onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

A late update.

Omg... is it really... you?
IT IS! OH WOW! I thought you would have left me because I haven't updated in a while.
Sorry guys I have been so bussy you wouldn't belive it.
I have finally started on my internship at Penny Lane, and let me just tell you that it's so great but really hard. I have to go to work a 3 in the night and I work till 11 in the morning, befor going home to sleep, and wake up when my Hubby comes home. So that is pretty much what my first week has been about; Sleeping, eating, workin... nothing more than that.

Okay I was so lucky that I was given a day off Satureday, so I didn't have to worry about me not arriving at the Halloween party which a friend of me and I had arraenged. I finally arrived at Ophelias house on Friday, after I godt home from work and had the time to take a little nap. A friend og her's called Bianca also had to sleep over, since she was also going to attend the party on Satureday. So I arrived and we had lost of fun! Ophelia had aleady baked alot of cupcakes and I had also bought with me MY stuff for baking. So we decided to make a little more cake for all the guests. I ended up baking some chocolate cupcakes with green vanilla frosting, bone sprinkles and some cute pumpkin vinyl pix, and besides that, we made a Tombstone cake!
It ended up looking pretty damn awesome!
The rest of the day just passed with us girls having alot of fun, drinking some tea and trying to help Bianca getting ready for the "Hetalia" meet-up in Århus.

Satureday Bianca had to go to the meet-up, so Ophelia and I had to get ready for the party. We started out by making the last things for the party, such as the sandwiches and so, and we had yo go out and buy some prizes for the winners, since we had arranged some party games for later on. Later Gabrielle and Dinja (two of Ophelia's friends) came and helped us decorate everything for the party, but then it all changed. After we had dcorated the livingroom and the garden path, a lot of people suddenly wrote that they weren't going to attend the party after all. two of them had become sick and the rest didn't really give a proper reason as to why.
It all ended up with Ophelia getting really sad and thought it was becasue no one wanted to join in on her party and be with her.
Both me, Gab and Dinya ended up getting really angry at the people who didn't attend the party, and were SO flippant to just tell us ON THE DAY that "oh sorry, I can't attend the party anyway, LULZ!"
Porr Ophelia. I didn't want to let all the food and candy go to waste, so I ended up telling veryone that we shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste.
We ended up bringing all the food up, putting on our Halloween playlist and having a party with 5 people. And you know what? It was SO much fun!
So to those who just didn't show up without a reason, to hell with you all.

My Hubby was suppose to join the party as well, but after I got the internship a whole WEEK befor I had expected it, they train tickets we had ordered could not be used, since they were cheap train tickets, which basically means that you can NOT change the time you wan't to travel, nor can you get your money refunded. So he didn't want to buy an extra ticket and he just ended up staying home for the whole weekend, sending me to Randers to the party. I missed him but when I got some Sunday, he greated me on the trainstation with hugs, kisses and alot of sweet words <3
I was just happy to be home again :D

Okay I will sign off now, and I will try to my very best to update L.S.O tomorrow, but I may not end up doing it until the weekend, where I have some spare time.
Until next time guys, have a great time :D

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Just got back!

I just got back from the interview at Penny Lane and I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a young woman who was the Master Baker in the shop. She's only 27 and besides being the Master Baker, she is also the shops only Pastry apprentice. The interview itself only took like 30 minutes, and it went very well, or so I believe it did, and I will get a phone call either today or tomorrow., where she will tell me when I'll be able to start and inform me about the minor details about how my time as an intern will be and w
hat I'll be doing, who I'll be helping and so on. The owner of the place was supposed to meet me just to get a quick look at who I was and what sort of person I was. I can't wait for her to call back and I am sitting here RIGHT NOW, jumping in my seat just waiting for the phone to ring, hahaha :)

Also the whole transportation problem has finally been solved. I get to burrow my aunties bike and my mother will buy me a helmet (safety first!) and I'll be able to burrow the bike until I get one of my own. If I get told I can start tomorrow already, I'll have
to call my mom and ask her to bring the bike out today, instead of Sunday as it was originally planned.

Oh yeah. I decided to make some last changes to my Halloween costume and I won't be going as the first doll concept I originally had planned, but I'll try and make the same Halloween costume (and make up) as I did last year. It took some time to make and it was a BITCH to get off the face again, hahah. The liquid eyeliner I used almost act like glue on the face and is actually pretty hard to get off again. It doesn't stain the skin or anything; it's just very waterproof i guess XD

Oh on a last note. Jobteam... why do I have to continue Jobt
eam when I have an internship? And not only that, they really do EVERYTHING to make sure that Jobteam is boring, and you want to do something else than sending god damn applications every day. They don't have flash installed on any of the computers! Laptops’ and stationeries’. So you can't watch anything on Youtube, you can't play games in Facebook and you CAN'T listen to any music! I didn't bring my own PC today, since I found it stupid to carry a laptop around while having a job interview, so it stayed home today, and by the Gods do I regret it!

And now for a picture. Just to show that Autmn doesn't have to be boring, cold, rainy and gloomy. Just look at the colors! I don't care if this is shopped or not, I LOVE the colors <3

lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

Minor update, just because I can.

I can't belive that I have a minor interview with Penny Lane on Monday where they have to find out what kind of person I am, befor they decide If they wan't to have me as an apprentice or not. I am VERY nervouse and not really sure of what I should take with me. I will, of course, take my application with me and my Portfolio but I am not sure what else I might need. I don't have any references or anything like that. Nut I REALLY hope they choose me. I've been busting my ass off for almost a year now in my quest to gain me an internship :C
So If I get it I'll be so happy that I could just scream! I've been wanting an apprentienchip at Penny Lane ever since I decided to become a pastry chef, simply becayse they making eveything from the bottom and with good quality ingredients.

Also I had to say goodbye to an RPG session I played every other satureday with my BF and some of our friends. It was Warhammer fanatsy and I have grown so found of that system, and I really like the dark, grim and gritty world it takes place in. I am sort of happy that the session has come to an end, since it has been going for some time now, over a year, and out characters were pretty highlevel, so it got harder and harder for our GM to keep throwing challenges after us. It was a great run, and I am happy to have spend many hours every other Satureday, playing with my friends :D

onsdag den 12. oktober 2011

SO much stuff to look forward to!

Hi all, so a very sweet friend of mine asked me to start updating my blog more and I will try my very best to do so. I will update with the Lolita Shout Out as usual but I will also try to write a little abut me and my life in here, so you guys can sort of get a better understading of who I am as a person.

first off let my link you to the Danish Lolita Magazine "Starlight Magazine"
I know it's in Danish but don't think about that, dudes and dudettes, look at the photoshoots man! They are so awesome and beautiful <3
All and of the girls shown in the different shoots are so talented. Hope you'll take a look at it and please do post a comment on my blogging telling what you think about it :D

Okay so what should I talk about this time? hmmm. I can't really think of anything special at the moment. OH I'm going to a Halloween party the 22nd this month and I'll be gone for the whole weekend. Normally we don't celebrate Halloween in Denmark, we do have a day which reminds of Halloween called All Hallows Eve but instead of pumpkins, to make Jack 'o' Laterns, we used beets to create the same concept as the pumpkin lanters, to scare away evil ghouls. But no one ever celebrate it in these modern times.
But since the American ways are starting to grown more and more into the Danish habits we have started celebrating Halloween and Valentines day.
I love Halloween and I loved it even befor it became populair amongst the rest of the Danish people. So I can't wait to go to the party, I'll be dressed up as a creepy doll, which is very easy when you have a lolita closet, hahahahaha.

Also I am thinking of ordering the Vampire Requiem Long JSK since I LOVE that dress and I was thinking of trying to get a complete set with it, bag, headress and shoes, I don't have any trouble finding the bag and the headpiece, but the shoes is a different matter. I don't wan't to spend a whole lot of cash on brand shoes, since I'll be scared of ending up with a pair of shoes that cost me a fortune but only kept for one week or so, so I am trying to find a cheaper blolita shoe in Navy as well, and is that hard to come by? Yes it is!
I've looked at several cheap lolita websites, Bodyline, Taobao, Qutieland, nothing! They all come in this cute baby blue or sky blue color so I just have to keep in searching .____ .

Oh and a small random thing I've fallen in love with: Peach tea, wow how did I not taste this any sooner? I friggin love Peach tea. When It's vinter I normally drink alot of tea, with sweetener no sugar, because I don't wan't the extra calories since I've started on a change of habits after I disvored I as more prone to get clots in the legs, due to a gene which both my mom, me, granmother and sister has so I had to talk to dietician to put together a meal plan, and to show every secound week to get weighed. I've forced myself to drink more water (Rather than juice, soda pop and kool-aid), eat several times a day (alot of veggies and fruites) and exercise more and on that noet I've lost 7 kilos already, so I am well on may way to reach my goal of 65 kg, which is the normal weight I should have. I am so happy that I've finally gotten to finally start loosing weight and become a lot more healthier :D

Okay I don't have more to talk about, for now so I'll just sign off.
I haven't checked for miss spelled words, but I still hope you guys know what I wanted to tell you, haha :)

fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Lolita Shout Out #25 and Steve Jobs

Victorian Maiden has a new dress out Henrietta Blouse dress which, for me, is a dress with a lot of combination opportunities. and also, again, I love the V.M colorscheme for being earthy and feminine. Also the dress can either stayed closed of you can unbuttom the lover buttoms and end up with a whole new dress so all in all a very versitil dress.

Metamorphose has a new series on the line soon called the Maguerite Wreath Series containing three dresses (one OP and two JSK) one skirt, one pair of socks, a bonnet a headbow and ribbon hair combs. The print choise is rather odd compared to what season we are currently in and I see it more as a sort of summery print rather than Autum/Winter. I would actually have thought that Meta would have come out with prints and designs maching the season.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright has a new JSK for sale right now called Veronica Ellise which comes in an unsual color I haven't seen befor in Lolita, emerald green. It's not an ugly color at all and it works really well with the dress, but the dress itself seems... boring and all the bows is a tad to much for me. The only color that seems to pull of
f all those bows is the black version of it, but remove the bows and you have a pretty decent dress.

Alice and the Pirates has this wonderful new pochette out called very simply the AP Coffin Porchette. I adore the design and I will love to have it in my closet. yes I am a sucker for the gohitc feel to lolita, but without it being OTT gothic.

Innocent World has a couple of things within the Delf Lotta series and one of them is this skirt. I don't really like the skirt and I guess it's because it seems really short on the picture, compared to what you normally see as satdart forthe leng
th of a dress and/or skirt. And also I know that I.W makes some very plaine and down to eart designs, but this design is so simple that it actually seems boring and meh like.

As a lot of you may know Steve Jobs recently died after a long term illness due to Pancreatic Cancer and it was a huge loss for a lot of people around the world. I don't give a hoot about Apple myself since I find most Apple Products to be mere brandwhoring and therefor don't care about it. But I will however say that it sadens me to know that Mr. Jobs has died. He was the founder of somthing I hold dear in my heart, Pixar Studios, and I amd indeed sad that such a great visionary, inventor and business genius has died. I will however say that I am more that happy that he died with his family and loved ones around him.
A thing I an greatly impressed about with Jobs is that he KNEW that it was his time, so he stepped back as the leader of Apple and gave the position of CEO to someone else befor he died, so that people didn't have to deal worth it later on after his death. The world has lost a great man, dad and husband but his legeacy will live on.

R.I.P Steve Jobs.