søndag den 25. juli 2010

Don’t be a woman, don’t be beautiful.

Meanness is one of the things in the world I see as one of the ugliest features of human beings have. Our eternal ability to continually identify the deficiencies of other people, while we ourselves are looking at our own body as the synonym of perfection, or it is merely a precarious facade of uncertainty that is clouded by contempt and hatred towards people who are "different "?

Whatever it is one thing which many people should work to remove from their human traits. It is ugly, unattractive and decidedly destructive to a point where if provoked enough.

Many believe that we dress in different clothing style just to gain other people's attention and stand and bask ourselves in the limelight ... But what people do not know is that this is a horrible misconception on their part and that they should immediately change this mindset. We do not do it to get a kick or to have people staring at us. We do it because it is us! We love the style we wear! We do it because our styles show who we are as people, as an individual ... We do it because we feel comfortable in them.

So to believe otherwise is a sad and petty mindset that has only been created from the concept that everything that stands out from what is seen and normal is something that does not belong in our otherwise very orderly society. I have even been hailed several times for being dressed in my two clothing styles, punk and lolita, which I wear with pride and my head held high. But still I can’t help but feeling that they get to me every time, even though i cover it behind a smile of kindness towards their ignorance and stupidity.

It can be decidedly hard to be different and I know of many cases where people have been decidedly nasty against people who do not look like them. Sometimes it's even gone so far that people are hurt because people have attacked them and beaten them. I will here draw your attention to a tragedy which happened in August, 2007 where a young woman named Sophia Lancaster was kicked to death after defending her boyfriend against two young teenagers, 15 and 16 years who attacked them because Sophia and her boyfriend was Goth.

She and her boyfriend came to hospital with severe injuries but Sophia never woke from he’s coma and died 13 days after she was hospitalized. There was made a movie to celebrate her and her heroic quest to rescue her boyfriend, and what frightens me the most is that it was two teenagers who assaulted them. Where had they learned behavior from? From their parents? The media? The school? Their friends? Their friends' families? One thing is certain and that is that it is crazy that young people react so violently against people they are dressed differently.

You'll even get accosted as Lolita. I have before heard of young lolitas being called whores, freaks, disgusting and the list is long. The worst thing about it all is that people who attend this type of repugnance just pretend that nothing happened and just look like the other way because they do not wish to become a part of it, and when you ask them why the heck they didn’t say or do something, most just say "it's your own fault for going dressed like that, you are provoking!"

Provocative? How can people rightfully call laces, curls and bonnets for provocative? Is it provocative that I walk down the street with a puffy skirt, kneesocks, a T-shirt with a kitten and a bow in my hair? No, it's not! It is simply too corny and decidedly childish that it can people can be so sensitive about other people's personal style! So what if we do not want to imitate all the other pop-girls? Is it really so bad to go against the tide? To make us self stand out as an individual rather than being another sheep in the flock? No it is not! It indicates courage and a spirit to want to be something others are not! It is this type of people that make the world evolve. If we were all just similar to one and another, there will be nothing beautiful in this world. It would be gray and boring. So let's just make the world and earth more beautiful with our laces, curls and poodle bags.

Think about that every time you see a lolita you can see it as a decoration on the white wall which is the world. Each lolita, punk, kei, goth, rave, beat nick, ganguro and so on is just another addition to the beautiful mosaic that is humanity. See the colorscheme you set your foot in each day and rejoice that we are all so different as we are. See us not as a plague or as freaks, but as another human being who is just dressed differently. We are people .... Brothers and sister related in the spirit. Whether one is dressed in black or pink we are all humans and we all live on the same earth and breathe the same air. So next time you see someone who does not look like you in the clothes, don’t frown at us. Talk with us! We are so open to sharing our world with you, but it's hard if you will not let us. Just ask us serious questions and we will gladly answer.

In loveling memory of Sophie


Am I living in a box Am I living in a cardboard box

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ

We have all played with them when we were kids! And I must admit I still do even though I’m 23 years old. But hey I can't help it! It’s the kid inside me that tells me to play with them (sounds skitsophrenic) (*≧▽≦)

I don't know what it is but it’s not just me, its everybody I know who become kids again when playing with these square boxes of fun fun fun! I mean if Snake use them it MUST be cool, right? But yeah cardboard boxes are awesome, really they are! You can make anything with them if you just use your imagination! A space rocket, a castle, a house, a car, a train everything is possible! Plus they even make a nice little hideout where only you are allowed to be... until mom and dad tears it down, lol ( ´ ▽ ` ).

I remember as a kid my dad got a load of boxes home and he actually made a little one person house out of them for my sister and me to play in. With a little roof, window and door and I must admit it was the best thing I’ve played with ever (ノ´∀`*)ノ! The same goes for a jumping pillow or trampoline! Common admit it! When you go to a fair or a theme park and you see either of those two you can’t control yourself and you just HAVE to jump on it. ( ´∀`)

Don’t worry its okay. It’s almost a taboo now to act like a child sometimes when you’re a grownup. I mean, how many times haven’t you seen grownups frown at a boy, or girl, at the age omf25-30 jumping on a trampoline? Many! It’s totally okay to let your inner child out sometimes since it is our inner child that keeps us from getting over stressed and becoming boring, gray and gloomy adults with nothing in their mind but work work work work. SO don’t be afraid to show your inner child some times, embrace it. Jump on the jumping pillow if you need it and build a fort out of cardboard boxes if that is what you fancy just don’t hide or even worse, kill your inner child its part of you as you are a part of it. (´・ω・`)

© 2009 Maryam Siddiqi

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