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torsdag den 27. maj 2010

So I’ve been to my first three exams this month (still need 4 to go) and I must say I’m feeling rather good about my grades... all except one! My Oral English exam. In Denmark we usually do the Oral exams like this: First we get a date for when we are suppose to go to the oral exam, we wait our turn and come into a classroom where sensor (a co-examinator) and the teacher sits. Then you take a small strip of paper (facing front down) which reveals your theme, and what material you’ll be using. Then you are shown into a another room where you have a whole hour to perpetrate for the exam, when the hour is up you are again show into the room with the teacher and sensor and then you have 20 minutes to tell about the theme you’ve gotten (make a line between the unknown text to a know text you already had), the teacher and sensor have 10 minutes to ask questions and to give you a grade… And I wasn’t pleased with mine. I got a 4 (Danish grade system: -03, 00, 02, 4, 7, 10, 12 with 12 being the highest) which is the same a s a D in England and USA! I’m not happy because I’m used to getting 10 (B) in oral English and been doing that for my entire school period! So why am I so upset about getting a D? Because teacher gave me the wrong material for the preparation!!! Now in Denmark you are allowed to re-take your exam if you can prove a why it’s a good point… In my case I got the wrong text to work with and was first told about it when I was suppose to talk about it! So today I was down trying to explain that I wanted to re-take my Oral English exam due to the little mistake that my teacher did (Don’t get me wrong she is a great teacher and so nice) but I just don’t feel like they based my grade on the fact I got the wrong material. I was told by a secretary down in the administration (the school office) that I might not be able to re-take my exam, and I told her WHY I wanted to re-take it and I was told to talk to the Headmaster of the school. I went down there two times to talk to him, but he was out getting his car (which apparently had been out for a repairing). So I ended with a deal about the headmaster giving me a call on my phone and talk things over. I may or may not be able to re-take the exam but at least I’ll know I did something to change it. And if he doesn’t want to let me re-take it ill just send the case to Ministry of Education and hopefully they’ll do something about it. If I’m allowed to re-take the exam I might get a lower or a better grade but at least I did something about it and didn’t just sit with my hands in my lap, pretending nothing happened. For now I’m done with three exams; Oral English, Written English and my Exam project so I just need to complete: Music, Design, art and psychology! I have a good feeling about the three last subjects but not about music… I’m a music retard, haha! OH btw! We didn’t get the apartment, someone else took it before us but we got another letter (from the same Housing association telling us there is another apartment, where we are currently listed as number 10 for it :D Maybe this time we’ll get an apartment in Aalborg! It’s 86kvm with three rooms in the second floor! I hope we get it, wish us luck :D
But just to ask, have any of you guys ever experienced the same thing about having to re-take an exam?

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Zarsu sagde ...

I can't believe you teacher made such a mistake! It makes me mad >:(
I REALLYYYYYYYYYYYY hope they let you re-do your English exam!!

Popze sagde ...

Thanks sweetie ^0^
Was to afraid to posting on facebook (that she made a mistake) since I have my english teacher as a friend, haha :D
As said befor she is really nice and such a great teacher (best one I've had yet!) but I was angry over they didn't see it in time. This could have affected my overall grade so I hope I get to re-do it :)
If not, then ints the ministry of education, muahahah!

Naruto sagde ...

good luck girl:)