onsdag den 12. oktober 2011

SO much stuff to look forward to!

Hi all, so a very sweet friend of mine asked me to start updating my blog more and I will try my very best to do so. I will update with the Lolita Shout Out as usual but I will also try to write a little abut me and my life in here, so you guys can sort of get a better understading of who I am as a person.

first off let my link you to the Danish Lolita Magazine "Starlight Magazine"
I know it's in Danish but don't think about that, dudes and dudettes, look at the photoshoots man! They are so awesome and beautiful <3
All and of the girls shown in the different shoots are so talented. Hope you'll take a look at it and please do post a comment on my blogging telling what you think about it :D

Okay so what should I talk about this time? hmmm. I can't really think of anything special at the moment. OH I'm going to a Halloween party the 22nd this month and I'll be gone for the whole weekend. Normally we don't celebrate Halloween in Denmark, we do have a day which reminds of Halloween called All Hallows Eve but instead of pumpkins, to make Jack 'o' Laterns, we used beets to create the same concept as the pumpkin lanters, to scare away evil ghouls. But no one ever celebrate it in these modern times.
But since the American ways are starting to grown more and more into the Danish habits we have started celebrating Halloween and Valentines day.
I love Halloween and I loved it even befor it became populair amongst the rest of the Danish people. So I can't wait to go to the party, I'll be dressed up as a creepy doll, which is very easy when you have a lolita closet, hahahahaha.

Also I am thinking of ordering the Vampire Requiem Long JSK since I LOVE that dress and I was thinking of trying to get a complete set with it, bag, headress and shoes, I don't have any trouble finding the bag and the headpiece, but the shoes is a different matter. I don't wan't to spend a whole lot of cash on brand shoes, since I'll be scared of ending up with a pair of shoes that cost me a fortune but only kept for one week or so, so I am trying to find a cheaper blolita shoe in Navy as well, and is that hard to come by? Yes it is!
I've looked at several cheap lolita websites, Bodyline, Taobao, Qutieland, nothing! They all come in this cute baby blue or sky blue color so I just have to keep in searching .____ .

Oh and a small random thing I've fallen in love with: Peach tea, wow how did I not taste this any sooner? I friggin love Peach tea. When It's vinter I normally drink alot of tea, with sweetener no sugar, because I don't wan't the extra calories since I've started on a change of habits after I disvored I as more prone to get clots in the legs, due to a gene which both my mom, me, granmother and sister has so I had to talk to dietician to put together a meal plan, and to show every secound week to get weighed. I've forced myself to drink more water (Rather than juice, soda pop and kool-aid), eat several times a day (alot of veggies and fruites) and exercise more and on that noet I've lost 7 kilos already, so I am well on may way to reach my goal of 65 kg, which is the normal weight I should have. I am so happy that I've finally gotten to finally start loosing weight and become a lot more healthier :D

Okay I don't have more to talk about, for now so I'll just sign off.
I haven't checked for miss spelled words, but I still hope you guys know what I wanted to tell you, haha :)

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Lisen sagde ...

I saw that clobba had some preorders for secret shop shoes in navy. here's the link: http://www.clobbaonline.com/index.php?p=1_28

Michelle sagde ...

Awww thank you SO much for helping me out with these :D
And thanks for the comment ^0^/