torsdag den 3. februar 2011

Lolita shout out #4

Tired of feeling like a lolita who can’t find anything that fits you because you’re a plus size lolita? Well frown no more girls! There is still light at the end of the tunnel, even though it sometimes might seem like there isn’t, and it’s all thanks to maxicimam. They started a new collection of Lolita clothes for bigger girls called “lovely size”. I find the name very cute and less insulting as for an example the common usage of the phrase “plus size”. Suddenly one doesn’t feel like a pilgrim in an unholy land of thin girls because now we can also join in on the frilly butt party. I will say that many of maxicimam’s stuff is perhaps a little too OTT sweet for me as I wear EGL and Classic. But if you are a sweet Lolita its way easier for you to be able to find something that has shirring in it compared to Classic, gothic and EGL which is more focused on a cleaner design and cut. But If we have to look at sweet dresses I found this under maxicimam’s “Lovely size” category and I must say it’s actually pretty cute. Very decent dress and not overly decorated like many sweet dresses so I would say it’s a good starter dress if your thinking about getting into Lolita, and build your wardrobe up from there. I will say that I do not recommend this dress for a girl with a big bossom as this will draw unwanted attention ip there, this would fit a girl who is a little bottom heavy where you remove focus from the bottom area up to the bossom.

In the other section there is also this jacket. The jacket itself isn’t bad. It’s very simple and not over decorated so it’s actually a jacket that can be used for many genres, just add a few bows or something else to make it fit into you specific Lolita style. Although I must say that the picture isn’t flattering the dress. It’s making It look very bulgy and it makes it look chubbier than what it might actually look like in real life. It’s a very cute jacket and I love that it’s so simple, yes I love it when things are simple, maybe that’s why I’m not a overly huge fan of OTT sweet. I would much rather have a simple looking dress than a dress filled with bows, cute prints and frills. This would fit a girl with curves good as it tries to follow the natural waistline.

So in conclusion to my entry this time, don’t frown darlings if you are a lovely size girl. There are many options for you out there; you just have to keep a good eye out for them.

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CamillaRumle sagde ...

Min veninde og jeg er ved at lave 9. klasses projekt, hvor vi skriver om Japanske tøjstile, og Lolita er en af stilene vi har valgt at beskæftige os mest med. Da vi ikke kender nogen som går med stilen, er det selvfølgelig en del sværere at skrive om, men da jeg selv er blogger, fandt jeg tilfældigvis din blog, og så du skrev om den stilart, jeg tænkte på om du ikke ville fortælle noget om hvad der er vigtigt at vide om stilen, og hvad der er vigtigst at fortælle om den, til folk som slet ikke kender til den. Vi har valgt at beskæftige os mest med gothic lolita, shiro lolita, og sweet lolita. Din blog eller dit navn, vil blive nævnt under kilder.:)
Håber du vil hjælpe.