torsdag den 28. april 2011

Lolita shout out #15

Innocent World have the cutest strawberry print on the line right now. It cintains of two cute jumpers, two headresses, socks and a cute little hat.

Baby the stars shine bright has a huge selection on umbrellas now and there is pretty much one that could fit every sub genre of lolita.

Metamorphose has a cure new summer collection out right now called Fruit Punch Soda Series which, like everything else in Meta, can be found in various dresses and skirts.

Victorian maiden has some adorable floral patterns right now which will be perfect for this summer. They've also started introducing long skirts and dresses, also in the cure floral print.

torsdag den 21. april 2011

Lolita shout out #14

I will say I am sorry guys. This is going to be a rather short entry this time, but it's not that I don't want to write a long one, it's just that there isn't really anything to write about this time. All the links I have from different lolita brands and ofbrands seems to be rather still in there productions of new things.

Innocent World have some new stuff, and a lot of it plus they also have som wonderful new dresses that will work perfectly for a really down toned lolita. Take a look, you might just find something for spring/summer.

Qutieland have some new items from Dear Celine and Rose Melody. They have some headdresses and stuff like that that will work wonders on a summer/spring lolita outfit.

Juliette et Justine have som really cute and simpel dresses if your looking for somthing to wear during summer that isn't too flashy. And a lot of them don't need any shirts or anything, so you don't end up feeling like you're going to die in the summer heat :)

fredag den 15. april 2011

Lolita Shout out #13

Sorry that I forgot to update yesterday, but I wsa skind of bussy watching the two new royals twins christening. I don't suppor the royal family but I can't but being proud over that Denmark have the oldest monarchy in the world! Yes we have and I'm so proud becasue it is a royal family with a LONG and hectic history. But TADAAAAH look what I was able to sniff up.

Angelic pretty just made a new print in time for easter. It's called Sheep Garden and has, logically enough, cute little sheep/lambs on it which will be perfect for a cute easter cordination. The print is cute but the dresses looks like any other AP dress.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright has just made a new fairytale print called Scent of Rapunzel. The dress is going to be in two differen kinds of JSK and one OP and the colors to choose from are wonderfull. I have always had a fancy eye to the fairytale prints and one of my dream prints are actually Little Red Ridinghood, and this is saying alot since I mostley like solid colored dresses.

Metamorphose has an entire NEW collection on the way. A huge collection of dresses, skirts, shirts AND accessories! I won't trell what there will be in the collection but instead just smick the link in here and let you see what they have istall. I must admit that I am somewhat worried over their upcomming collection that will be a mix of macross frontierxMeta and VocaloidXMeta. I'm scared that it might end up being way to cosplayish for Meta, and Meta do have a reputation of sometimes making a Hit and Miss collection.

It's okay If you think that this is sort of a fast solution entry, and It may be just that but my entries will become alot shorter since my Blogspot (as said befor) sort of ruins the text on the blog when I try to post pictures in here.

mandag den 11. april 2011

Lolita shout out #12

The only thing I can say is sorry. I fell sick again, thanks to my hubby, who infected me with the cold once more! So hopefully I’ll be done with the sickness for now and won’t catch anything for a loooong time. And also I didn’t feel like posting anything for a long time, not even my “30 days of anime” due to the sickness and just the lack of motivation for it. Sorry guys, so sorry.

I don’t know how many of you follow my blog every time I update (I don’t have any idea since people hardly write any comments, ahah) but I will say that I am ever so sorry for not updating in case any of you guys out there were waiting for it. There’s just been a lot of stuff going on around me right now and my mom is going to get operated again. She stared having back pains again even after they gave her the supporter in the back. The doctors believe that it might have something to do with some old screws she has in her back from when I was a kid. It might be those who give her pain due to they might be putting pressure on her nerves in the lower back. So she told the doctors that THIS is the last time she is going to get under the knife in order to help her get better. She’s been doing that from ever since I was a kid and it took them years to find a good solution to her problem, the supporter that is operated and screwed into her backbone, and when everything suddenly started to go downhill again, we were SO scared that it was the supporter that didn’t work as it was suppose to, but then the doctors told us that it might be the old screws that caused the problems, I was relived and I do hope that everything will be okay when she get them out. But let’s not dilly dally in all the sadness and so. It’s spring time!

Yiay and the weather has finally changed in Denmark. It’s up to 16°C during day times and that means that everybody is firing up their grills to BBQ, haha. That’s how it is in Denmark, long cold winters, short hot summers, so as soon as it starts to get a little warm here we throw off all our clothes and sit in the sun.

But moving on to the Lolita part of it all.
Innocent World is currently planning on releasing these lovely dresses and I must say that the Eleonore Jumperskirt is just way to cute! It’s so summery and very elegant. I particularly like the Café Au Lait colored version it reminds me of some of the Old Danish summer dresses from the 1930-50 and the tartan print is to die for. I do like tartan print and it seems to be a very versatile print that can be used all year around.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright are releasing a lot of adorable boleros and cardigans for the summer season and of cause some of them carry the theme of Alice in Wonderland and Card games, you know like Baby usually do. There isn’t much to say about the cardigans and boleros other than they look like every other of its siblings; sorry that’s just how I feel about it. But they are cute and some even look like they will be able to fit a girl who is plus size.

Mary Magdalene has released a new dress that is just wonderful. It’s so simple, elegant and very “adult” like for a Lolita dress. The print of the dress is to die for and I don’t know what it is about it, but the simplicity of the dress makes it look unique and very summery.

Sorry but there won't be any pictures this time since my blogspot has a tendecy to screw up the text if I try to add my pictures, so you'll have to klick the link names :D

fredag den 1. april 2011

Day 20 - Favorite shoujo anime