torsdag den 30. september 2010

Walking in a winter wonder land.
( ^_^)/ やぁ!

I must admit I am a sucker for Christmas! I really love this season of warmth and hearty behavior unlike other people who see it more like a many eating stressed filled month. For me Christmas is all about my family and my friends. In our family we have one tradition, during one day in the Christmas season the girls of the family (my mom, me my siblings and my step sister) get together for a nice day where we make Christmas decorations (In Denmark we have a candle with the number 1-24 written on them which we lit every day until it reaches the 24th. We don’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th but the night between the 24th and 25th) listen to joyful Christmas music and just sit and have a nice chit chat :D This year I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my BF (in our ned apartment!!!) his mom and perhaps a friend of mine whose mom and her mother’s BF decided to go to Egypt without her. They said that if she wanted to join them in Egypt for Christmas she had to come up with 4000 kr ($750). That is a lot of money for one who hardly has 2000 kr for herself each month. So out of a good heart and because I really like her as the friend she is I asked her to join us in our celebrations ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

I couldn’t bear the thought of her sitting alone on Christmas day! I mean… How would you feel if your mom and dad suddenly decided to go to a foreign country to celebrate Christmas without you and THEN was told to earn you own cash to be able to join them… I got SO mad when I heard it! (,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:ゴルァ!!

Later on (mostly during a weekend) we start baking Christmas cookies. We bake them for the people in our family and for the people we like. They get a little box of mixed cookies. But mind you we bake cookies that is very common in Denmark, such as; Vanilla wreaths, Fins brød, Jew caked (I know I know!) and pepper cakes. It’s really one of the best moments during the entire Christmas season for me, to just spend time with those I love and finding them presents I know they’ll like! Well the reason to why I am making this blog is because I am in need of a new winter loli set (Not that I ever had any actually) and I have actually put together a set I really want. It’s a combination of offbrand earmuffs, Qutieland boots and a jacket from F+F.

My dream set!

In my opinion you are perfectly able to make a really cute loli winter outfit for a few cash (well less that if you bought it brand) and it is actually possible to make a nice pair of winter boost for just a few cash. It’s easier to make (in my opinion) a pair of classic loli boot than a sweet loli boot. All you have to do is just look for a pair of boots that goes either to the knee or mid calf in your desired color, just plaster on a few leather bows onto the boots and voila! A nice pair of loli boots for less than 600 Kr ($110). I just want to say thanks to Dorthea (A.K.A Miki-chan) for giving me this awesome tip :D Thank you darling (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

SO now that we are talking about outfits for winter and Christmas. What do you have of plans for Christmas and what is you dream outfit for the winter or just dream item? And last but not least, what do you wish for this Christmas?
Until next time we meet (^_-)サヨナラ

Befor we go!
Heres my dream set for

winter Loli

søndag den 26. september 2010

So tired.

I’ve been really tired the last couple of months. The entire apartment business has been really hard. Just thinking about having to say “no” to almost every social activity just drained all my “strength” if you can say It like that. BUT! Now everything is over ;D the old apartment is finally off our hands and vi can actually have a social life now. But I must admit that this weekend has mainly contained of sleep, wow and P’n’P so it was REALLY nice to see the old rpg group again, really missed those guys <3>(;_・)

Other good news is that I’ve really found my place in my new school. We have a huge project that is to be shown on the 1 of October (OMG). Okay I’ll try to explain what it’s all about: We are two main course (no not as in the dish) teams who where divided into small groups where we are to bake a cake that makes you think of a famous Danish writer. Our team got H.C Andersen (him who wrote “The Little Mermaid”) and we decided to go for a Tophat and a fairytale book with the letters “Der Var Engang” (Once Upon A Time). I must say I am ever so excited to start on this project! I just can’t wait for our group to get started! This is precisely what I want to be making when I become a pastry chef, desserts, colorful cakes and sweets for everybody whom I love ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

But a bad news is that it’s really hard to become a pastry chef here in Denmark, I either have to find me a pastry chef who wants to educate me, or go to Ringsted (which is VERY far away from where I love now, I would have to move there) to attend to their school for pastry chef. The problem is that I and my BF just moved and he just started on the University of Aalborg so we are kind of in a tight spot. And the only person in Aalborg who can train me already has another trainee (a girl in my class). It really makes me sad to know that hardly anyone needs a pastry chef anymore. Everything is industrialized! Nobody hardly wants’ handcrafted sweets anymore! But I still have my hopes up. I will be pleased if I could at least become a baker and afterwards perhaps become a pastry chef. I Really want to be a trainee of Mette Blomsterberg, one of the great Pastry chefs of Denmark, but that is one of those far away dreams ( ̄~ ̄;)

Until next times my cute little darlings (^ _ ^)/~~サヨ

Mette Blomsterberg

onsdag den 8. september 2010

Stressing out!

We are starting to almost see the end of the tunnel when talking about the old aparment. As you guys might know by now me and my BF have been speding two months trying to fix and paint the old aparment, in order to make it liveable again. Wow there was a LOT of mold in it YUCK! And it wasn't even our fault. It's all because of the age of the place. The entire house is from the 1800, crocked and very bad isolated (maine reason for all the mold).
But we are truely starting to get rather desperate in trying to get it all done for the 30'th this month! We still have a little we need to throw out and a load of boxes we need to deliver to our new place! But the problem is that we just can't seem to get the help we need for this task plus we need to either get a new stove or some new plates for it. Everybody seems to be so darn bussy every weekend and we CAN'T drive since we don't have driverslicens (In Denmarks it's VERY expensive) and we don't have our own car... I'm feeling so stressed.
I really hope someone will help us soon... ._.
Sorry for posting a "BAAW life is so tough on me!" post but I kind of needed it :/