torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Lolita Shout Out #19

You can really feel that summer ins in the air now. Alot of the lolita brands as we know are starting to put out alot of floral prints, summer cuts in their clothig and sailor themed dresses.

Victorian maiden has two new dresses on the line right now that can both be used as a classic dress, and as cute sailor dresses. The classical marine puff-sleeve dress and classic marine tuck dress are both dresses that can be used fore MORE than just sailor. Bot have the trade of looking like any other sailor lolita dress, but if you coordinate them with the rigth type of accesories the you'll be able to really create many different types of outfits.

Bodyline is usually sort of a 50/50 chance to buy from. You never know if you'll get a really good looking piece of clothing with a fairly decent choise of fabric, or somthing that is horribly made and with fabrics that is mostly Ita lolta worthy. But you can at times be really lucky and prehaps get a dress like this one. The dress itself is really cute and I like that you are able to get it in a rather broad color selection. I will, however, say that the lacing in front looks weird. It almost looks like it has sort of a small bolero over it. Im not the least bit in doubt with that is you buy the dress and ad or remove some detailes from it you could actually end up with a decent sweet or gothic dress.

Alice and the Pirates have some really neta stuff on the website this time, or for me the always do haha. This time I will focus one a pair of shoes they are selling, the Sylphide shoes which Linkcomes in black, red, white brown and blue. I have a love for AATP's shoes since they are so Linkdiffenrent in the good kind of way than most lolita stores. I love how they are somewhat cure yet very grownup and regal.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright have this very different new dress called Ma Cherie jumper skirt which, compared to may other things seen at baby is in my eyes.... very simple. Almost too simple for baby's and by that I don't mean it's horrible og not worth the brand name (since brand it's norhing more than a name) but just that it seems weird to see a dress this simple comming from Baby.

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