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Lolita shout out #9 and 30 days of anime, day 5

Day 5 - Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
- wow.. this is hard. I was told by my hubby that I remind him alot about Hitomi Kanzaki from The Vision of Escaflowne haha :)
I don't know why, actually? I would say that if there's a anime female character out there, who likes sweets and cakes, lolita, and is a nerd then that would be me, haha ^^

Lately I’ve started looking more and more at Mary Magdalene and I’ve started to sort of enjoy their unique and wonderfully classic design when it comes to lolita. They have a style like none of the other Lolita brands (well perhaps Victorian maiden) and Mary Magdalene really seems to actually try to get their inspiration from the Victorian age. I like that they focus a lot about their floral prints but they also have some really nice solid color dresses it that is more to you likening. I do love floral print but I have a hard time finding something that is really “something” with floral but M.M actually did make quite a lot of clothing that suites my floral print needs just fine. This dress was one I found on their webpage and I must say I adore it.

It is beautiful no doubt about it but it seems really big. I could be that the dress just looks bigger on an Asian girl that a western girl, but the dress looks somewhat clumsy and huge. Although I will say that the shade of green they used is not very common in classic Lolita (mostly its beige, brown, grey, navy blue etc) but this green works amazingly well with the dress and the Lolita genre. It’s not an overpowering green but more… dusty looking which still gives it a earthy feel to it like most colors in classic has. I know it’s not easy to see in this picture but it has a very cute lace op around the bust area and when I look at the dress I get somewhat of a summery felling when looking at it. It’s like this could really go well for almost every season there is, and it’s a JSK so it’s just a matter of using a shirt underneath it when its winter, and maybe a cute cutsew or bar arms when summer? The dress itself is very elegant and not overly decorated like some classic dresses I have seen, it’s like the floral pattern it itself is enough to make the dress look decorative but without being vulgar.

Another dress is this.

It’s also a M.M dress and I must say I sort of have a so-so relationship to it. It’s a beautiful enough dress, but I’ve never really enjoyed the button-row-from-bosom-to-rim look since I think it can make even the pretties dress look grandma-ish. And I don’t really care for the belt either. Sure the dress is nice but those two elements that bother my eyes, and I have a feeling that you can’t remove any of them without ruining the wholeness of the dress. On the other had the dress comes in some beautiful colors and it’s and under bust, plus it’s not over dangly and it’s bottom lace is just beautiful so I guess that If you can live with the buttons and the belt, it’s really a nice dress but I’m such a detail whore that I just can’t handle it. I’ve always had a bad memory when it comes to long button rows, for me it looks great on a jacket and that’s it. I don’t like it on a blouse and defiantly NOT on a dress. I do however love all the colors. All of them are colors I would buy this dress is and I specifically like the purple and brow-ish colors.

But from MM to Baby, yes Baby. No there is no Innocent World this time, haha. They have finally released the long expected Vampire Requiem OP in a limited edition. This print was so popular that baby decided to re-release it again and it was a good choice, like the last time is was on sale it got pretty much ripped down from the shelves and quickly got “sold out” and who can blame people? It’s an amazing print and it now comes in three colors, Vine red, Dark blue and Black. The OP itself is a typical Baby dress. Cute laces and adorable prints. I didn’t really care so much for the blue and red version of it, though the shade of red they used is really beautiful. Instead I chose the black version since it has more of a wholeness to it. I didn’t like they used black rose laces (as in the torso part) on a vine red base color, but in the black version it really fit’s the dress well. I don’t know it they are detachable butt I will say that I could live without the little bows and pearl strings on the skirt section, it’s like the somehow don’t fit in. As far as I know the sleeves can be taken of so that you can choose from either a long sleeved dress or a short sleeved dress.

And here’s another Baby dress. A tartan JSK which comes in a vast array of colors, and I was pretty choked when I saw this since most of babys dresses comes in 3 colors’ MAX but this one comes I a whooping FIVE color choices, Oh my Baby! So bold of you! The dress is adorably cute, like most of baby’s dresses and It seems to be one that could fit a plus size Lolita, although I’m not sure. It DOES have almost full shirring (besides the bow area at the bosom part) but still this could be misleading. If it was a dress that could fit a bigger girl I might actually look into getting this particular dress. It would be great for the summer period and it’s a JSK so I’ll be able to use a shirt underneath it if I wanted to. The tartan print is classic for Baby and who can blame them? Tartan is just one of those patterns that never grow old plus it can be used in pretty much any season possible, the red tartan for Christmas and the pink for summer. For baby this is really old school it’s not overly loaded with frills and such and the tartan print in itself provides a god array of decoration in itself. The minimum usage of laces and bows really flatters the dress and I have a hard time spotting any hit and miss dresses and baby unlike Meta.

But guys, do you have any summer Lolita clothing you wish for, and what will you be doing this summer?

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