill just send the case to Ministry of Education and hopefully they’ll do something about it. If I’m allowed to re-take the exam I might get a lower or a better grade but at least I did something about it and didn’t just sit with my hands in my lap, pretending nothing happened. For now I’m done with three exams; Oral English, Written English and my Exam project so I just need to complete: Music, Design, art and psychology! I have a good feeling about the three last subjects but not about music… I’m a music retard, haha! OH btw! We didn’t get the apartment, someone else took it before us but we got another letter (from the same Housing association telling us there is another apartment, where we are currently listed as number 10 for it :D Maybe this time we’ll get an apartment in Aalborg! It’s 86kvm with three rooms in the second floor! I hope we get it, wish us luck :D
But just to ask, have any of you guys ever experienced the same thing about having to re-take an exam?

Japanese girls a just creepy!

mandag den 24. maj 2010

Yeah okay. Mabey a little harsh to sya, but really! THEY ARE!
Saturday me and a huge group of J-fashion girls (and boys) wwnt to Århus for a Kigurumi meet-up. To those of you who don't know what a Kigurumi is, its pretty much an adult pyjamas :3 So comfy!
It was a great and sunny day so us wearin a winter Kigurumi almost died from the heat!
But I manage to pull trough the entire day wearing mine, huahuahua!!!
Okay back to the creepy Japanese girls. I like Japan, really I do, but I was pretty much scared away due to some magazines Sascha brought with her for the picnic.
Egg magazine (and more, but I can't remember the rest of the titles XD)

Egg magazine is a fashion magazine for gyrau, ganguro, yamamber and so on where they can learn about fashion, hair, make-up and cirkle lenses but that's not the creepy part, oh no. The Creepy part is that in 90% of the magazines there where a "befor - after" article on how much the girls had lost in weight! And I will start by saying that ALL of the girls weight maximum 55-60kg when they where "fat" and went down to weighing 40kg or somthing like that. GROSS!!!
Really! They were so skinny that it was disgusting! They had neither boobs, butt or hips for that matter!
How can 55kg be being "fat" in their world? Sure they are smaller that us, but still! 55 - 60kg is my dream weight, and I used to weigh 32kg when i was SICK, not healthy but SICK!. Can you see why I got so scared of those girls? D:
But all in all the day was amazing :D
Great company, sunny weather and a beautiful park where the flowers bloomed.
The nex meet-up is a lolita meet-up in Aalborg on the 5 of June! Can't wait to shot of my new clothes from qutieland :D

(sorry for the many miss-spelled words in this post, didn't bother to prof-read it this time :/)

Those are a few of my favorit things

fredag den 21. maj 2010

Back when I was younger I used to try on several types of different styles in order to try and find out who I was as a person... as me.
But it was hard and I tried many different styles just to see how I could fit in with the rest of my class. But It was a long and hard journey into the world of fashion.
Now, I’ve never been a girl for fashion since I found it shallow and more of an obsession rather than a way of life and way to expensive for normal people to wear.
But I tried anyway.

My first style change: Eurodance.
This was back in the start of the 90's when eurodance music (Smilde.dk, Dr, Makadoo, Ace of Base) was the popular kind of music to dance to. You know back when big baggy pants filled with pockets and in funky colours was the bee's knees along side with Buffalo shoes. Yes back then I was a eurodance girl. Big red baggy pants with pockets, buffalo shoes and a top t-shirt.

My second style change: Skater.

A huge leap from Buffaloes to DC shoes, even baggier pants, and tank-tops. Lol I was quite a tom-boy back when I was younger and this style was the most boyish I ever wore. Why i did it I don’t know and I will never do it agan. Yikes.

My third style change: Avril Lavigne – Wonnabe.

Yes I did this. I became an Avril Lavigne wonnabe girl, and why? I liked her edgy attitude, her girly punk music (showing that it’s not just boys who can punk) and her clothing style. You remember back when Avril was younger she wore shorts, knee high socks, sneakers tank-top, tie and long loose hair. I loved that style so I joined in for a little while.

My forth style change: Goth.

And I mean REALLY hardcore goth. Black hair, black clothes, black shoes and black eyeliner, you name it. The reason to why I chose this style was simply because I liked the dark and mysterious style, plus people seemed to be afraid of me especially those who bullied me back in my teenage years. My mother, of course, didn’t approve of my dark style and wanted to change me into a girly girl like my sisters but I kept this style for several years (before I knew what a really goth was, instead for me playing a emo goth”.

My fifth style change: Down to earth.

Yes this is the style I use now and it’s the style that I love the most. I feel really comfortable in it and I can use it every day without having to stand out to much. Many of you will probably see this a s treachery towards my Lolita and Punk fashion, but I don’t use those two in everyday situations. I mostly use them for meet-ups, parties and special occasions. What do i mean by “down to earth” I’m talking about jeans, and a normal sweater or t-shirt without anything bling blingy or funky done to it. It’s a more mature style but I like it.

This is pretty much what I went trough of style changes trough my entire teenage period before I found the style I have now. I’m currently trying to make myself a full lolita closet but its a long and hard journey but sooner or later i'll manage it. But why did I choose to make a post that is about styles and stuff like that? Because I want to share with you my favourite styles of all times.

Tadaaah! Michelle’s Top 5 style list!!!

1) Steam Punk.

- I love this style and I love it with all my heart. Not like other styles (like Lolita) you can’t just by things premade (well not everything) and most of it you have to make yourself. I’ve been looking all over the net to find sites that sold premade S.P stuff just for me to buy! But alas no luck yet (Besides Etsy which sells hats and jewelry)

2) Classic Punk.

- I’ve always been a fan of punk but that is because of the huge variety of punk itself. You can pretty much alter the punk style any way you like it, but still have it look punkish and rebellious. Plus I love the patterns and the hairstyles 8D

3) Cyber Punk.

- For me this is a style that hardly anyone uses or anyone notice. Which is a shame since it’s such a vibrant and unique style on its own. I love their dreadlock wigs with all the funky neon colours, their awesome clothes, shoes and their make-up. Cyberpunk is really a “50-50” style, either you like it or find it hideous. I guess it comes from that many see cyberpunks as people who listen to industrial music and who has weird fetishes.

4) Lolita (sweet, country, sailor)

- Lolita is life for me and it makes me look beautiful and I feel like a princess. Although it is a hard style to wear in Denmark (Especially in my town) its still a style that is growing steadily in Denmark. I don’t mind all the other genres of Lolita (bittersweet, Hime ect) but these are just my all time faves :D

5) Pin up Goth.

- I would guess this is a style hardly anyone knows of, which is a shame since it’s such a beautiful, feminine and sexy fashion. Imagine a 1950’s pin up girl who is gothic! Yes that is what this style it. A girl with a classic 1950’s haircut, wearing a corset, thick red lips, a mole and fishnet stockings. This style is so overlooked and beautiful in its own ways :D

Lolita, apartment and candy!

mandag den 17. maj 2010

Time for a new update :D

I will start out by telling a little bout my new lolita wishlist!
Lets starts with my all time faves.
The sad thing is that a lot of these things that Im wishing for is either sold out or way to small for me :( *cries*

BTSSB (Baby The Stars Shine Bright)

1) BABY’s Milky Coat

2) Mary's Sweet Sheep

3) Friend Usakumya Judy

4) Cherry Cherry Fallin'Cherry frill

5) Summer garden

6) Sweet gingham

7) Alice's Portrait

8) Mary's Sweet Sheep skirt

9) Heart marble chocolate and Sugar coated

10) Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry head bow

11) Marguerite ribbon head bow

12) Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Fruits mini hat

13) Hermine ribbon comb (pink, hvid, blå)

14) Strawberry cake Bag

15) Princess heart Bag

A.P (Angelic Pretty)

1) Pretty Snowbird Coat

2) Wonder Cookie Dress

3) Happy Garden Dress

4) Wonder Cookie Jumper skirt

5) Wonder Cookie Skirt

6) Happy Garden Highwaist

Enough with the lolita for now :D
Me and my BF (boyfriend) are currently number 9 on a waiting list for a new apartment in a bigger city! omg :D
The reason to why we want to move is mainly because of our current apartment.
It’s filled with moist, crocked, mold and in two planes and, with a bath in the bedroom, and the kitchen is ugly!
We've been living here for 3 years now and we have been wanted to move out for a long time now. The main reason for movement is also that we are starting on a new education. Im going to be a pastry chef and my BF is going to attend the university which is located in the city we are moving to :D
It’s going to be so wonderful!
First of it'll help me when I’m going to be a pastry chef since I’ll have to switch between school and my internship to become a Pastry chef. It’s quite normal to switch between those two things in order to learn what the school has to teach you and your mentor. I wouldn't be able to attend my tutoring with my mentor since I’ll have to be at work at around 2-3 in the morning, and the busses in my current town wouldn't start driving before 5 in the morning :(

So this is also a way for me to get to work and school but also to save money :D
The apartment is really bigger than the one we have now!
'The current apartment is 75kvm with two rooms; the new is 86kvm with three rooms! OMG!!! for our computers and a room where we can put all our junk in, hahaha :D
It's going to be nice to be able to shower without having to wake the other one up. It's also going to be nice for those who will be spending the night at our place, not to walk into the bedroom in order to get to the toilet (mostly because my BF sleeps naked) Indeed he dos! And we have tried when people walked into the bedroom (in order to get to the toilet) and saw my BF’s naked body in all its hairyness... poor poor person XDD from that day on, every time we have a sleepover my BF is sleeping wearing boxers and a t-shirt just to spear them the sight, hahah :D

But really I can’t wait to get a new apartment! To finally have a home that I want to clean and actually decorate to my liking! To be able to have guest over for dinner without having to sit at the living room table and eat. I just can’t WAIT :D
Oh yes! Candy... I did mention candy in my blog title. Why did I mention candy? For one reason, my mother in law just got home from a trip to Praha and she brought candy with her :D But I thought it might be something like chocolate since Praha is a chocolate nation (and beer and crystal) but no. Instead she pulled out a long packed with three pairs of jello eyes! A pair in red, blue and yellow with a red filling in the middle. Geez I couldn’t stop laughing. Here a picture of them.

talking about eyecandy! huh? huh? :D

Lolita swimfashion?

onsdag den 12. maj 2010

I’ve chosen to write this post in English as I can see that I have a few people outside Denmark who are also looking into my blog now and then :)

It is nice to see that there are so many who want to read my blog, even if not always seriously in what I write.
But as many of you know I am lolita, not a full-time lolita but a lolita ... I'm proud of it and carry my clothing style with an uplifted chin and dignity.
But there is a problem. I am not the thinnest girl that you may spot on the street I must admit and I am self-conscious about my appearance. But I can always do something about through my clothing style :)
I can easily find dresses with shirring that suits me and which looks good on a chubby girl but that is not the general issue here. What bother me is that I can’t some swimwear that suites me.
I'm the type who hasn’t bathed on the beach for many years, solely because I am afraid of showing my body and afraid of what people would think. I know there are others on the beach that looks much worse than me, but am I so convinced that everybody is looking at me just because I'm not exactly a dress size 2. that usually means that I sit in shorts and t-shirt as it covers the worst of that I will not show. But I am one who wants to show that I am lolita, also wearing swimsuits but it's hard when the only reasonable bathing suits contains of; bikinis, bathing suits, sporty and famine bathing shorts with a matching top. It makes me feel sad and ugly as a lolita, simply because I can’t have the opportunity to show my body in a cute bathing suit. So I am looking for a swimsuit that is lolita but doesn’t not show my body, and is cute too.
I’ve been looking at several different candidates for me to wear but i’m not sure of it would look really stupid or really good, so I will try and post some pictures of what I’ve found and I would look you all to, sort of, be the judges. Hopefully I will end up with a cute swimming suit and still look like a Lolita :D