mandag den 20. juni 2011

Original Vs Replica

Isn't it funny how you sometimes as a kid felt REALLY special if you got a new toy, clothing or bike that nobody else had, and suddenly everyone were gathered around you in a circle in admiration, awe and at some point jealousy. Yes, we have all experienced that feeling and it was a pretty darn good feeling as a kid. But when you are a kid you don't really have focus on anyone other than yourself and I find it sad that this feeling seems to apply to some lolitas. I must admit I felt angry and disgusted over some lolitas who only buy certain rare prints just to be unique, special, one of a kind and the centre of everyone’s jealousy.

What I am talking about is how some lolita feel but-hurt over that their special rare print suddenly isn't special anymore, because someone casual "dared" to make a replica of a brand print. I'm talking about a link to a thread on EGL where one was thinking of making a Vampire Requiem replica and some of the girls couldn't stand the thought of it. Not because it would take money from the brand companies (yeah as IF) but because their special super-awesome-rare print would lose its WOW effect in the rest of the community. Maybe it's just me but I find that VERY childish and egocentric to actually have such a thought.

The dress is not suppose to be your ego boost that feast upon others admiration and frankly the dress is NOT suppose to be a way for you to crawl up the invisible lolita hierarchy. The dress is supposed to be special to you and if it loses its special something because a replica is made, then I honestly don't think you deserve it. The dress is suppose to be something YOU like, a dress you think is special not giving a hoot of what other people think. Aren’t we suppose to choose the lolita clothing we like based on the fact that we like the print and design above the possible credit we get for its rareness?

Also, why is it okay for some GL's that DOM makes sweet prints but as soon as they turn their gaze upon a Gothic print the GL's suddenly starts screaming in terror of the possible replicas of their favourite genre? Come on girls! Get into the wonderful world of lolita and be a little more open-minded when it comes to replicas. For some of us, like me, a replica is a wonderful way to gain a print I love and a dress i can fit, and not just sit in front of my computer screen, sighing because I can’t fit the brand. Give it a chance and live with it, for some of us this MIGHT be the only way we'll ever be able to fit into some dresses and on a last note...
Shouldn't it be the design and not the name that mattered?
What's your view on Replicas vs. Original?

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