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onsdag den 2. juni 2010

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As you all know I'm going to start my education on becoming a Pastry Chef and hopefully get an internship at a good baker and I'll be able to start my education on the 2 of August 2011. But there is a minor problem... In Denmark we get Something called S.U which is basically a little bit of money every month, which the state pays, to the student so they don’t have to worry about getting a job but focusing on the their studies... This S.U is suppose to cover rent and such but isn’t really that helpful if you live alone in a “normal” apartment in a big town... But that is not what I’m trying to explain here. You only get S.U during that time you are on an active education and since I’m suppose to become a student on the 22 of June, I won’t get any S.U for July month! So I was hoping that I could at least get one month of social security, just to cover the rent and such, before I start on S.U again... but alas.... I could not so I might have to take a minor loan... And why is that? Why don’t I just go out there? There in that huge world filled with jobs and opportunities? One reason “Financial Crisis”. Yes even Denmark we have it (due to some rather *cough* bad choices made in the government >__>) So it’s pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack to just get a job here. ☆⌒(>。≪)イタイ

I was looking a 5-6 different types of Job pages but I only got the chance to send out one application! One, out of 6 pages?! Outrages but true! I talked to the local jobcentre personally and they said that it was a slick time for jobs now.... They hardly HAD anything to offer, and when your LOCAL jobcentre tells your there are no jobs at the moment (due to the crisis) then it’s REALLY bad! I’ve been trying to search for a job since I was under education (just to have a past time job for a little extra cash) but as everybody else who are jobless says “I just can’t find a job! Get no all the time!” And that is seriously what you do. (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん

BUT!!! Good news are that I’ll be able to re-take my Oral English Exam (YIAAAY) on the 18 of June! Omg I so happy! (*≧▽≦)

I might be able to get a better grade than D!!! And another good thing, me and my BF sat down one day and designed a Lolita set for me in Polyvore (great site in my opinion) and I wasn’t surprised (but yet I was) to see that he actually doesn’t like my current style, which is Sweet/Country/Sailor/ and that he would much rather see me wear EGL, Classical, Aristocrat and GL. We managed to put a rather nice set together and I must say he has a rather good eye for EGL Lolita. So i thought I just wanted to share it with you guys ( ´∀`)

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Zarsu sagde ...

Woaah, I feel sorry for you - taking a loan is the worst thing, even if it's just a minor loan. It's still money that isn't yours, and you'll have to pay them back someday D: Your situation really sucks!

BUT! I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that you get to re-take your English exam :D HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Hyachiku sagde ...

Your situation is just like mine >< If I get into HF, then I wont get SU or kontakthjælp in July month, and I have already asked my bank if I can take a loan which I got a huge NO! in the face =_=
And I have also asked my parents but since they dont know how many money they will have back after my mothers smaller operation and observation at Dianalund Epilepsihospital, they have said no __ __.. Its gonna be a long summer for the two of us * hugs *

( And If you're wondering; it is Pjuske/Ak/Hchi/Akira/Yokume here... lol I get more and more nicknames XDD )