Lolita, apartment and candy!

mandag den 17. maj 2010

Time for a new update :D

I will start out by telling a little bout my new lolita wishlist!
Lets starts with my all time faves.
The sad thing is that a lot of these things that Im wishing for is either sold out or way to small for me :( *cries*

BTSSB (Baby The Stars Shine Bright)

1) BABY’s Milky Coat

2) Mary's Sweet Sheep

3) Friend Usakumya Judy

4) Cherry Cherry Fallin'Cherry frill

5) Summer garden

6) Sweet gingham

7) Alice's Portrait

8) Mary's Sweet Sheep skirt

9) Heart marble chocolate and Sugar coated

10) Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry head bow

11) Marguerite ribbon head bow

12) Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Fruits mini hat

13) Hermine ribbon comb (pink, hvid, blå)

14) Strawberry cake Bag

15) Princess heart Bag

A.P (Angelic Pretty)

1) Pretty Snowbird Coat

2) Wonder Cookie Dress

3) Happy Garden Dress

4) Wonder Cookie Jumper skirt

5) Wonder Cookie Skirt

6) Happy Garden Highwaist

Enough with the lolita for now :D
Me and my BF (boyfriend) are currently number 9 on a waiting list for a new apartment in a bigger city! omg :D
The reason to why we want to move is mainly because of our current apartment.
It’s filled with moist, crocked, mold and in two planes and, with a bath in the bedroom, and the kitchen is ugly!
We've been living here for 3 years now and we have been wanted to move out for a long time now. The main reason for movement is also that we are starting on a new education. Im going to be a pastry chef and my BF is going to attend the university which is located in the city we are moving to :D
It’s going to be so wonderful!
First of it'll help me when I’m going to be a pastry chef since I’ll have to switch between school and my internship to become a Pastry chef. It’s quite normal to switch between those two things in order to learn what the school has to teach you and your mentor. I wouldn't be able to attend my tutoring with my mentor since I’ll have to be at work at around 2-3 in the morning, and the busses in my current town wouldn't start driving before 5 in the morning :(

So this is also a way for me to get to work and school but also to save money :D
The apartment is really bigger than the one we have now!
'The current apartment is 75kvm with two rooms; the new is 86kvm with three rooms! OMG!!! for our computers and a room where we can put all our junk in, hahaha :D
It's going to be nice to be able to shower without having to wake the other one up. It's also going to be nice for those who will be spending the night at our place, not to walk into the bedroom in order to get to the toilet (mostly because my BF sleeps naked) Indeed he dos! And we have tried when people walked into the bedroom (in order to get to the toilet) and saw my BF’s naked body in all its hairyness... poor poor person XDD from that day on, every time we have a sleepover my BF is sleeping wearing boxers and a t-shirt just to spear them the sight, hahah :D

But really I can’t wait to get a new apartment! To finally have a home that I want to clean and actually decorate to my liking! To be able to have guest over for dinner without having to sit at the living room table and eat. I just can’t WAIT :D
Oh yes! Candy... I did mention candy in my blog title. Why did I mention candy? For one reason, my mother in law just got home from a trip to Praha and she brought candy with her :D But I thought it might be something like chocolate since Praha is a chocolate nation (and beer and crystal) but no. Instead she pulled out a long packed with three pairs of jello eyes! A pair in red, blue and yellow with a red filling in the middle. Geez I couldn’t stop laughing. Here a picture of them.

talking about eyecandy! huh? huh? :D

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