søndag den 1. januar 2012


We can now write 2012 on our calenders and wow what a year I've had.
But the best part was new years eve, holy moly what a night.

We started preparing for the party a day or two in adavnce, just be sure eveything was okay so we didn't have to stress a whole lot on the day itself. The food was ordered from a place near by called Fandanko and they arrive with all the food at around 10 in the morning. We were told they would arrive with it between 10 and 16 so we decided to wake up at 10. I was avake when they delivered the food, but was lying in bed just snuggling with my duvet and y BF, so Ophelia had to take the order.

We had already decorated the table and the apartment, so the last things to do was to gussy and make sure the food god warmed and served. People started showing up and everything went really well. They were all dressed so nicely and the food was amazing!
We were around 9 people but had food for 10 so I had some leftover dessert for today, MWAHAH!

Everything went as it should and nobody got hurt. and wow did it get mezzy later on.
Suddenly eveything was covered in serpentines, confettie, small streamers and small silver stars all over the apartment and the table.

And when the clock struck midnight we had 5 bottles of champagne and I don't know how much alkohol on the table and in our blood. A friend of ours had gone trough the trouble of taking his X-box 360, an HD flatscreen tv and some games with him so we had something to have fun with whilst waiting for midnight.

I ust say that the firework display was beautiful. From the window in our bedroo you could see out over the city and see all the fireworks!
I went to bed at 3:30 in the morning since I was VERY tired and mr wonderful joined in a little bit later. Almost all the guests ended up sleeping at our place while zarsu and kenny (her hubby) went home.

So today, on January 1st 2012, I am just dead beaten. I am a snuggling in the sofa with my duvet, some leftover Asti, a pizza and some soda pop and I don't want to do squat!
I'll just enjoy today and prehaps go out into the town tomorrow to see how eveything is.
I know that somebody burned down on of out local groceries stores near us during the night. Bot the apothecary and pizzaria that lay close up at it got damaged by the fire.

Welcome to the year 2012 where another end of the world awaits us. You know, like last year ;D
Hope 2012 will be a kind year to all of you <3

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