torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Lolita Shout out #18

Hi guys, wow as you can see I've been bussy trying to complete my "30 days of Lolita" which I did! WOO and I feel it like some sort of an acomplishmen. Also alot of stuff has happened in my life last month. I've moved from Gardening Service to Jobteam, which is a team that is going to give my some "tools" to be able to hopefully find an internship. I've finally pulled myself together and been to the doctor to get some blod samples taken and some cell tissue. It's a offer that "Kræftens Bekæmpelse" (an orginazation that tries to focus on collecting money for battle against cacer and sharing information about it) where you as a youn woman can come in an get a free chance to see if you got cervical. They take a small cel sample from you uterus and see if there's any change i the cells. Itøs really nice they offer it to youn women so that if there IS some changes they can start treatment, og keep an eye out for it, at a early stage. I was also suppose to get some blood samples taken, and let me just say that I have a terrible fear of needles. Not the whole idea of getting medici shot into y body or blood taken from it, but the whole thought of the needel inside my arm just freaks me out. And I've been afraid of needles ever since I was very small which is werid cindering I've been to hospitals and doctors almost every damn week. I've always been a very weak kid, not in the pshycological sense but in the physical sense. I am from natures side born with an incomplete immunesystem which makes me prone to getting sick faster and I have a harder time getting over it again. But being used to getting samples from every time I was at the doctors place just have done annything for my fear agains needles, it stills thrives this day... But today was a HUGE personal conquest for me. For the first time in 24 years I wasn't afraid of getting pricked by a needle. It was a lot less painful as I remember it and I didn't eve contord once. Some of you may think that this is just me being a whiny little girl, but for m this was truely somthing big. But I'm done with the test and the answers will soon be send to me so I can see what they said. The blood samples was to see if I had less D-vitamin in my blood, to see if I were more prone to get thrombosis and to see if I had some Cholesterol in my blood. And to those of you who remeber me talking about my mom, she is felling way better now that ever. It seems like this operation actually helped her but she is still a little sceptical about the whole ordeal. I just hope that everything will turn out better this time. And today I will be updatig L.S.O, the reason to why I haven't be doing it lately is mostley because of the challenge, but also because I haven't really been able to find anything new in the lolita fashion world. But do not frown little ones, for I have found some nice new stuff for you all!

Metamorphose has released a new cute print! Yes I know this is sort of old news, but I still felt like sharring this with you. It's called fairy Tale Series. I've grown a certain fancy to the Fairy LinkLinkTale Lace-up pinafore dress and actually both in balck AND white. The collection comes in three colors only. Lavender, off-white and black and the Lavender is sort of a darker lavender that what I usually see in lolita fashion.

Baby The Star Shine Bright is starting their cute summer collection with a lot of cute and very simple dresses. It's a good design they carry during the summer months since most lolita dresses are way to hot to wear. They seem to make their dresses less "flashy" and with fabrics that are ment to be worn during summer moths, without feeling you are wearing a lacy sauna. Amongst the dresses I would say that the Gingham Rumine JSK is a wonderfull summer dress and it can even be used for coutry lolita as well.

Innocent World hasen't been good at updatig their collection lately, and as I've said befor it's almost like they are in a sort of hiatus periode. They don't produce as much prints or designs as they used to and theyr dresses haven't really had the WOW-factor as their previous collections. I will draw my focus to one dress, the angel tired onpiece. Again this is old news or the dresses just get sold really quick because a lot of the things I see on their website tend to get sold withing a flash. But this dress is rather cute. It's subtle an yet it has a print that isn't overwhealming for the dress in general. The print is nice but prehaps a little boring compared to what we KNOW I.W is able to produce. Also I.W is selling some really great Lucky Packs. I love I.W's lucky packs since you tend to get a lot of stuff for your money. Alone their lucy pack B (which is the cheapest) contains way more than any other brand would fill their cheapest L.P's with. Take a look at them and If any of you order any of the pack please contact me I'm dying to know what they contain.

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