søndag den 29. januar 2012

Awesome weekend.

I have just had the most awesome weekend!
Ophelia came up to stay the whole weekend at our place since we had planned a photoshoot session both saturday and sunday. We had a ot of fun watching Ghost Hunters since non of us belives in ghosts at all, we found it all very entertaining when they tried to threaten the ghost to show it self, and made fun of the ghost sounds as being a cat who made noises somewhere.

Saturday both me and mette were to be taken pictures of by zarsu and sunday Ophelia had to take a geek lolita shoot by herself and once again Zarsu took pictures.

I'm not going to say what pictures we are talking about here, since they are for the upcoming Starlight Magazine, which (as far as i know) will be available the 5th of Feb.
I'll post a link to the magazine in here and hopefully you'll all like it :D
Until now you'll just have to wait ;D

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