tirsdag den 9. november 2010

Day 2

why did you choose the name you did for your blog?
well the name Popze dates back from when I was a teenager.
Me and some of my Fedgirl friends were huge fans of The Lord Of The Rings back then so we started pretending what and our names would bee and what we would be if we were LOTR characters.
We found a name generator on the net which could generate Ent, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit names. I've always fancied the little people in fantasy and rpg settings so ofcourse I chose to be a hobbit and my name tunred out to be Poppy Underhill. Adorable little name <3
We it later yous got cut down to Popze by my friends and suddenly it became my new nickname. And that is why my blogname is Popze. I still use it this day but I've gotten some new nicks over the past years such as; Timmeh (like the dude from South park, yes XD) Tuna (yeah a friend of mine calls me tuna) Mommy Yokomo (from when I was an admin at an rpg board) Hunny Bunny (what mah hubbe calls me) Mulle (yeah it's my danish petname in my family) and munchie (from the same girl who calls me Tuna XD) yeah those are my nicks for now haha :D Awefully weird names some of them, but I like them :)
But all in all I like my nick. It's a part of me and how my old friends know me and it's also a memory from when I was a teenager, a good memory with my good friends back then :)

Tomorrow I'll be writing about what I did that day? lol okay, well if it works it works haha
NOW FABLE III (got the collectors edition as a early B'day gift rom my Hubbe <3>
Bai bai gaiz!

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