lørdag den 14. januar 2012

Anon, for those who are weak.

So there have been alot of drama going on the forum for Japanese streetfashion where I am and I must say it haven really been a peaceful drama.

I've recently heard that one of the mods on the website was attacked outside the forum on her tumbl and blog by a person who was, as it sounded from the flaming, from the forum also and I was choked when she told me what had been written to her. Someone was appenrtly not pleased that she tried to lock the thread where this drama was going on, just to make sure no one would end up hurting anyone, but this must haven made someone butt-hurt, because this person started flaming her, calling her all sort of horrible stuff (which I will not mention here) and let's just say it wasn't really nice the words and names the anon called her.
But what bothers me the most is that this person was an ANON.

For me anon is the choice for those who are too weak, scared and too afraid to actually man up (if you'll pardon the turn of phrase) to say what they actually mean personally to the persons face. Instead they hide behinde an anon character, knowing that not ONE single person will be able to find who they are. It's two-faced, childish and not to mention a VERY idiotic behvaior!
So I'll say that instead of using an anon to say hard and harmefull things to others, show your ugly mug and face the person you clearly have a problem with.

But all in all just try to be more conctructive if you are not please with someones actions or what they have said. Formulate yourself in mature an understandable language rather than the bitchy teenage girl tone, by calling people things such as: fat ungly bitch and so. Nothing good ever comes out of this sort of behavior. We get more from trying to be more grown up and try to sort our problems out with a civil tone. So if you, dear anon who flamed this poor girl, are reading this, think about it, instead of acting like a spoiled butt-hurt brat and face the consequence of the choice YOU have made.

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