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Lolita shout out #5 and #6

Hi guys. As said before I am ever so sorry for not being able to make and update last Thursday as I was lying in bed with the flue and a pretty high fever. SO I just couldn’t deal with making my weekly update, so to make up for my lack of update I’ll be posting a doubled Lolita shout out this time. I fell really bad not being able to keep my promise with the weekly update but the cold weather here in Denmark sort of keeps on making me sick with either a cold or the flue. We’ve gotten more snow here even though it was begging to look like we were finally going to get rid of it, and maybe see some grassy areas and spring flowers… but alas. But to talk about something else, what is new on the Lolita market?

Well Btssb just posted a small list of items that’ll be appearing on their web store soon. And one of the things I noticed was this gingham dress. It’s very simple and I can’t help but feel that it’s very old school compared to what Btssb normally show us. It’s not meant as a bad thing but more as “comeback” perhaps of the good old “old school” Lolita where everything seem less complicated and OTT. When I think of Btssb I don’t see this kind of dress before me, but it’s begging to look a lot like they are starting to go back to their basic roots when it comes to the design of their clothes and in my opinion it’s great. I don’t it! We really need more down toned lolis because simple can also be as very elegant and beautiful as any OTT. And I believe that it’s because classic is starting to look like it’s going to become the new “OTT sweet” in the Lolita fashion world. Sweet is still there but I just keep seeing more and more pictures on tumbler and Daily_lolita if girls dress in classic.

Tartancheck scaloop hem jumper skirt (Beige)

And when we look at the classic section of the Lolita world (which is the one that I know most of) Victorian maiden are right now reserving this lovely collection of dresses, skirts, and accessories. And when I look at it I can’t help but see this as a very girly classic or a very adorable country Lolita, with her little basket, braided hair in the middle of a field filled with flowers. Again a very simple dress if you don’t look at the pattern of the fabric. The entire cut is so simple and still holds somewhat of a cute edge to it but it’s very subtle. The OP itself is really beautiful and you get many choices from this particular line and I would suggest you looked into it for a chance to get one of the different things they offer.

Rococo Bouquet Yoke Dress (Pink)

And another brand which I love for its somewhat simple designs is Juliett et Justine. I recently looked at their web store again, after a long break from it, and found this lovely dress. It really reminds me of a young French school student and the cut is to die for. I really love simple clothing and dresses so this has been added to my list over dresses I wish to own. Not only is the fabric gorgeous but the code of arms patch is really well made and just stunning. I love that it’s not overly loads with frills, bows or anything sweet or classic elements, it really looks like a genuine school girl uniform and I do have a weakness for that.

La Crête d'aristocrate (red)

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