torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Lolita shout out #8

If there is one thing I have realized it’s that I need more shirts and skirts. I have around 4-5 skirts but only use two of them since I would say that the last 2-3 of them was clearly a wrong purchase and I have 3 shirts, one is way ti small, the other has vanished and the third is just perfect. So yeah as you can read from this I am horrible at shopping for Lolita. But speaking of shirts I can’t seem to find those who really screams “BUY ME!” since I think most shirts tend to look a lot like each other and I do believe it comes from the fact that it’s hard to really create something new and “out there” when it comes to shirt

s. I have managed to find some that was just right for me. I can spend hours browsing Qutie land’s shirt section or any brand side and actually think “meh” to a lot of the shirts simply because they all seem to be a clone of the next one.

Prince Conrad Blouse

Take for instances Aatp new shirt, Prince Conrad. Sure I know that the tie area I different that many other shirts, and they have a vast array of colors to choose form, but I still can’t stop thinking that I’ve seen it all before. I have a shirt at have that has the same kind of frill design down the torso and that makes me think, that the only real NEW thing about this shirt is its bowtie. Sure it’s cute but it’s not really anything new. Although I do like the fact that it’s available in so many colors so that both cute, pirate, classic and goth can use it. And yeah I can’t help it but I do like a high neck on shirts.

Jackets and boleros are also a thing that I’m not really good at remembering to purchase since they are really handy for summer and spring, if it happens to get a little chilly. I do have ONE bolero but again it was a wrong purchase since it hardly fit my large arms and the straps to tie the bow with quickly fell off. But I did manage to look into a rather awesome jacket that I’ll defiantly add to my “wish list” Aatp’s Regimental Orchestra Jacket which comes in either blue or red. When I first say the jacket I thought sprechstallmeister and marching band when I saw it and I must say that the red one has a nice look to it, the blue seems to be way to prominent for a Lolita outfit but the design of the jacket is wonderful. The red one is my face since it just seems more down to earth and it has a nice sophisticated touch to it. I could easily see this as a part of both the Lolita and kodona. And by the way isn’t the little emblem just beautiful?

Regimental Orchestra Jacket (Red)

Also Aatp has released this beautiful chest called treasure box bag II. I must say I fell in love with this little bugger as soon as I lay my eye upon it. I do have a weakness for little box bags an suitcases as a traditional accessory for the classic Lolita, but also because it gives the classic Lolita genre a certain fell of being a very social girl. I do like the box bag but I can’t help ut being a little afraid that it might break open it one was to carry to much stuff in it. I mean I normally carry my purse, cell phone, sunglasses, make-up, water and deodorant in my bags when I’m out in meet-ups, so I might be a little unsure it this would hold it all, I have a lot of make-up so you know, haha. But if you don’t want to use it as a bag it will defiantly work well as a beautiful decoration item or jewel bow in your room. The bag has a really pleasant design and when you look at it your inner curious child comes up, and it wants’ to open the box and see what Lolita treasures hides within its black outer.

treasure box bag II (black)

And while I’m in on the subject of decorating a room! This website is way to awesome and It can fully decorate a Lolita room to her specific needs. The sad thing about it is I haven’t managed to find any shopping service for it yet and I so want to order something from it. If any of you guys know someone out there who offers or has a shopping service for this page, do tell.

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