mandag den 28. juni 2010

Ikea = Love!

I am indeed CrAzY about Ikea and I love it when I can visit it!
They have so many great things, for a nice cheap price, that I hardly know what to buy and what not to buy. My mom was so sweet to actually buy me a cake decorating which had some of the things I've been looking for, for a while now. Cake leveler, piping tips, two piping bags and a funny spatula used for making al kinds of need patterns in the frosting (if you don't cover the cake with fondant)
( ̄▽ ̄)
Yesterday me, Danile (my boyfriend) and his mom went to the Viking Marked in Lindholm. I've been there twice now and I never get bored! There are so many great things to look at and they have some awum music playing every now and then (^-^*)/
I brought with me 200 Danish kroner (roughly $33) to spend however me and Daniel felt like (yeah it wasn't a huge amount of cash, but I really need to save my money) and indeed they got spend. I bought Daniel a Jew Harp because he wanted one, two bags of smoked salt (Cranberry and Whisky flavor) and a cool mug which looks like a little fat, brown cauldron with a symbol on it. It was a really nice and sunny day (got hotter after noon) and there where so many people attending this event
I got a sunburn and it hurst a little, but so much that I can't sleep at night (thank Eir)
Wow I can't belive were are to move soon! I can't wait! Got butterflies flapping about in my stomach, haha
( ´∀`)

Until next time I write.
Have a great summer

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