tirsdag den 2. august 2011

Vacation is over :C

I'm finally back from my 3 weeks summer vacation and I am still tired but this was greatly needed. I've been craving sleep for so long that I always ended up sleeping on the sofa when I got home every day at 15:00 because I was so tired.
But these last two weeks has been amazing!
During the first week my Hubby's childhood friend came and stayed at out place for about a weeks time, after he had just got home from a familiy vacation in Portugal, sp he was pretty jetlagged when he got here, haha, since he fell alseep on the sofa whilst watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? with me and Mr. Wonderful.

It was a great week where we had some time to show Mikkel (Mr. Wonderful's best friend) around in our little city, we even went to a place called "Universitariummet" which is sort of a small "trial "exhibition where kids could come in and learn all sorts of things. how does the human balance work, how can a ship saile on the water, what is gravity you know that sort of thing. I choose to call it a "Trial" exhibition since it's part of a showcase for what could be build and a newly cleared piece of land in our city, where our VERY small amusement park used to be. People have been thinking on what to place there and this "Universitarium" is one of the proposals from the university students here in Aalborg.

We later went on to showing him the "castle" in the middle of the city and the monastry which is build to keep sound out. You can walk straight from the chaotic city life into the monastry and all sound is silenced. It wass build as a sanctuary for sick and homeless children where they could learn latin, so if you go intothe "Schoolyeard" and look at the monastry walls you can actually see some latin words and names from back then.
We went home again and pretty much used most of the time gaming on the PSII, PSIII, Computer and Xbox 360 yes we are nerds into the bone hahahah!

He wen't home after a weeks time and me and Mr. Wonderful was left to ourselves and just spend the time enjoying each others company and just finally ahve some time to cuddle up (who doesn't love a good cuddle whilst snuggling with the man you love?) Wednesday we went to a town called Hals in Denmark with Mr. Wonderful and his mom where we ate at a Pancake house Called Rasmus Klumps Pandekagehus. Yes you heard correctly they only serve pancakes with all kinds of filling! You can choose from breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert pancakes and I will say that the Dinner/Lunch pancakes are HUUUGE! Befor you start wonderring who Rasmus is, he is a danish childrensbook character and he is a cute little bear who wears a blue beanie and red overalls with white polkadots and after we have eaten our lunch we just went on walking on the docks and around the town jutch watching people during whatever they now did, eat, talk, walk their dogs, enjoying the sun and so on. We decided to get an icecream and of course it had to be a good ol' Danish icecream, yum yum yum!! :D

Danish Icecream:
3 scoops of Icecream.
"Guf" gooy and sticky meringue with strawberry flavor.
Strawberry jam.
and a "flødebolle" dollop of italian meringue on a lit
tle round wafer covered in dark chocolate.

After that we went home and I spend most of my time with Mr. Wonderful befor I had to go back to jobteam again, started yesterday and let's just say that I don't really want to be here. We did, however, get send home yesterday, because an internet cable was tourn during a renovation somewhere in Aalborg, which ment that our net out here didn't work, and we have to use the net to find jobs and so on, so we were sent home early, YEAH!!!
Rasmus Klump^
Isn't he adorable

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