onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

A late update.

Omg... is it really... you?
IT IS! OH WOW! I thought you would have left me because I haven't updated in a while.
Sorry guys I have been so bussy you wouldn't belive it.
I have finally started on my internship at Penny Lane, and let me just tell you that it's so great but really hard. I have to go to work a 3 in the night and I work till 11 in the morning, befor going home to sleep, and wake up when my Hubby comes home. So that is pretty much what my first week has been about; Sleeping, eating, workin... nothing more than that.

Okay I was so lucky that I was given a day off Satureday, so I didn't have to worry about me not arriving at the Halloween party which a friend of me and I had arraenged. I finally arrived at Ophelias house on Friday, after I godt home from work and had the time to take a little nap. A friend og her's called Bianca also had to sleep over, since she was also going to attend the party on Satureday. So I arrived and we had lost of fun! Ophelia had aleady baked alot of cupcakes and I had also bought with me MY stuff for baking. So we decided to make a little more cake for all the guests. I ended up baking some chocolate cupcakes with green vanilla frosting, bone sprinkles and some cute pumpkin vinyl pix, and besides that, we made a Tombstone cake!
It ended up looking pretty damn awesome!
The rest of the day just passed with us girls having alot of fun, drinking some tea and trying to help Bianca getting ready for the "Hetalia" meet-up in Århus.

Satureday Bianca had to go to the meet-up, so Ophelia and I had to get ready for the party. We started out by making the last things for the party, such as the sandwiches and so, and we had yo go out and buy some prizes for the winners, since we had arranged some party games for later on. Later Gabrielle and Dinja (two of Ophelia's friends) came and helped us decorate everything for the party, but then it all changed. After we had dcorated the livingroom and the garden path, a lot of people suddenly wrote that they weren't going to attend the party after all. two of them had become sick and the rest didn't really give a proper reason as to why.
It all ended up with Ophelia getting really sad and thought it was becasue no one wanted to join in on her party and be with her.
Both me, Gab and Dinya ended up getting really angry at the people who didn't attend the party, and were SO flippant to just tell us ON THE DAY that "oh sorry, I can't attend the party anyway, LULZ!"
Porr Ophelia. I didn't want to let all the food and candy go to waste, so I ended up telling veryone that we shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste.
We ended up bringing all the food up, putting on our Halloween playlist and having a party with 5 people. And you know what? It was SO much fun!
So to those who just didn't show up without a reason, to hell with you all.

My Hubby was suppose to join the party as well, but after I got the internship a whole WEEK befor I had expected it, they train tickets we had ordered could not be used, since they were cheap train tickets, which basically means that you can NOT change the time you wan't to travel, nor can you get your money refunded. So he didn't want to buy an extra ticket and he just ended up staying home for the whole weekend, sending me to Randers to the party. I missed him but when I got some Sunday, he greated me on the trainstation with hugs, kisses and alot of sweet words <3
I was just happy to be home again :D

Okay I will sign off now, and I will try to my very best to update L.S.O tomorrow, but I may not end up doing it until the weekend, where I have some spare time.
Until next time guys, have a great time :D

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