onsdag den 30. juni 2010

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
The Tale of Despereaux

By a coincidence I actually saw this movie in a movie/game store called Stereo Stundiet (Stereo Studio) while I was in a one of the malls just to look around. I was surprised it only cost 50 kr ($8,28) since I remembered seeing and add for this at the start of this year or so. I decided to buy it since I am a sucker for fairytales and fantasy. I brought it home and asked my BF to join in on watching this movie. At first the movie doesn’t really stand out and you would probably never have seen it if you weren’t looking for it. I was able to choose between English, Danish and Norwegian as the talked language trough the film. The film opens with a ship sailing into the kingdom of Dor, known for its 'Royal Soup Day.', a rat, is aboard with a human companion, Pietro.
Roscuro is mesmerized by the aroma of soup being prepared in the castle's kitchens and he escapes Pietro to find the source. In doing so, he finds the castle banquet room and falls into the Queen's soup after she takes the first bite. The Queen then has
a heart attack falls headfirst on her soup bowl and eventually drowns with no one noticing. Meanwhile, Roscuro is being chased about the castle. The chase finally ends when Roscuro falls into a vent and plunges into the dungeons.
The king in his grief orders soup to be forbidden and rats banished, and the town falls into eternal darkness and famine. Roscuro meanwhile, meets Botticelli the brutal leader
of the rat world.
A few years later, an adven
turous mouse, Despereaux is born, and becomes friends with the lonely Princess Pea. Upon finding out that Despereaux has broken the law by speaking with a human; the Mouse Council banishes him to the dungeons, from where he is saved by Roscuro. Despereaux tells Roscuro of the princess's gloom, which touches the rat.
Roscuro approaches the princess to apologize, but she is terrified of him and he is chased out. Hurt, he decides to kidnap the princess. He enlists the help of a servant girl, Miggery Sow, whom he later double crosses, and locks in a cell.
Meanwhile, Despereaux realizes that the princess is in danger. Back in the rat colony, Roscuro sees the apologetic sincerity in Pea's e
yes and regrets his actions, but is unable to stop the rats, to whom he has given her, from clambering over her. Here Despereaux comes to the rescue, letting loose a cat. Roscuro causes Botticelli to run into the cat's cage for a fatal end. The battle over, he finally apologizes, and is forgiven.
In the end, Mig is rescued by the jailer, who is revealed to be her father, and Roscuro is reunited with Pietro. The princess and the king decide to soothe their grief by relying on each other for support. Despereaux, reunited with his family, remains close friends with the princess.

This is really a quite good movie with a great voice cast; Dustin Hoffman as Rescuro, Emma Watson as Princess Pea, Kevin Kline as Chef André, Christopher Lloyd and Hovis and MANY more. The movie in itself is a “true” fairytale. And the characters made for this movie are really well made. Sure you can see that this is not a movie made with the same budget as perhaps a Disney Movie, but still it is really well made and a really nice little story. The movie is based on a book written by Kate DiCamillo and I highly recommend that you either read or see this lovely little movie. The characters, music, story and scenarios are worth looking and listening to and worth noticing.


Creepiest rat EVER!
He gave me the chills (*。_。)

Princess Pea, so adorable!

He is SO cute as a baby O(≧∇≦)O

mandag den 28. juni 2010

Ikea = Love!

I am indeed CrAzY about Ikea and I love it when I can visit it!
They have so many great things, for a nice cheap price, that I hardly know what to buy and what not to buy. My mom was so sweet to actually buy me a cake decorating which had some of the things I've been looking for, for a while now. Cake leveler, piping tips, two piping bags and a funny spatula used for making al kinds of need patterns in the frosting (if you don't cover the cake with fondant)
( ̄▽ ̄)
Yesterday me, Danile (my boyfriend) and his mom went to the Viking Marked in Lindholm. I've been there twice now and I never get bored! There are so many great things to look at and they have some awum music playing every now and then (^-^*)/
I brought with me 200 Danish kroner (roughly $33) to spend however me and Daniel felt like (yeah it wasn't a huge amount of cash, but I really need to save my money) and indeed they got spend. I bought Daniel a Jew Harp because he wanted one, two bags of smoked salt (Cranberry and Whisky flavor) and a cool mug which looks like a little fat, brown cauldron with a symbol on it. It was a really nice and sunny day (got hotter after noon) and there where so many people attending this event
I got a sunburn and it hurst a little, but so much that I can't sleep at night (thank Eir)
Wow I can't belive were are to move soon! I can't wait! Got butterflies flapping about in my stomach, haha
( ´∀`)

Until next time I write.
Have a great summer

onsdag den 23. juni 2010

Summer vacation! WOO!

Im now offically a HF student!
I passed my exams and now I can relax :D
Got my graduation hat as well and some awsum blue roses to match the hat :D
For now I can relax and enjoy my summer vacation!
Congratulation to all the new students out there :D

mandag den 21. juni 2010

Finally moving on.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day for me since I am going to become a graduate, yiaaay! Three years of high level studying is finally going to be over and I’ll be able to move onto the pastry chef education! Wow I am so excited! In Denmark we also get graduation hat as a symbol of the payment of our hardships during the two (or three) years we’ve been students. Each individual type of gymnasium has its own colored rim on the hat itself. Here’s a minor list of the different kinds of hats with different colored rims:

Student exam (The basic): Bordeaux colored rim with a dannebrogskors (couldn’t find the English word for it) emblem.

Higher preparation exam: guardsman blue rim with dannebrogskors, or your own selected emblem.

Higher Trading exam: kobold blue rim with a mercury staff emblem.

Higher technical exam: Navy blue rim with “HTX” emblem.

Danish-German exam: Bordeaux rim with a Danish/German flag rim and dannebrogskors emblem.

IB Exam: Bordeaux rim with an international flag rim, and dannebrogskors emblem.

Higher trading exam, international line: kobold blue rim with international flags and Mercury staff emblem.

Higher technical exam, international line: Navy blue rim with international flags and a “HTX” emblem.

And many more (and i mean many more)

<-- and this is the kind of hat that i'll be getting.

Neat isn't it? And they aren’t really that big either, they can fit the very top of your crown and nothing more he he. So I'll be attending my final exam tomorrow and I am SO nervous! My final exam is going to be music and it consists of a ensemble play with different groups who each has chosen a music number that they’ll be playing. Our group chose “Past time Paradise” by Stevie Wonder (youtube it) and I have to play the leading piano rhythm! (oh no) I’m so afraid that my group is going to get all mad at me if we get a bad grade since I am obviously the most music retarded one .__.

But none the less I am going to be a student tomorrow! OH btw I got to re-take my oral English exam and it went WAY better this time! Got a 7!!! I was so happy! So a lot of 4’s one 7 and one 10, hahaha! Wish my luck tomorrow.

(sorry about how my post looks sometimes. Blogpsot and Microsoft Word can't always work together)