onsdag den 28. december 2011

Ye old yule tide.

Christmas is over soon and a new year is just around the corner.
it's now that we have the time to look back at this year and really think of what we have done for ourselves and for others be it friends, foes, family, colleagues or acquaintances but it is also time to reflect upon good and bad things this year has brought with it and to convert it to somthing useful that will be used as a valuable lessons which we will use in the new year.
What does a new year bring? New opportinities, new experience new journeys and memories to be remebered, new conflicst that will teach us more about ourselves and a new an clean lookout in how to deal upcomming obstacles.
I myself have learned alot about me as a person this year and a lot has happend to me.
A dear friend of mine moved to Ireland to start a new life.
I've been together with my hubby for 7 years now.
I've made new friends.
I've tried working as a baker for a short period.
I've bencome more confident with myself and how I deal with my problems.
I've finally defeted my angts and fear of my own immortality.
And for the first time ever, since I moved out of the periode of being a teenager to becomming a young adult, do I feel grown up and mature.
Sure I may not own my own house, car, have children a job nor be married, but I feel mature and like I am an adult. I am not scared of it but I am happy for it.
I am looking foward to the new year and what it might bring and I will try my best to do what I can, as a mre human being, to become a better person, and to strive to reach my goals for this year.

My goals are:
Be a better friend.
Be a better sister.
Rethink a new way to make myself more attrative on the jobmarket.
Lose the last kilos of fat.
Become healthier.
Visit or at least talk more with my dad.
Start saving for a vacation with me and my hubby.
Keep practicing mathematics.
Do more for myself as a lolita.
Practice more on my drawing.
Try to learn how to sew.
Buy my christmas presents EARLY!
Do more for my blog.
Spend more time with my hubby (go for some walks, trips to the cinema, picnics ect)

I hope this year has brought you a loot of stuff to think about and a lot of joy, and I hope you will all have a happy new year and come through it with both eyes and fingers intact :)

Happy new Year guys, and take care of each other.

fredag den 16. december 2011

Dear readers!
The new Starlight Magazine has been posted and I urge you to take a look at it :D

torsdag den 8. december 2011

All around the globe.
Hope you'll have a magic Christmas and a wonderful New Year <3

torsdag den 1. december 2011

Birthday and Christmas!

Hi guys!
I've finally turned 25!
Okay so I did it on November 26th but wow did I get a surprise!
I had planned that my family was to turn op on the satureday I turned 25 since it's a day where most of my family members could show up and it was in the weekend.
So I send out the invitations to every family member and I started making the arrangement; Setting the table, buying what we needed for the party and baked some cupcakes.
I was planning on baking the last things on the day itself so it was freashly baked and still a slight bit warm, but my mom told me to wait, so I did.

later I got a phonecall from a really good friend of mine, who told me that a they were to attend to a party on the satureday I turned 25, and since they were comming to Aalborg (the town where I live) anyway that they would like to crash at our place and say hello.
I said that ofcourse they were welcom in our house, since we rarely see them and told my Hubby about it. I told him that Lene (my our friend) would take me out into town for a small bithday treat at a café of my choise, and that her BF would go home with him.

They day arrived (friday the 25th) and Daniel and I wen't down to the train station to pick up our friends. We did as planned and wen't our seperate ways. Toke and Daniel wen't home and Lene and I wen't down into the town to find a café.
As we walked around in the town, I told her about Aalborg and about the historic buildings and took her different places just to show her a small part of Aalborg. We talked alot together and had alot of fun and slowly the clock was reaching 17:00.

Lene told us that we should probably head home to me and my hubby's apartment since Toke and Daniel was making the dinner for tonight. I agreed and we wen't down to take a bus home. We arrived at the aparment and I put the key in the lock, and when the door opend I saw ALL my friends and my entire family out in the small hallway of our apartment screamin SURPRISE!

I got SO scared that I slammed the door SHUT again and just stood out there starring at Lene.
My Hubby opend the door again and everybody were smiling at me. I was so happy that I started crying and I really didn't know what to day, I was chocked and happy.
My Hubby told me that he had pallend this for months and it was because I, myself, had planned to throw a HUGE party for my friends and family, when I turned 25, but as we got closer to the actual date I could see that we just didn't have the budget for it, and Hubby was sad that we couldn't have the really BIG party, so he decided to gather everybody I knew for a surprise party t celebrate me.

After I had gathere myself I got alot of awesome presents.
I got the Kenwood I've been wanting since I was 16!
A candy adventcalender.
Alot of baking goods (candy melst, molds, ect)
4 boosk with desserts and parties (even two I really wanted!!)
A Jets Licensplate (I am a HUGE Jets fan!)
300kr ($55) and a couple of homeknitted socks from my Nana :D
Skyrim from my Hubby.
And the evening out in the town from Lene and Toke ^^

Best Night ever!
I was so happy and we had such great fun. everybody had pinched in with some food and drinks and there was enough for me and Hubby to live of leftovers for 4 days solid!
The night wen't by SO fast and the last guest (my friends) went home at about 3 at night. We talked and laughed alot and drank a couple of beers. I would lie if I told you that I wasn't really tired the next day and I just used the rest of the weekend on the couch, just chilling and having a blast of a weekend. Toke and Lene did sleep at our place and wen't for a different town the day after, where they were to attend ANOTHER birthday party.

So eventhough I was sort of sad about the whole ordeal with Penny Lane, I was indeed happy with all of this! So the next party we have planned is the New years party!
And it's christmas now.
And ind Denmark we have a tradition of showing a christmascalender show that starts on the 1st of December all the way to the 24th of December. and we have had many since the 60's. We do have a tendency to re-show some of the olds ones and some times they make new ones. This year they have one new and one old. And the old one is from when I was a kid :D
Oh yea, and I'm going to be a secret santa for another loli from the j-fashion forum. I won't tell what I've put the gift, since she might read my blog :)

For now, darlings.
Happy Holidays, and a Happy New year ;D