torsdag den 24. marts 2011

"Daddy I want THAT dress!!"

As a child I remember my parents not being super rich nor poor (it’s hard to be REALLY poor in Denmark) but it wasn’t like we could get new really fancy clothes whenever we wanted, and the most of the toys we got where cheap toys. But you know what? I loved it. I didn’t really asked for anything fancy or brand like a girl on our street did. She was also a child with two siblings (like me) and she was the youngest so of course she was spoiled skinless by her parents. I remember her having all the spice girls Barbie dolls, which were very popular in the 90’s, and some brand toys and she always bragged about how her parents got her this and that and I remember not caring at all about that. We were a simple and humble family, we got presents for Christmas and on our birthdays and we never really felt like we missed something. When I look back I see my childhood as being safe and full of richness in form of loving parents, good friends and a good education so I get angry when I see spoiled kids now.

But it’s not only kids I refer to her, but lolitas as well. I talked to one of my fellow lolitas the other day and I told her about A girls blog I came across, where she regularly post about her new brands she buys. It’s pretty often she does it and I kept on thinking to myself, where the hell did she get THAT kind of money from? Most of it is second hand, but that’s still pretty expensive so I asked her about this girl. She told me that she gets all he clothing and so on paid by her dad. WHAT? How spoiled can this girl be? Does she even KNOW the value of money? But the first thing that came to me was “how will she ever learn how to survive when she moves out to live alone?” my friend just said coldly “well her dad will properly still continue to pay for her lifestyle I guess” and I was choked. Okay so I got a different outlook on money. I came from a family where we really servile our budget to make sure we always had some cash for emergencies, so we were thought that money is something to be spend wisely and not throw out like that.

Nellie Olsen

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind parents getting their kids some nice Lolita stuff, if they have the money for it, as a present for their birthdays or Christmas. But every time the kid opens his/hers mouth? No way! That is just being spoiled and that is NOT okay. Maybe it’s because I get this mental image of the parents being bullied into buying the clothes, by their kids… sort of like Nellie Olsen form “The little house on the prairie”.

Isn’t it far more nice to get your dream clothing as a present for you birthday and Christmas, knowing your parents gave it to you, because they saved money for it? Or by getting a job and saving every penny for “that” dress. I had a little job as a waiter at a bar to earn come cash for a beautiful A.P dress. It was second hand but when I had the money and got the dress shipped to my home I was over happily. I never felt so glad of being able to save up to something this nice and I can’t help but being a little angry over that girls who get everything they want might just end up not being able to enjoy the feeling of getting something you’ve wanted for SO long, if you just get everything by asking for your parents credit card. I mean can’t you remember the FIRST time you actually earned enough to get that first dream dress you had? And that over ecstatic feeling of happiness when the packed arrived? I was like THIS was far better that Christmas and your birthday merged together. That feeling is just priceless and you actually end up feeling you deserved it, after hours and hours of working and so.

I hope you all understand my…rather confusing and very badly written blog entry this time, I just feel like I needed to let a little steam out over those spoiled lolis out there, and I hope you don’t envy them. Trust me, earning your reward is far better than just getting it for doing nothing. SO what If you don’t get a new dress every week? Good things comes to those who are patient and if you patiently save up for your dream clothing you’ll get a much betting feeling of getting your new dress, skirt, acc whatever :D

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