torsdag den 4. august 2011

Lolita Shout out #21

Okay guys. I guess I'll be going like this, I'll be updating L.S.O every secound Thursday simply becasue there haven't really been much to talk about, and it seems like there arn't many updates when it comes to the lolita fashion. But i belive that every other week might end up with more to talk about rather than every week.

Innocent World is actually selline alot of stuff right now in form of some few skirts, two dresses and shirts right now, and I want to show you the Acenthus Jsk and the Square Yoke A-line OP which are to lovely dresses. The jsk is very mature and is just a classic look for I.W with the simple OP design and their logo used in the brodery/print design. It's a lovely dress but not really anything speciel. It's design is simple and elegant like you see in most classic lolita dresses and to be frank, maybe a bit bland. The Jsk in the other hand is very cute in the form of that it reminds me of a little girls dress, but without it being sort of too childish, it still keeps the adult apperance to it and the colors also helps it staying more on the adult side rather than the child side. I like the loose A line dresses that, when seen in front, lookes like a loose dress but when you see it from the back you suddenly see the ribbons that can be tied into a bow, and suddenly the dress looks like an average lolita A line dress. Also the have a resevation up for some really great items. The Sailor Collar A-line OP caught my eye and I just adore it so much! In it's black version it reminds me of the classical anime interpretation of a lolita, I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but the dress looks amazing in all the colors you can choose from and again it's a loose A line.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright is out with a new set with a dress and a headbow. It's just a standart lolita look in either black or pink with the old School feel to it when you see it in black. The dress is tied behind the neck which sort of makes it great for summer,since you can wear the dress without anything under it and if it gets a little cold, you can always pull a cute bolero over your shoulders.

Alice and the Pirates also have a new dress on the line. The Operalia Bouquet Jsk in some wonderfull summer colors. And again I fell for the IvoryxBlack version of AATP's dress and I tend to do that but again the BlackxIvory versions of alot of their dresses is really beautiful. The dress have the classic AATP elements on it and I do like that it's still manages to keep a very adult and summery look to it. The print used for the JSK is amazing and I guess that is why I love their dresses. I have a flair for the more antique/mature prints and especially when ir comes to flora prints.

Angelic Pretty also has a new sweet print JSK and OP called Wonder Story Series and it is, as you can imagine, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. But then again Alice in Wonderland is a huge Linkinspirational source for lolitas all over the world, and their isn't a brand yet (of what I know) who hasn't been using Alice sooner or later in their prints. I don't really have much to say as I am not strong on the sweet lolita site, but the print is adorable.

Metmorphose has an amazing new print on the line which I would love to hav a skirt in and I hope I will! It's called the Night of Masquerade series. I especially love the short sleeved dress in navy. The dress is beautiful and it has an amazing design and not only that, the print and the color is just amazing as well. If I could fit it I would buy it along with the socks and the bonnet. I can't wait to see people post outfit wearing this print.

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