mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Just got back!

I just got back from the interview at Penny Lane and I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a young woman who was the Master Baker in the shop. She's only 27 and besides being the Master Baker, she is also the shops only Pastry apprentice. The interview itself only took like 30 minutes, and it went very well, or so I believe it did, and I will get a phone call either today or tomorrow., where she will tell me when I'll be able to start and inform me about the minor details about how my time as an intern will be and w
hat I'll be doing, who I'll be helping and so on. The owner of the place was supposed to meet me just to get a quick look at who I was and what sort of person I was. I can't wait for her to call back and I am sitting here RIGHT NOW, jumping in my seat just waiting for the phone to ring, hahaha :)

Also the whole transportation problem has finally been solved. I get to burrow my aunties bike and my mother will buy me a helmet (safety first!) and I'll be able to burrow the bike until I get one of my own. If I get told I can start tomorrow already, I'll have
to call my mom and ask her to bring the bike out today, instead of Sunday as it was originally planned.

Oh yeah. I decided to make some last changes to my Halloween costume and I won't be going as the first doll concept I originally had planned, but I'll try and make the same Halloween costume (and make up) as I did last year. It took some time to make and it was a BITCH to get off the face again, hahah. The liquid eyeliner I used almost act like glue on the face and is actually pretty hard to get off again. It doesn't stain the skin or anything; it's just very waterproof i guess XD

Oh on a last note. Jobteam... why do I have to continue Jobt
eam when I have an internship? And not only that, they really do EVERYTHING to make sure that Jobteam is boring, and you want to do something else than sending god damn applications every day. They don't have flash installed on any of the computers! Laptops’ and stationeries’. So you can't watch anything on Youtube, you can't play games in Facebook and you CAN'T listen to any music! I didn't bring my own PC today, since I found it stupid to carry a laptop around while having a job interview, so it stayed home today, and by the Gods do I regret it!

And now for a picture. Just to show that Autmn doesn't have to be boring, cold, rainy and gloomy. Just look at the colors! I don't care if this is shopped or not, I LOVE the colors <3

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