fredag den 9. september 2011

Lolita Shout Out #23

Summer is slowely heading towards and end and winter and autumn is up next, with it's beautiful colors, cold weather and beautiful snow, a lolita must dress to match the cold months of the year.

Innocent World is now selling some really great new jackets and coats for lolitas and there is actually a jacket which can even fit a girl who doesn't have super thin waist. The jacket is called Night Bear Coat and can even be purchased in a large version which fits waist 91 cm, which makes it ideal for a lolita to wear a little thicker and wamer clothes.

Angelic Pretty has released it's cute new Wonder Story series with two kinds of jsk.

Baby the stars shine bright has nothing new on the wall besides some awesome new autumn boots which you can get i brown, red, black and even golden.

Metmorphose is also planning og releasing some awesome new coats for the upcomming winter season. 4 coats, a jacket and a hood cap will be released sooner and I can't wait to see the colors it will come in.

Vistorian maiden has a new dress and a matching jacket for it. The dress is not really my taste and the jacket could be okay without the tuds on it, but all in all it comes in some wonderful light colors.

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