Japanese girls a just creepy!

mandag den 24. maj 2010

Yeah okay. Mabey a little harsh to sya, but really! THEY ARE!
Saturday me and a huge group of J-fashion girls (and boys) wwnt to Århus for a Kigurumi meet-up. To those of you who don't know what a Kigurumi is, its pretty much an adult pyjamas :3 So comfy!
It was a great and sunny day so us wearin a winter Kigurumi almost died from the heat!
But I manage to pull trough the entire day wearing mine, huahuahua!!!
Okay back to the creepy Japanese girls. I like Japan, really I do, but I was pretty much scared away due to some magazines Sascha brought with her for the picnic.
Egg magazine (and more, but I can't remember the rest of the titles XD)

Egg magazine is a fashion magazine for gyrau, ganguro, yamamber and so on where they can learn about fashion, hair, make-up and cirkle lenses but that's not the creepy part, oh no. The Creepy part is that in 90% of the magazines there where a "befor - after" article on how much the girls had lost in weight! And I will start by saying that ALL of the girls weight maximum 55-60kg when they where "fat" and went down to weighing 40kg or somthing like that. GROSS!!!
Really! They were so skinny that it was disgusting! They had neither boobs, butt or hips for that matter!
How can 55kg be being "fat" in their world? Sure they are smaller that us, but still! 55 - 60kg is my dream weight, and I used to weigh 32kg when i was SICK, not healthy but SICK!. Can you see why I got so scared of those girls? D:
But all in all the day was amazing :D
Great company, sunny weather and a beautiful park where the flowers bloomed.
The nex meet-up is a lolita meet-up in Aalborg on the 5 of June! Can't wait to shot of my new clothes from qutieland :D

(sorry for the many miss-spelled words in this post, didn't bother to prof-read it this time :/)

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