mandag den 16. januar 2012

I don't know why, but I just had to share this.
Today I woke up after a nightmare about me being pregnant.
But how is that a nightmare, you might ask, isn't wonderful to dream that you are pregnant and about to have a baby?

Not when you suffer from Tocofobia which is a fobia for being pregnant or giving birth.
But I dreamt that I was in my 3. month and that I had a belly. And I remember asking the figure (it wasn't a person as such but more of af blurry figure) if we could do anything about it, and the person said no, I had to go trough the entire thing with giving birth and everything.
I remember being really scared in the dream and desperate to just get rid of the baby.
then I woke up and I was really scared! I was so happy to find out that it was just a dream but it was a horrible dream.

I'm 25 and I don't wan't to have kids.
Sure it might change some day and if it does...well we'll see then,but for now the whole idea of giving birth and so on is really something that can svare the living shit out of me. It's not the fear of the child being deform or born dead, no... It's the whole point og crapping out a baby trough your vagina in a cascade of blood, urine, feces, fetal fat and amniotic fluid!
The whole Idea of pushing somethin that is a whole BABY out of my vagaine is SO unappealing, gross and I won't lie when I say that it scares me...alot! And also the risk of your
perineum splitting or getting cut open in order for the baby to get out. URG!
The mere thought of it
gives me nausea and makes my stomach turn!
I am SO afraid og getting pregnant that you won't even belive it.

I don'tmind it at all if my siblings geth pregnant,I would be so happy for them and I can't wait to become a aunt, but I don't wan't to become a mom.
I've never had the urge to have a baby, never!
My siblings are clsoe to or in their 20's and their body is screaming for a child but mine hasn't said a word at all, and I am happy for it.

And I think it fist perfect.
Even my Hubby doesn't want kids and neither do I.
I don't mind other peoples kid, to some extend, but I can NOT see myself as a mother at all. The whole idea of being a parent for 18 years, with hardly any time for one self and my realtionship with my Hubby is greatly unappealing and I must admit I am to egoistic to let a thing such as a child come into our lifes and take alot of OUR quality time.

Sorry if I have offended any one of you, it wasn't my entention.
I don't mind people with kids, I just don't want to have any myself.

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