torsdag den 22. september 2011

Lolita Shout Out #24

Innocent World
has alot of stuff goin on right now, and even more on the reserve list. I won't be listing any of the items today, since there's SO many to show you. So instead I will put the link HERE so you can go watch yourself. I will, however, say that they have som really lovely autumn pieces for sale.

Angelic Pretty has a new print out called Petit Patissiere Menu.
Very adorable and I like this way better than their wonder cookie series.

Alice and the Pirates has a few new items. but the JSK caught my eye the moment I wen't into the online shop.

Qutieland (Although not a brand) is selling a few replicas like Vampire Requiem and Chained Berry Memoir. Iknow this will cause a huge scream from some lolitas, who thinks this is a horrible thing to do, and then there's a lolita like me, who doesn't really mind it. I think it's a good way for us, who can't fit these sizes to be able to have these lovely prints outself.

Bodyline is selling a new dress which sort of reminds me of the Holy Night Story JSK.

I wan't to look like this for winter, haha caroling lolita <3

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