onsdag den 14. september 2011

♠ Just a small update ♠

Hi guys!
So alot of stuff has happende over these last few month!
I've gotten 33 followers here on my blog, WOW! Thanks for following me guys, it means a so much for me to know some of you actually like my blog.

I've finally finally FINALLY gotten my internship as a baking student and even at the place where I wanted to be the most, Penny Lane! I got the phone call from the owner Monday last week and she asked me when I could start. I was so thrilled and said that I could, of course, start RIGHT away if they needed me. We talked a little and she said she would call me back later. I waited up til Tuursday to call her back but she wasn't present at the moment, so I had one of her co-workes write a small message from me. She didn't call back again and I was starting to get nervouse... wasn't I good enough? Did she just dump me and didn't borthered calling back? or was she prehaps to bussy?

I wated for some time and finally took a small talk with my job cunsultant about my situation. He told me he would call her, because he knew her very well, and I just waited for him to told me what he had found out. It turned out that the reason to why she didn't call me back was becasue she was bussy trying to find a new Chef baker, becasue the old one had stopped and was going to start as a baking teacher ad food college. But I finally got my date for when I can start down there and I was even told that there MIGHT be an apprenticeship in there for me as well!

But I don't have any way to get down there for now... My bike has either been stolen or thrown out since it was an old rusty and flat bike, haha. So now I have to buy a new one.
Me and Mr. Wonderful anniversary on the 10th of September!
We have been together for 7 years now and I can't imagin a life without him. He means more to me that anything else in this world. I gave him two PDF files with some RP books, which he wanted to badly, and he gave me 4 Disney Movies because I love them and I'm trying to start a Disney collection.

Other than that I've been to the Dragons RP con where I had to pose as a player and a GM for some young boys. I normally write scenarios which are level 2 (the levels indicate how tought or easy a scenario is. It's so that unexperienced players don't end up choosing a super hard scenario) and the kids normally have a great time playing on the, but this time the former Chairman of the RP club asked me to make some level 3 or 4 scenarios for the next con.
It's a HUGE honor for me to know that the experienced players what to try out my scenarios but I am so afraid that they will find the bland and boring. So for now I would much rather play on them, to get to know how they work and later on host my own.

So... this was just a minor update from me to tell you guys what's going on in my life.
Love you and take care!

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