onsdag den 10. november 2010

Day 3

What did you do today?
Today our teacher made us make a lot of small classic cakes.
We made Tosca cakes, Mozart buns, Nut horns, Napoleons hat, højris (don't know how to translate it without making it sound really weird) and small layer cakes. I will say that i HATE working with pastry where there is marzipan in. It's so sticky and hard to work with! But there was a LOT of free samples today we could munch on, yum :D

I got a B for all of my cakes and I must admit I was really surprised he gave me that grade. I myself thought my cakes was horrible XDDD
It was a really stressful day! we have two-3 boilers with melted chocolate in them, but only one was useable so we where 20 people around ONE bowl of hot melted chocolate and let me just say that 90% of the cakes where either fully or partially covered in chocolate! And we only had like 4*45 minutes to make it all! Not only that a guy chose to show up after the 4 baking lessons we had because he thought we were going to have lessons afterwards. He didn't get the sms during Monday where we were told that the last to lessons today was to be moved to Monday instead.

And his excuse for showing up so late? "I was sleeping". I was sleeping? DUDE do you WANT to become a baker or are you just here for the money? I got really angry with him mostly because almost everyone on the class shows up 5-30 minutes after class has started. I and two others normally arrived at the school 25 minutes before class starts, no we are not teacher’s pet we just need the time to dress up in our working clothes. And for me that means taking an earlier bus so that I arrive ready and dressed 25 before class start. When people just keep meeting whenever they want it seriously gives our class a bad name! I get really angry when they do so, or when one of my classmates always screw things up. He never listens to what the teachers says and just copy what we do… monkey see monkey do syndrome.

But at least there are some of us who actually WANT to do this and become a professional baker. But I won’t let it anger me all the time. Oh yeah! There’s only TWO days left until J-pop con! OMG! I can’t wait for it :D I’m ready for the J-fashion fashion show and my cosplay wig is all styled and ready to be used. I won’t be able to blog that weekend since I’ll be in Copenhagen that day so please bear with me.

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