torsdag den 24. november 2011

Oh hey everybody!

Okay I guess it's tome for a minor update, just to let you all know what have been happening lately. Okay so I finished my job training yesterday, but they decided they didn't need me at all. it was something with the ability to talk to the others at work, and it was sort of hard to talk to one, who just didn't seem to like me at all. I tried to small talk to her, just to loosen up the tenxion between us, but she just kept replying with short sentences.

I also asked her if we could talk, since I thought both her and I were miss communication with eahc other and I wanted to get it out of the world and prehaps move towards a better co-worker realtionship with her. She just told me to remind her of it, since her memory wasn't that good. Okay I though and mentioned it after a while, so she would remember it. She just told me that she didn't have the time that day... okay, fair ebough, we are usually tired when we get home, and most of us sleep. But time wen't on and I started to really get the hang on things. How to knead the dough, how to measure and so on. So yesterday my boss told me to follow her, we had to talk to my job counselor, who was there to check up on me.

My boss told me that everything had been going well, but they thought, after two weeks, that I would never learn anything, but after three weeks, everything changed. I started catching up on stuff, but I didn't really communicate that good with one of the girls, the girl who had me under her wings, while my boss was off to the pastry school. She told me that THAT was the main reason ty why I couldn't get the "job" but I was indeed a sweet girl, whe was eager to learn and who was really motivated. I was sad to get told that I didn't get the "Job". But the worst part was that I started crying infrom of her and my
job counselor, and I don't know why?
I did get angry, however, when my boss told me (or at least that was how I heard it, so I can be horribly wrong) that the girl, who took are of me when she was away, had tried to AWAOID the conversation with me intentionally! I didn't get the "job" because I didn't really have any good communication with the other girls, and when I try to reach out to the one who didn't seem to like me, she avoided it? No WONDER I couldn't talk to her.

I was allowed to finish my jobtraining a week before time, and my boss told me if I wanted to go home now, after the convercation, or If I wanted to stay the week out. I told her straight out that I wanted to finish what I had started that day, and just gome home to collect myself and talk to my Hubby about this whole ordeal. She was impressed that I said that I wanted to finish what I ahd started, because that was a good
attitude to have in life.
She told me that she would gladely write a nice
recommendation for me to show to ther places I might try out, and that she would try and remember some of the places she knew I would fit in better. I was so happy, my boss has been SO sweet to me and she has really taught me alot. Penny Lane was a good place to be and I would LOVE to have stayed there, but if I can't communicate with the other girl, there is and never will be room for me.

I am not angry with any of this, not at all. I am happy and
relieved and now I am just looking forward to a little down time where I can collect my thoughts and find a new place where I might become a baking student.

I've been looking forward to friday and sautureday. Friday some friends of mine will be visiting us and then one of them will take me out on a small café, to celebrate my birthday, which is on satureday btw. And yes as mentioned befor I will be turning 25 this satureday. wow...25! I don't know it just seems like such a big deal! I can't wait for it.
I won't be having the huge birthday party as I first had planned, can't afford it, but I will be having a small and comfy birthday together with my family and my Hubby :)
And Also it's christmas soon! ZEOMG! I love Christmas!
I have some new decorations I can't wait to put up, and I will be a secret santa for a random lolita from ^^

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