mandag den 8. november 2010

Okay so starting today and up until day 30 I'll be completing this 30 day blog challenge just to have somthing to write about. I've been so damn slow lately in updating my blog, haha XD

Day 1, A picture of you recently and 5 random fact about you.
1 I HATE needles! I really want to get a tatoo, but I'm too scared of needles to get one XD
2 I draw yiff, yes I do and damn proud of it :D
3 I pretty much take a nap every day and I still manage to sleep at night.
4 Still have all my plushies from when I was a kid.
5 Was terrified of thunder when I was a child. I would get so scared that I would throw up and become sick from it. And funny enough I'm not scared anymore :)

And now the picture of me.
Be prepared for utter uglyness XDDD
The horror!!!! *dies*

Tomorrow I'll blog about blog my opinion about my blogname. uuuuh!

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