onsdag den 17. november 2010

Back again!

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ タダイマァ

So I'm finally back from J-popcon. It was simply the best weekend in a long time but it was only because I had to see many good friends and enjoy myself with everyone I know. We arrived Friday at 17:23 at Copenhagen train station and went directly to the convention, where we met with our friends and looked around to get an idea of where everything was located. I was a participant at the J-fashion fashion show this year so I needed to know where I had to meet with the rest of the girls, to get all dressed up and ready. I was so nervous because I've never tried being model before. It was quite an experience and we ended up with 32 models who showed their finest lolita clothes (we had EGL, Gothic, Sweet, bitter/sweet and even two gangster lolis) clothes. The hall that could hold up to 1000 people was almost completely filled up! O(≧∇≦)O

But the j-pop organizer messed up. They had forgotten to put up something that could conceal us so that people could not see our outfits. So we had to sit in a circle and a try to disrupt the view, so the audience couldn’t see us until we had to enter the stage. I was number 3 in the line and it was not as bad as I had predicted it to be. The spotlight shaded the audience out, and it eased my nervousness. It went smoothly and we got much applause for our fashion show. But poor Sascha was so stressed out because organizers couldn’t manage a damn thing. They hadn’t fixed the sound, light, stage or anything so Sascha had to manage pretty much everything herself, but it doesn’t surprise me. You can always count on something to go wrong every year during J-popcon.

But when the show was over we walked around and enjoyed ourselves. I had invited a friend with us to J-pop so we could enjoy ourselves and have a great time together. She had had a disastrous J-pop last year where one of her "friends" had left her in Copenhagen in order to catch an earlier train without telling her about it, so I really tried to make this a great experience for her sp that she would want to attend j-pop again. As we were getting pretty tired and hungry, we went out to look for something to eat and our hotel. Unfortunately we had to eat McDonald's burgers that night (yuck!) because everything else was closed, but our hotel was thankfully only a 5 minutes walk from where convention was but it was located on a street called Cohlbjørnsesn gade and near Istegade, these are streets where there are a lot of drug dealers, drug users and prostitutes so I was a little uncertain about it all. But thanks to my hubby and my good friend I felt safe. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

On Saturday I jumped into my Kaito cosplay. I must say (seriously im not trying to be a pompous bitch here) but my Kaito cosplay was clearly the best there was during the entire convention. I had the shoes and dyed my eyebrows blue and even blue fingernails, but lacked, however, to get a hold of his headset. There were many super nice cosplays to look at and some of them were also quite…ehmm fail since they used shiny fabric to make their cosplays and such, it is a shame when they do it because it makes their costumes look cheap and unprofessional. Use shiny fabric when the cosplay CALLS for it! But it was also during Saturday that there was a cosplay show. I didn’t attend it either as participant or as part of de audience since I think cosplay shows are boring an. But this year it was totally weird! There were so many who were doing .... uh interpretive dances which I couldn’t quite understand, what the hell was THAT about? All the acts where so boring that I and a friend of mine could hardly sit through the last couple of acts. The cosplays where great, don’t get me wrong, but the show was a drag. Me and my friend went into the dealer room to have a look at what they were selling this year (we exploited that people where so busy within the show) and I must say there were a lot of REALLY great stuff but the candy part was disappointing. ( ̄へ ̄)

They only sold Pocky and some chips. I love Pocky and can easily eat a couple of packages during a day but I was seriously hoping for a wider candy aspect than Pocky and chips. I hoped for some Hi-chew, Ramune and so but alas there was none. And ofcourse there was the yearly “yaoi paddleboard” seller. Yeah… You know so all the yaoi fan girls have something to play with? Fan girls who calls two boys kissing for Yaoi, lol fail much? But I got to buy some neat stuff. I bought for $125 (600 and something kr) worth of Copic Markers, three key hangers (Chopper in a bathrobe, Grell and Luka) and three new books for my “How To Draw Manga” library at home and two posters, one of Squall and Rinoa and one of Miku from Vocaloid. My hubby didn’t attend all the dealer room running since he was busy watching the Danish Championship in Street Figther (can’t remember what number it was) and the winner got the bragging rights and $550 (3000 kr) we saw a few minutes of it before heading towards the dealer room. There was also The Artist Alley which you were able to visit the whole weekend but Satureday was especially special for me. A Danish comic drawer (not hugely famous) came to sign and sell her original drawings; I myself am a huge fan of her comics (Scandinavia and the world) and I got the chance to get a drawing from here and an autograph! Plus I bought a drawing from the lovely Anna but I wasn’t able to get it before I had to go home during Sunday, so she’ll be sending the drawing to me through the mail and I am ever so excited to receive it. (*´`*) ~

Later on after the cosplay show my hubby, I and three friends went to get something to eat. It was quite let a night almost half past 11 and I was surprised to see that there was actually a pizza place (with a pizza buffet) that was open 24/7. So we went in to eat. The food was really good and after we ate we had to go back to the hotel. When we got back we were really tired so we sat down and watched some One Piece. I managed to see one episode before falling asleep, resting on my BF’s back, haha. But my friend couldn’t sleep so she stayed up until 4 in the morning. I’m one of those people who can’t stay up past 12 before falling asleep on the spot. Sunday morning we went back to the con to see what was going in, be got there 45 minutes before the dealer roomed opened because we wanted to see if there was anything on sale during the last day there were a couple of things but not much. And the entire con was really lame during Sunday since that is the day where most people go home. At 12 we went home towards Aalborg again. We arrived at 6 in the evening so we were really tired and I had to attend school the day after. But all in all It was a freaking awesome weekend and thanks to all the sweet and lovely people who supported me and talked to me the whole weekend! Hope to see you again next year (ヾ(´・ω・`) *wave*

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Zarsu sagde ...

Det er nu ikke fordi at J-Popcon "glemte" afskærmning til modellerne til modeshowet - de havde simpelthen ikke skaffet noget. Virkelig ringe af dem, men har også klaget over det <_<

Og jeg synes det er øvbøv at jeg slet ikke fik set dig i dit Kaito cosplay D: Hver gang jeg så en Kaito-cosplayer håbede jeg det var dig! Jeg vil super gerne have et photoshoot med dig i det cosplay engang, hvis du har lyst :D

Michelle sagde ...

Du er da mere end velkommen Sascha ^^
Håbede seriøst også på at se dig og Kenny, kikkede bare efter jer fordi jeg gerne ville se jer i jeres Simon/Simon cosplays 8D