søndag den 13. marts 2011

Help if you can, they need it

I was choked when I heard the news about Japan getting hit by an earthquake that measured 9,0 on the Richter scale, and I will just say that the most powerful earthquake to ever hit earth (in mans time) was measured to be 9,5! WOW! That’s really creepy. I fell so sorry for the people in Japan and I do hope that everything will turn out okay, we have a Danish Lolita down there, she is okay and wrote to us on the Danish J-fashion board just to us she was okay. But I really feel sorry for Japan, not only did this earthquake hit Japan it also triggered a massive Tsunami! Several other islands and coast around Japan and the ocean it lies in where also warned of a possible Tsunami. I must say we have it really good here in Denmark, we don’t have tornados, volcanoes, earthquakes or anything like that. The worst thing we can experience here is perhaps a hurricane, but it’s a rare thing to see and nothing besides that ever happens here. We have some very dull weather and things like that.

But I do pray and hope that Japan will be okay and that the amount of bodies isn’t as high as one might fear it could end up being. I pray for those of you who have peopled you love and know down there to be safe. If you can support and help Japan as good as you can. This is a scary thing and it will always happen, but we learn and the casualties becomes fewer and fewer every time.

Borrowed from Victoria Suzanne's blog

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