fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Lolita Shout Out #25 and Steve Jobs

Victorian Maiden has a new dress out Henrietta Blouse dress which, for me, is a dress with a lot of combination opportunities. and also, again, I love the V.M colorscheme for being earthy and feminine. Also the dress can either stayed closed of you can unbuttom the lover buttoms and end up with a whole new dress so all in all a very versitil dress.

Metamorphose has a new series on the line soon called the Maguerite Wreath Series containing three dresses (one OP and two JSK) one skirt, one pair of socks, a bonnet a headbow and ribbon hair combs. The print choise is rather odd compared to what season we are currently in and I see it more as a sort of summery print rather than Autum/Winter. I would actually have thought that Meta would have come out with prints and designs maching the season.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright has a new JSK for sale right now called Veronica Ellise which comes in an unsual color I haven't seen befor in Lolita, emerald green. It's not an ugly color at all and it works really well with the dress, but the dress itself seems... boring and all the bows is a tad to much for me. The only color that seems to pull of
f all those bows is the black version of it, but remove the bows and you have a pretty decent dress.

Alice and the Pirates has this wonderful new pochette out called very simply the AP Coffin Porchette. I adore the design and I will love to have it in my closet. yes I am a sucker for the gohitc feel to lolita, but without it being OTT gothic.

Innocent World has a couple of things within the Delf Lotta series and one of them is this skirt. I don't really like the skirt and I guess it's because it seems really short on the picture, compared to what you normally see as satdart forthe leng
th of a dress and/or skirt. And also I know that I.W makes some very plaine and down to eart designs, but this design is so simple that it actually seems boring and meh like.

As a lot of you may know Steve Jobs recently died after a long term illness due to Pancreatic Cancer and it was a huge loss for a lot of people around the world. I don't give a hoot about Apple myself since I find most Apple Products to be mere brandwhoring and therefor don't care about it. But I will however say that it sadens me to know that Mr. Jobs has died. He was the founder of somthing I hold dear in my heart, Pixar Studios, and I amd indeed sad that such a great visionary, inventor and business genius has died. I will however say that I am more that happy that he died with his family and loved ones around him.
A thing I an greatly impressed about with Jobs is that he KNEW that it was his time, so he stepped back as the leader of Apple and gave the position of CEO to someone else befor he died, so that people didn't have to deal worth it later on after his death. The world has lost a great man, dad and husband but his legeacy will live on.

R.I.P Steve Jobs.

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hedgefairy sagde ...

I just discovered your blog, it's awesome. Thank you for the shout outs, I'm not very good at keeping track of recent releases, so your feature is perfect for me.


Michelle sagde ...

Jamen jeg er da kun glad for at kunne hjælpe lidt til ^^
Prøver så vidt jeg kan på at opdatere hver anden uge. I sin tid var det hver uge, men det blev svært, fordi det var ikke alle mærker der altid havde nogle nye ting når der kun var gået en uge :)
Håber da du vender tilbage ^^