fredag den 12. november 2010

Day 5

what the hell happened to day 4?
Well day 4 is about me posting a picture I took but I don't take pictures so I won't be able to post any, sorry guys.
But day 5 is about a website I use daily.
And what website/blog might that be? Well it's a Danish site and I visit it pretty much every day and several times a day and it’s all about j-fashion (Japanse street fashion) and here it is <-- link. It’s a Danish website where we Danes who are interested in the Japanese street fashions and in general the Japanese pop culture. Some may say that it’s not as good as many of those fancy sites like EGL_community but it’s really great and very informative. So if you are a dane and you would like to get into the different Japanese street fashions join the site :D

I really like the site and the admins in there are so supportive and very friendly, plus you'll also find a lot of very nice and supportive people in there.

AND! I am leaving for J-popcon today! Yes today is finally the day and I am ever so happy. See you late sunday peeps ;D

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