onsdag den 8. september 2010

Stressing out!

We are starting to almost see the end of the tunnel when talking about the old aparment. As you guys might know by now me and my BF have been speding two months trying to fix and paint the old aparment, in order to make it liveable again. Wow there was a LOT of mold in it YUCK! And it wasn't even our fault. It's all because of the age of the place. The entire house is from the 1800, crocked and very bad isolated (maine reason for all the mold).
But we are truely starting to get rather desperate in trying to get it all done for the 30'th this month! We still have a little we need to throw out and a load of boxes we need to deliver to our new place! But the problem is that we just can't seem to get the help we need for this task plus we need to either get a new stove or some new plates for it. Everybody seems to be so darn bussy every weekend and we CAN'T drive since we don't have driverslicens (In Denmarks it's VERY expensive) and we don't have our own car... I'm feeling so stressed.
I really hope someone will help us soon... ._.
Sorry for posting a "BAAW life is so tough on me!" post but I kind of needed it :/

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Zarsu sagde ...

I'd love to help, but we don't have a car anymore :( To make a long story short; Kenny's mom is being a bitch and won't let us use the car very often DX Shhzzz...

I hope you make it in time!!