torsdag den 25. august 2011

Lolita Shout out #22

Wow. As I said before the reason to why I choose to make these updates every other thrusday is simply because I haven't seen that much from the brnad sites. They haven't really been up to somthign lately, thus making it hard to update this site with new and exciting fashion updates.
So I decided to wait for one more week to see if just a few ripples would appear in the surface, and it did :D

Innocent World has this lovely new JSK with roseprint on it called Theresia Rose Jumperskirt. It comes Bordeaux, Chocolate and Blue. Not much to say about the dress other than it looks like every other I.W dresses.

Baby and AATP doesn't really ahve anything new on their program at the moment. Althoug they do have this cute Doll jsk called Flying Love From Juliet. I like the babydoll cut alot, but frankly I can't really wear it because I would look pregnant in it, haha :)

Metamorphose will be releasing a new dress in November based on the anime Hakuoki. I don't really like the dress and I find it really ugly to say it the least. It reminds me sort of somthing my granny would have found nice as a young woman.

Victorian Maiden has this dress for sale on their website and man do I love it! I wan't it so bad but can't fit it, oh the sorrow! The dress itself is called Jewel Ribbon Puff-sleeved set and comes it to varieties, JSK and OP and both comes in that wonderfull sort of dusty peachy color.

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