Lolita swimfashion?

onsdag den 12. maj 2010

I’ve chosen to write this post in English as I can see that I have a few people outside Denmark who are also looking into my blog now and then :)

It is nice to see that there are so many who want to read my blog, even if not always seriously in what I write.
But as many of you know I am lolita, not a full-time lolita but a lolita ... I'm proud of it and carry my clothing style with an uplifted chin and dignity.
But there is a problem. I am not the thinnest girl that you may spot on the street I must admit and I am self-conscious about my appearance. But I can always do something about through my clothing style :)
I can easily find dresses with shirring that suits me and which looks good on a chubby girl but that is not the general issue here. What bother me is that I can’t some swimwear that suites me.
I'm the type who hasn’t bathed on the beach for many years, solely because I am afraid of showing my body and afraid of what people would think. I know there are others on the beach that looks much worse than me, but am I so convinced that everybody is looking at me just because I'm not exactly a dress size 2. that usually means that I sit in shorts and t-shirt as it covers the worst of that I will not show. But I am one who wants to show that I am lolita, also wearing swimsuits but it's hard when the only reasonable bathing suits contains of; bikinis, bathing suits, sporty and famine bathing shorts with a matching top. It makes me feel sad and ugly as a lolita, simply because I can’t have the opportunity to show my body in a cute bathing suit. So I am looking for a swimsuit that is lolita but doesn’t not show my body, and is cute too.
I’ve been looking at several different candidates for me to wear but i’m not sure of it would look really stupid or really good, so I will try and post some pictures of what I’ve found and I would look you all to, sort of, be the judges. Hopefully I will end up with a cute swimming suit and still look like a Lolita :D

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