søndag den 29. januar 2012

Awesome weekend.

I have just had the most awesome weekend!
Ophelia came up to stay the whole weekend at our place since we had planned a photoshoot session both saturday and sunday. We had a ot of fun watching Ghost Hunters since non of us belives in ghosts at all, we found it all very entertaining when they tried to threaten the ghost to show it self, and made fun of the ghost sounds as being a cat who made noises somewhere.

Saturday both me and mette were to be taken pictures of by zarsu and sunday Ophelia had to take a geek lolita shoot by herself and once again Zarsu took pictures.

I'm not going to say what pictures we are talking about here, since they are for the upcoming Starlight Magazine, which (as far as i know) will be available the 5th of Feb.
I'll post a link to the magazine in here and hopefully you'll all like it :D
Until now you'll just have to wait ;D

torsdag den 26. januar 2012

Spread the word.

mandag den 16. januar 2012

I don't know why, but I just had to share this.
Today I woke up after a nightmare about me being pregnant.
But how is that a nightmare, you might ask, isn't wonderful to dream that you are pregnant and about to have a baby?

Not when you suffer from Tocofobia which is a fobia for being pregnant or giving birth.
But I dreamt that I was in my 3. month and that I had a belly. And I remember asking the figure (it wasn't a person as such but more of af blurry figure) if we could do anything about it, and the person said no, I had to go trough the entire thing with giving birth and everything.
I remember being really scared in the dream and desperate to just get rid of the baby.
then I woke up and I was really scared! I was so happy to find out that it was just a dream but it was a horrible dream.

I'm 25 and I don't wan't to have kids.
Sure it might change some day and if it does...well we'll see then,but for now the whole idea of giving birth and so on is really something that can svare the living shit out of me. It's not the fear of the child being deform or born dead, no... It's the whole point og crapping out a baby trough your vagina in a cascade of blood, urine, feces, fetal fat and amniotic fluid!
The whole Idea of pushing somethin that is a whole BABY out of my vagaine is SO unappealing, gross and I won't lie when I say that it scares me...alot! And also the risk of your
perineum splitting or getting cut open in order for the baby to get out. URG!
The mere thought of it
gives me nausea and makes my stomach turn!
I am SO afraid og getting pregnant that you won't even belive it.

I don'tmind it at all if my siblings geth pregnant,I would be so happy for them and I can't wait to become a aunt, but I don't wan't to become a mom.
I've never had the urge to have a baby, never!
My siblings are clsoe to or in their 20's and their body is screaming for a child but mine hasn't said a word at all, and I am happy for it.

And I think it fist perfect.
Even my Hubby doesn't want kids and neither do I.
I don't mind other peoples kid, to some extend, but I can NOT see myself as a mother at all. The whole idea of being a parent for 18 years, with hardly any time for one self and my realtionship with my Hubby is greatly unappealing and I must admit I am to egoistic to let a thing such as a child come into our lifes and take alot of OUR quality time.

Sorry if I have offended any one of you, it wasn't my entention.
I don't mind people with kids, I just don't want to have any myself.

lørdag den 14. januar 2012


Now I don't care much for the royal family although I am proud that we have the oldest monarchy in the world and today was the Queens 40 year anniversary as Queen of Denmark.
Next in line is her son Frederic and his wife Mary so it'll be interresting when our Queen Margrethe II resigns and let's her son become king.
As said befor I am not a huge follower af the Queen and her family but I do watch TV when there's a wedding or a Christening of one of the children, and when the Queen holds her traditional New New Year speech other than than, no.

But still.
Margrethe on your 40 years on the throne.
May you have many more come :)
Anon, for those who are weak.

So there have been alot of drama going on the forum for Japanese streetfashion where I am and I must say it haven really been a peaceful drama.

I've recently heard that one of the mods on the website was attacked outside the forum on her tumbl and blog by a person who was, as it sounded from the flaming, from the forum also and I was choked when she told me what had been written to her. Someone was appenrtly not pleased that she tried to lock the thread where this drama was going on, just to make sure no one would end up hurting anyone, but this must haven made someone butt-hurt, because this person started flaming her, calling her all sort of horrible stuff (which I will not mention here) and let's just say it wasn't really nice the words and names the anon called her.
But what bothers me the most is that this person was an ANON.

For me anon is the choice for those who are too weak, scared and too afraid to actually man up (if you'll pardon the turn of phrase) to say what they actually mean personally to the persons face. Instead they hide behinde an anon character, knowing that not ONE single person will be able to find who they are. It's two-faced, childish and not to mention a VERY idiotic behvaior!
So I'll say that instead of using an anon to say hard and harmefull things to others, show your ugly mug and face the person you clearly have a problem with.

But all in all just try to be more conctructive if you are not please with someones actions or what they have said. Formulate yourself in mature an understandable language rather than the bitchy teenage girl tone, by calling people things such as: fat ungly bitch and so. Nothing good ever comes out of this sort of behavior. We get more from trying to be more grown up and try to sort our problems out with a civil tone. So if you, dear anon who flamed this poor girl, are reading this, think about it, instead of acting like a spoiled butt-hurt brat and face the consequence of the choice YOU have made.

søndag den 8. januar 2012

How could I have forgotten?

Such a vital thing as being a teenager?
But why did I suddenly wanted to write a blog entry about being a teenager, or how it was?
It all comes down to how I view modern day teenagers. Most of them are spoiled brats who needs a good beating. Others are just... weird?

It's like they live in a constant hyperactive state of endless glee and at some point this have proven to be a really annoying and can bother the crap out of me.
Have you ever seen how a teenager who is an Otaku writes?

"OMG HAI!!!!1! I Love anime, it's SOOO epic XDDD!!!11! and I LOOOOVE everythign kawaii!!1oneone12! so yah! Write if u wonna B frendz KK! XDDDDDD <3<3<3<3<3<3"

that itself is pretty much enough for me to instantly not like them and not only that. They have an over usage of exclamation marks and question marks and smileys, oh gawd don't forget the smileys. Plus alot of the have a weird tendency to write in caps.

But not only the writing, the whole state of a teenage wapanese is just horrible. They always cosplay mainstream things (naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew ect), thinks yaoi is only when two boys are kissing and thinks that being a neko girl/boy is the same as a genuine cosplay.... dear lads and lasses... no... no it's not.

I know I am a bitch for writing this but suddenly I stop op and I just caught myself doing the same thing that my parents did when I was a teenager.... I forget just HOW stupid I acted as a teen myself...

I remeber that I too was over hyperactive with my friends nearby and that I also wrote like a total dingus and that I also thought being a neko girl was a truely awesome cosplay...
Wow.... how could I ever forget what being a teenager was like?
I mean it's one of the most important phases in ones life.

It's that one place where you are between being an a child and trying to become and andult. It's a difficult time where we face alot of mental and physical changes and it's a time where we just want to feel like we belong and that we are "okay"
So at some point I can see why otaku teenagers react the way they do, it's the child inside them that is giving the last of itself befor it becomes an adult.

And I will say that befor we judge another Otaku teenager, let's just sit back and re-think how we where as teenagers. I bet it would help alot in understanding why some of then act or write the way they do.

I know this is a weird thing to start talking about but I just felt like getting it of my chest.
We have a young girl on J-fashion who acts they way I just wrote and I really feel annoyed over her way of being, so that's why I had to think back on my teenage self and sort if just say, naaah, what the hell, she'll only be a teenager one time in her life, plsu she'll learn from her mistakes.

Zarsu Give away!

torsdag den 5. januar 2012

Hejsa! Til jer der følger min blog og ikke allerede ved det, så afholder Zarsu en GIVE AWAY med nogle mega søde præmier :D
Og der er til 3 vindere!
Reglerne for hendes give away er på hendes side, så skynd jer at tage en kikker :D

søndag den 1. januar 2012


We can now write 2012 on our calenders and wow what a year I've had.
But the best part was new years eve, holy moly what a night.

We started preparing for the party a day or two in adavnce, just be sure eveything was okay so we didn't have to stress a whole lot on the day itself. The food was ordered from a place near by called Fandanko and they arrive with all the food at around 10 in the morning. We were told they would arrive with it between 10 and 16 so we decided to wake up at 10. I was avake when they delivered the food, but was lying in bed just snuggling with my duvet and y BF, so Ophelia had to take the order.

We had already decorated the table and the apartment, so the last things to do was to gussy and make sure the food god warmed and served. People started showing up and everything went really well. They were all dressed so nicely and the food was amazing!
We were around 9 people but had food for 10 so I had some leftover dessert for today, MWAHAH!

Everything went as it should and nobody got hurt. and wow did it get mezzy later on.
Suddenly eveything was covered in serpentines, confettie, small streamers and small silver stars all over the apartment and the table.

And when the clock struck midnight we had 5 bottles of champagne and I don't know how much alkohol on the table and in our blood. A friend of ours had gone trough the trouble of taking his X-box 360, an HD flatscreen tv and some games with him so we had something to have fun with whilst waiting for midnight.

I ust say that the firework display was beautiful. From the window in our bedroo you could see out over the city and see all the fireworks!
I went to bed at 3:30 in the morning since I was VERY tired and mr wonderful joined in a little bit later. Almost all the guests ended up sleeping at our place while zarsu and kenny (her hubby) went home.

So today, on January 1st 2012, I am just dead beaten. I am a snuggling in the sofa with my duvet, some leftover Asti, a pizza and some soda pop and I don't want to do squat!
I'll just enjoy today and prehaps go out into the town tomorrow to see how eveything is.
I know that somebody burned down on of out local groceries stores near us during the night. Bot the apothecary and pizzaria that lay close up at it got damaged by the fire.

Welcome to the year 2012 where another end of the world awaits us. You know, like last year ;D
Hope 2012 will be a kind year to all of you <3