fredag den 26. november 2010


Today is my birthday, wow I can't believe I’m already, so hard to believe mostly because I, personally, still fell like a 16 year old girl. And I’ve gotten a lot of comments from my classmates who have a hard time believing me to turn because I look so damn… childish. But yes, today on the 26th of November I am all of a sudden 24 years old. It seriously feel like yesterday I was a teenager who didn’t really had that much to care for in her life and now I’m all grown up, living in my own apartment with my hubby and I’ll be finishing my education soon, I hope. But it’s such a beautiful day! It’s snowing here in Denmark and it’s been snowing for a week. I haven’t experienced a snowy birthday since I was a child so this is truly pure gold for me. When I woke up today I got my present from my hubby which turned out to be a Playstation 3, omg! My hubby told me that he, a couple of my friends and some from my family joined in together and bought the console for me plus a game. I was ever so happy when i opened the gift. And when I get home today from school my mom and stepdad will visit us and later on I, my hubby and his mom will go out to eat. It’s going to be such a great day. Thanks to all who has celebrated me so far, it really means a lot to me

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