torsdag den 3. marts 2011

Lolita shout out #7

There are many different genres in the lolita world and I myself find EGL, GL, Classic and country very interesting and genres I would love to wear some more, but there is one genre there seems to get forgotten a lot of times. I’m talking about sailor Lolita, yes indeed. The cute yet classic cross between cute Lolita and a adorable Victorian sailor uniform, combined into a style that I think a lot of people seem to forget. It is quite sad really to think of that this is one of the styles that aren’t practiced as much in Denmark as it could have been. I don’t know why people tend to “forget” since this is also a Lolita style and a very cute one that is self written for the summer period. And that is why I am thrilled to see that Metamorphose is releasing a new adorable sailor collection this month! It will contain of a set with a skirt and a sort, and two dresses, I would guess a JSK and a OP for this and I will admit that I have fallen madly in love with these. I do like sailor and indeed I wish there were more girls out there who would actually get a little deeper into this sweet genre. I’m thinking of getting one, maybe two of the sets myself, a copy alas since the dresses are 4 cm too small around the waist. But they’ll prove great during summer time when walking along the beach, or one a picnic. But I also believe that this is why sailor is somewhat left in the background here in Denmark. It’s a very cold country and sailor doesn’t really fin into the winter category like other Lolita genre does, which is sad indeed. But I guess it also has something to do with sailor being very single-minded in its design, since most of it can’t really be used in other genres without screaming to the heavens of being sailor. The new sailor items consist of: Sailor pinafore dress, Sailor short sleeve dress, sailor hem tuck skirt, sailor 3 layered skirt, sailor short sleeve blouse, sailor Alice band, sailor beret and sailor hat.

I will say that I don’t fancy the color combination seen in the coordination sample or the short sleeve dress. I and much more traditional when it comes to Lolita and would say black, white or navy. I don’t really like the redXblack combination and I believe it will become intolerable to wear during summer. So I would go for the white and navy colored instead. Also the short sleeve is cure but it reminds me a little too much of the 1950 with the little belt and so. But I will say that the Pinafore dress is just wonderful. Not only can you get an entire sailor dress, but you are also able to remove several parts, giving you the opportunity to actually create several new looks for your dress. So you can end up with a sailor dress one day and a very cute classic the other. And I do love multitasking dresses which is why I prefer JSK’s over OP’s

The headdresses are adorable too although the Alice band is perhaps a little too big to my taste. It is a head eating bow like you see many sweet lolitas wear. I don’t mind big bows, not at all but combined with the sailor dress it gives it a little too much association with a Victorian age child’s clothing that a cute Lolita, but then again, that is just my opinion. The beret and hat on the other hand is very cute, and of course the beret is self written for the sailor dresses. Also I have a weakness for berets, haha. The skirts and shirt also makes a very cute sailor options and the skirts can also be worn in other coordination’s than just sailor.

But that is what I like about Meta, they seem to be all over the field when it comes to genres. They seem to actually practice in different kinds so that you a lot to choose from, but they do have a thin red line in their collection of clothing which is that they keep it over on the cute side.

Talking about new stuff Innocent World have plans on releasing some very nice summer clothing, and yes I know, I do talk a lot about I.W but after all they are my favorite brand of all times. But the dress I in particular grew attached to is this:

The Luna striped halter jumperskirt. I just love it! There is something really classic and lady like over it, and I can’t help but thinking “a little French?” to. It’s a very different dress compared to what you normally see from I.W but I don’t mind since it gives us a nice surplice. Almost everyone I’ve shown this dress has fallen in love with it, and I can easily see it being used during summer time, with perhaps a cute straw hat? And again I can’t help but thinking 1950’s when I see this, but that’s more because of the A line cut and how the buttons are placed on the bosom area. The milky teaxChocolate is by fare my favorite color choice although the mintxgreen gives it a nice summer feel to it. All in all this dress screams to the sky of being used in the summer dourly because of the torso cut. It is a JSK so you can use a shirt under it, but I guess that bear arms would also work if you had a cute bolero to go with it.

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