fredag den 11. juni 2010

WoW and apartments?


Okay today me and my BF started calling all the housing association which we are members of (like three or so) and the very first one we called said that we where number ONE in line for an apartment in Aalborg city! I was SO happy when my BF told me. SO next week we’ll by going out to the city just to look at it and see if it’s something that we want, hopefully it is! But you can’t imagine how absolutely happy I am for finally being told that we are number one for an apartment! This is so great, we’ll finally be able to move to Aalborg and start our new educations out there and without having any problems getting to or from our Campus sites.

Okay girls and boys out there I’ve finally decided to start playing WoW again, indeed I have (lol) But let me just start out by saying that I found it really hard to start up again. Sure I had a level 39 Hunter in there but still… I started playing again for like a couple of weeks ago and in that time I managed to get to level 51, earn a lot of gold, get a new mount AND start a new guild all thanks to my friends and old guildies! As for my new guild it is called “Danes United” and it’s only for (yep you guessed it) Danes (Danish people for those of you out there who doesn’t know what a Dane is).

Why did I make this type of guild? Well mostly because I hate being in a English guild due to my very sucking English (You’ve seen how I miss spell words and forget to correct the grammar on my blogs) But if you’re on Argent Dawn in WoW (and RP realm) give me a PM, the name is Simbol in there btw (just remember to tell who you are and why you contacted me) And for now WoW is really nice playing since Denmark is all rainy at the moment…. A whole week with nothing but rain and wind (Classical Danish summers) so it’s nice and cozy to sit inside playing WoW with your friends.
I also pre-ordered the collector’s edition of “Cataclysm” pack for WoW and you get a lot of really neat stuff in there; An art book, a mouse, a mouse pad, a whole year of free gaming time something like that SO AWSUM!


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I hope you get a great and cheap apartment!
I'm excited - I want to see your more and it's gonna be soo easy when you're living closer to me ^O^