lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

Minor update, just because I can.

I can't belive that I have a minor interview with Penny Lane on Monday where they have to find out what kind of person I am, befor they decide If they wan't to have me as an apprentice or not. I am VERY nervouse and not really sure of what I should take with me. I will, of course, take my application with me and my Portfolio but I am not sure what else I might need. I don't have any references or anything like that. Nut I REALLY hope they choose me. I've been busting my ass off for almost a year now in my quest to gain me an internship :C
So If I get it I'll be so happy that I could just scream! I've been wanting an apprentienchip at Penny Lane ever since I decided to become a pastry chef, simply becayse they making eveything from the bottom and with good quality ingredients.

Also I had to say goodbye to an RPG session I played every other satureday with my BF and some of our friends. It was Warhammer fanatsy and I have grown so found of that system, and I really like the dark, grim and gritty world it takes place in. I am sort of happy that the session has come to an end, since it has been going for some time now, over a year, and out characters were pretty highlevel, so it got harder and harder for our GM to keep throwing challenges after us. It was a great run, and I am happy to have spend many hours every other Satureday, playing with my friends :D

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