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meme combo break!
I've "stolen" these meme's from Looney Lolita's page (sorry deary) but it's ben soooo long since I last did a meme. So here goes.

Your favorite character - Maes Hughes

Your favorite episode (2003) - DUDE! that's so mean! I can't choose ÒAÓ

Your favorite episode (Brotherhood) - *SLAP* Again with the "choose ONE thing" question?

Your favorite Edward moment - from Brotherhood or the 2003 version? Must be when he bitch out over how Mustang will react towards Edward "OOOOH Edward I didn't see you over the pile og papers" loved it XD

Your favorite Alphonse moment - When he hides the cat from Ed, poor little guy.

Your favorite Homunculus - Meh... don't really like them Õ_Õ

Your favorite song - Bratja! I almost cry everytime I hear it. Its really such a beautiful song!

Your favorite official artwork - The Concepart with all the different transmutation cirkles and a picture of Ed and Al's mum when she is "reanimated". Nasty stuff!

Your favorite fanart - Don't really watch fanart with FMA.

Your own FMA work - Alas I don't have any.

A piece of FMA merchandise - Don't own any ;(

Your favorite FMA quote:

Colonel Roy Mustang: What are you doing all of a sudden?
Lieutenant Lisa Hawkeye: You're useless in the rain, so please stay back, Colonel.

Your favorite FMA manga chapter - Haven't read the manga actually. Hardly read manga anymore. More into Anime.

The FMA character you’d like to date - None. lol

The FMA character you’d like to hate - Envy! Everybody LOOOOVES Envy!

The FMA moment that made you cry -

When Elicia (Hughes daughter) starts to ask her mum why they are burring dad, cuz’ he won't be able to do his work if they bury him. I cried to hard! I hate that part of the anime!

The FMA moment that made you laugh - That little weird panda who sounds like it has atshma XD everytime I hear it a laugh! Coolest panda EVER!

A FMA video - Never seen them.

An FMA real life moment - Never had any.

The best screencap ever - lol. Never made any XD

Your favorite FMA villian Day - don't have any.

The person who reminds you the most of Alphonse - Hmmmm.... real life? That would be my BF's dog! He has the same personality.

The person who reminds you the most of Edward - Actually... My BF says that I act like Ed when people call me short. I can't help it D:

Would you rather be an Alchemist or a Homunculi, and why? - Alchemist!

Your FMA obsession - Hmm... Listening to Bratja all the time! And dreaming that I would be an alchemist too ;3

What FMA merchandise do you wish existed? - Hmm.. god question. fully functional Roy Mustang gloves would be cool.

If you could create a FMA episode, what would it be like? - Hughes DIDN't die and Envy was never a part of FMA.

The FMA quote/scene/chapter that means the most to you - I don't have any... really.... sorry but I like FMA but not THAT much. Just an anime.

Is Roy a pedophile? - Ô____o Hopefully not!

What would you say to Arakawa if you met her? - Thank you.

Will be posting my reviwe of my trip to Prague soon :D

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